Giantess panties story

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Author's Note: Warning - This is a very unusual story, but hey I'll write anything once. Part I Kate and Emma were kneeling on the floor looking at the glass jar on the coffee table in front of them, both with a look of amazement on their faces. In the jar was Kate's boyfriend, now standing at only one inch tall. Of course they hadn't believed the woman who claimed to be able to shrink people and Kate had certainly been joking when she'd asked for her boyfriend to be shrunk down to size for the weekend.

But the woman hadn't been joking and now here they were. Emma giggled, "I'm sure we can play many things with a guy that size. Kate gingerly unscrewed the lid of the jar, reached in and picked her ex- 6 foot 2 inch boyfriend up with her thumb and forefinger. Brad didn't remember much at all about the incident, it was as if he'd woken up and the world had grown. He felt normal, but everything was huge; it had to be a dream although it seemed amazingly real. Being in Kate's pocket felt so life like. The scent was unmistakably Kate's. The pocket lining felt soft and warm and kept throwing him off his feet as Kate walked.

How could his mind be imagining such things so vividly? Her pocket was just how he imagined a crevasse in a glazier would be, very narrow and very tall and impossible to climb out of. He looked up and saw a very thin line of light at the pocket opening.

The denim was too thick to see anything outside, however the pocket lining was thinner and he could just make out Kate's thighs and crotch. She was wearing the new black lace underwear that he'd bought her. He tried to climb up, but his pathetic attempts just landed him on his back at the bottom of Giantess panties story pocket. There was no way one, this was one very secure cell. Even though she was enjoying it, Kate reached into her pocket and gently pulled Brad out and placed him back into his jar.

They ate some lunch and then Kate had to leave for work. Brad couldn't hear much through the glass jar but saw Kate put on her black jacket. Emma was attractive and her figure and cute butt often filled Giantess panties story daydreams, but she had a sadistic streak.

She'd once locked Kate in a trunk, not letting her out until way after the joke was over. She certainly wouldn't be his first pick to baby sit him in this state. Emma saw Kate out of the front door and then ran back to the lounge and the glass jar. She lay down on her back on the sofa and dropped Brad on to the front of her t-shirt.

He slowly started to walk around which made Emma laugh, which in turn made her stomach muscles tighten, which in turn made him fall over.

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The mischievous look in Emma's beautiful big brown eyes worried him. He started to think of a plan of how to get away from her, hide somewhere and only reappear when Kate returned. It sounded easy, but every time he tried to move away she picked him up and put him back in the middle of her stomach. But things were about to get a lot Giantess panties story. The blonde picked him up in her hand, squeezing him tightly and with her other hand unbuttoned the front of her jeans. Brad took one last look at her big brown eyes before she dropped him in. He landed on the front of her white panties which was like landing on a large inflatable, before sliding off and down into the bottom of her jeans, coming to rest by her butt.

He looked up and saw her re-buttoning her jeans plunging his world into near darkness. In front of him he saw her thighs leading off into the distance; he had to make a move. He crawled forward down the inside of the right leg of her jeans, the denim material making a wall on his left and her tanned thigh rising up like a cliff on his right. Her legs were stretched out on the sofa and so the route was reasonable flat. She let him get almost as far as her knee before quickly drawing her feet up towards her butt, lifting her knee up and making Brad slide back down her trouser leg.

As he tumbled and slid down he saw that she'd lifted her butt slightly off the sofa. He knew he was in trouble.

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He continued to slide back down toward her crotch and his momentum carried him onwards until he was under Emma's butt. As soon as he came to rest he jumped to his feet and tried to run out from beneath her butt but of course she gave him no time. She immediately rested back down on the sofa, pinning Brad beneath her white cotton panties. Brad's legs were lying between her butt cheeks, but his body was pinned under her left cheek.

He tried to pull himself up to stop the whole of his body sliding into her crack. But that's exactly where she wanted him and after a little wriggling, that's where he came to rest. He was helplessly pinned down.

Encased on three sides by Emma's white cotton knickers and on the forth side by her jeans. The pressure was by no means unbearable, Giantess panties story it was constant and unyielding. It was pitch black; he was facing up into her butt and silent. Her scent was all pervading. This place put maximum security jails to shame. Twenty minutes had passed before she unbuttoned her jeans and retrieved her flatmate's boyfriend. She put Brad back into the jar and screwed the lid on tightly while she went off to get changed.

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Emma smiled as she walked back into the lounge now wearing a tight black mini-skirt and top. She unscrewed the jar and lifted Brad out while squeezing him tightly in her hand. Giantess panties story sat down on the floor with her knees drawn up in front of her. She then gently placed him down on the inside of her skirt and watched as he slid down between her legs and crashed into her butt. Her skirt rose up around him on all sides, it was like being at the bottom of Giantess panties story well. Brad tried, but both the skirt and her smooth skin were impossible to gain any grip.

Within minutes he lay down in defeat and looked up at Emma's smiling face; her big brown eyes and perfectly white smile. How could he be so helpless. He kicked the inside of her thigh in frustration. In a futile attempt to stop her closing her legs he held his arms out to each side. She kept going until her thighs were squeezed together with all of her strength. Brad felt as though he was set in concrete, he was held completely rigid. Some rest bite Brad thought, but his relief was short-lived.

Brad looked around, Emma had no pockets in her skirt and wasn't carrying a handbag; surely she wasn't going to take him outside held in her hand? Was she going to put him in her cleavage between her breasts or, no surely not. Emma unzipped her tight skirt and eased it down over her hips to reveal her tight black silk knickers hugging her pert butt.

He lay there lying on the soft black material looking downward directly between her legs, the silk pinning him up against her crotch. Her knickers held him tightly in place, but not uncomfortably so. The silk was partially see through and he could make out Emma's long tanned legs and the floor below.

He could hear, there was some fresh air, it could have been a lot worst. But that said, it was still completely inescapable. He reach over and tried to slip for hand between the edge of the panties and her thigh but the elasticated material felt as though it was made out of steel, he couldn't even get one finger through. There was no doubt about it, anywhere that Emma went, he would be going too. Emma's phone rang and she ran across the room to answer it wearing just her knickers and top.

Brad was shaken around as she ran but there was no way he was going to fall out.

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She perched on the edge of the table and started talking. Brad could see her reflection in the mirror, he's never seen her before in just underwear and she had a fantastic body, not that he could enjoy it from his panty cell.

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Emma stood up and pulled her skirt back on, it fitted her perfectly.

Giantess panties story

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