Giantess love stories

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Any resembelence to any real people or places is completely accidental. The content of this story belongs to the author. So you, dear multi-billion-dollar publisher, need to pay me some of the millions of dollars you'll make selling this masterpiece.

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Today is a Thursday. I finally convince myself to get up and brush my teeth. Then I wear my clothes. I look at myself in the mirror that hangs in my room, right next to the door. So I go downstairs to the living room, Giantess love stories from there to the kitchen, and there it is! Another disgusting peanut butter sandwich waiting for me on the kitchen table. When you are a famous dentist who owns an entire dental clinic, then I guess getting a wife 25 years younger than yourself comes as a perk of the job.

Shila is 25, originally from some Asian country. I grab my sandwich and go back in the living room and then past the entrance hall and to the front door. His son? His freaking Shelby, which has been parked in the garage ever since I was born. I take out a tissue to cover my running nose as I reach the gate. I wave at him.

Well now I did. Not that I think saying words like shit matters. There, I said it again. We both spend the rest of the 15 minute drive taking about the games. He and I are fans of different teams and like always, I try to convince him how pathetic their team is. I say goodbye to James and get out of the car. The students are walking towards the door in groups.

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I look around to see if Kyle is here, and I see him talking to Tina. I approach them. They suddenly stop their conversation just as soon as they see me. She then smiles at Kyle, turns back on her heel, and walks toward the entrance.

I did. Well, it was the obvious answer. Last year, that was out junior year, I caught Tina checking me out a couple of times. You know, tall dude on the basketball team, it was to be expected. The difference was that Tina is one hot girl. But then the new student came to town: Ashley.

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God, she IS something. She transferred to our school when her older sister came to our town. Her sister was a clerk at some gallery whose name I never bothered to ask, and they wanted her to manage their new branch in our town. Anyway, Tina and I had been on a couple of dates when Ashley came. I saw her first in the chemistry class. A brunette with light skin and very deep blue eyes.

Her features were small: a small nose, small yet full lips that blossomed whenever she laughed, and a very soft voice. I was in love the second I laid eyes on her. As if I needed Tina or something. She screwed him up so bad, I swear, he fears everything female now! The Giantess love stories will probably go gay soon. Our first class is biology, and then chemistry. No basketball until this afternoon…. I picture Ashley. Her every feature, how she smiles, how she laughs, how she walks, how she plays the violin, I picture her doing all these things, and then some other things.

Get it? When Tina realized I had stopped dating her because of Ashley, she was furious! I mean, throwing her soda at my face furious.

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She and her best friend, Suzanne who is a redhead, began making trouble for Ashley. They talked a lot behind her back, spreading rumors, putting a bad word for her with the teachers, all the nasty stuff they could do to a stranger with an unknown background, which was a lot. One morning, in junior year, a couple of my teammates and Kyle, the traitor, were hanging out behind the school near a corner when the already sensitive Ashley passed by and walked around the corner, they began talking about her.

How she was a slut, and how she was expelled from school before, all the crap Tina and Suzanne had cooked up. Little did they know, Ashley was eavesdropping on them around the corner. She did that a lot back then, I guess she wanted to find out why everybody avoided her. I swear, she looked so beautiful when she smiled at me in appreciation, with tears still in her deep blue eyes I was right?

Well, Giantess love stories you ought to get one lucky answer after so many wrong ones throughout high school. Lewiston is still talking about amoebas in his monotones tone. My next class is chemistry, same as Ashley. She sits in the front row, and I sit at the back. I had it all, until she went ahead and ruined it. I watch as Wundt opens her manly bag and takes out some stuff. She Giantess love stories asking us to go to her desk to get some kinda powder or something. Oh she just called my name; let me go to her Well screw her; Wundt is turned away from me to answer her question.

I don't have time for this. I want to get back to my seat and out of her sight before she asks me something. I grab a couple of vials from her open bag and start walking to my desk again. What was I saying? Oh, Ash! She does it whenever she wants to concentrate or do something serious. I look at the small Benzene torch on my desk.

Students around me are fumbling with their stuff as well, thoush none of them seems to have the kind of vials I have on my desk. She wants us to actually do all the experiments ourselves, with her watching over us. Oh Yeah. One night after watching a movie at the theater, Ashley dropped the bomb. I did throw a fit, now that I remember. Wundt replies, looking at the other students in the class. I look around too, they all have a purplish liquid in front of them.

Mine is still transparent. Wundt says, her voice is serious. Damn it, just what I need. I look at the small amounts of different chemicals in front of me, and put the transparent liquid on the Benzene torch. I pour some powder that looks like salt into it. No change. I look around for help. Everybody is busy packing up, I look at my watch.

I look again at my watch: two minutes and a half remaining.

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Stranger things have happened before. I pour the red liquid in my transparent one, and add a little of whatever I have in front of me, then increase the Benzene torch as much as possible, praying to see whatever reaction Ms. Wundt meant to teach. Nothing happens.

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The class is finish now, and everybody starts to stand up and go out. Wundt approaches me with a sad smile. Ashley stands up and runs after her. I look at my chemical compound. I reach to turn the torch off. The torch is off now, and I grab my compound to put it on Ms. Damn it, what have I done now? I should put it back on my desk before it…. Suddenly it explodes in my hand, its content splashing in my face and torso. I cover my eyes, they burn so bad. What the hell will I do if I go blind for this shit? My eyes still hurt, and my entire body is itching like crazy.

I can see my desk? No, just the bottom of my desk. I guess I fainted for a minute there, and I Giantess love stories down. I try to sit up, I feel cold all of a sudden. I manage to sit up despite the weird sensation in my body, my eyes still hurt.

Giantess love stories

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Giantess Stories