Giantess teacher story

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Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Life with a Giantess Teacher by TomSpeedy. Introduction 2. Miss Silva 3. Detention 4. Shopping 5. Getting ready for school. Class is in session. After School Tutoring. Ben is currently a high school senior ready for his first day of classes.

He had plenty of fun during the summer, and he is confident that he will make it to college becuase of his hard work during his past 3 years. This year, he wanted to relax and enjoy his final year with his friends and make some good memories. Ben is an only. His parents passed away when he was little so he lived with his uncle.

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However, Ben rarely talks to his uncle and their connection has drifted apart and his uncle already believes that Ben went to college and is currently visiting him. Ben got ready for his first day of school and took the bus to get there. The bus was early, probably so the driver makes an impreesion to the freshmen.

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As Ben was on the bus, he realized how lonely he was. There were plenty of new kids taking the bus and all of his friends from the former senior class moved on.

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He went to multiple graduation parties last year and had to say goodbye to many of his friends. However, Ben still had a few friends at this school, but he was so used to being the man and he would have a friend on his left and his right. He pushed these thoughts aside as the bus finally came to a stop. Ben walked to his usual spot on the campus where he and his friends would hang out before school. As he approached it, he saw someone's back and thought it was a friend but it was actually a freshman who occupied it. Ben sighed.

Perhaps the rest of his friends were already in the classrooms. He looked at his list of classes and noticed that Math was first. As Ben entered the classroom, he looked around tried to see if he knew anyone familiar. He saw Luke sitting down on his iphone so Ben decided to talk about their classes together. They would talk about parties, video games and the summer overall.

Then sometime during the conversation, Luke mentioned that there was a new teacher in the English department. He said that her name was Miss Silva and that she looked fine. Ben shook his head. For many years, Luke and a few other friends have pointed out attractive girls or teachers but when Ben met them, they never caught his eye.

A few Giantess teacher story into the first lesson, Ben got bored. It was just review of last year's concepts. Ben glanced at Luke and noticed that Luke also was not paying attention in class. He had his Iphone held just outside his pocket of his pants. Luke would also glance up to convince the teacher that he was listening. Math class went on but Ben did not focus during the class, instead he was staring at his class schedule noticing that he had Miss Silva for English next period. After class, Ben went up to Luke and told him that he had Miss Silva next.

Luke asked jokingly if he would like to change his schedule with Ben. Ben said maybe; he was not into any of his classes, but if what Giantess teacher story said about Miss Silva was true, then Ben would not change his schedule at all. Ben hurried down the hall wondering if he would finally meet a teacher that looked somewhat appealing to the young man. Ben would find his answer as he entered the door to Miss Silva's room.

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Giantess teacher story

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The Evil Demonic Giantess Teacher Short Story