Girl underwear stories

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Do you have any funny embarrassing underwear stories? Any funny wedgie stories can be included too!

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Add Opinion. In grade 7 we went to the snow with all of my grade I live in Australia, so this is a awesome thing to do and it was my first time and by the time we were finished playing I was about to get out of the snow gear but then I saw that the area around my private parts were soaked, Girl underwear stories convinced myself that I must've peed my pants while I was playing and I was having so much fun I didn't notice. I was mortified and just freaked out trying to figure out a Way to tell the teacher without anyone else finding out, until everyone else started to get their gear off and they had the same thing.

I was so relieved I almost cried. ImaEatYoCookie Xper 5. O so the whole day i was squirming in my seat cuz my panties felt too tight and my bf was like 'got ur panties in a twist or something? Kayyy2 Xper 4.

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Lol highschool freshman yr. We got ased lockers for P. The first day than on second day we dressed out and I came from a small school so changing in front of others was kinda new but it wasn't a problem, anyways after P. We went In to change and my friends we all were chatting I pulled sweats down and off came my undies!!!

So I was golden. AdamA16 Xper 2. I accidentally wore my sisters knickers to school when I was getting dressed In the morning I throght they were just per of my pants but it wasn't till I was in school I noticed something didn't fell right I was trying to adjust them in class when I noticed a light pink waist band and realised what I had done luck I did not hav pe that day.

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Embarrassing underwear stories. Do you have any embarrassing underwear stories? Any funny and embarrassing underwear stories? What's the most embarrassing time you've ever been given a wedgie? Sort Girls First Guys First. Well personally I don't find it funny but everyone else seems to.

When I was like 6 or 7 it was late and we were in Girl underwear stories Locker my family was taking forever! I had to fart at least u thought I did. So I let it rip! Unfortunately it was more than just a fart.

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We left had to ask the store for a whole box of Kleenex and threw my undies out in the street. My family will never let me forget :. When I was in primary school I wanted to die T. Hannah Xper 6.

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In 8th grade a girl in my class gave me a wedgie, with my princess granny panties and my tight jeans so I couldn't pick my wedgies so everyone saw my panties for several minutes. Xper 6. One time I was in a hurry so I jumped downstairs rather than going one stair at a time. I forgot I had a skirt on and it just flew up all of a sudden. At least my sister was the only one who saw that. I lost mine during swimming week in primary school.

The teacher held them up and everything but I didn't claim them I had to wear my bathers all day because I had no knickers to change into to. No cause I don't wear any Lol jokez.

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Girl underwear stories

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