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Add to list. Her small and perky A-cup sized breasts perfectly complemented her small and compact frame. Her skin glowed with the golden hue of the sun. She loved taking these walks in her skimpy flowery summer dresses, thigh high socks and sexy strappy sandals.

Kim always went braless. She never wore any panties during her walks because she enjoyed the warm breeze flowing through her skirt. The warm summer breeze kept her loins moist and helped her daydream of another era when knights and princes rescued lost maidens Girl vore stories the woods. Her favorite spot was a few of miles away from civilization where she could no longer hear any man-made sounds. She wanted to only hear the beautiful sounds of nature. She journeyed deeper and deeper into the forest until she could hear only the sounds of birds high in the trees and the rustling of leaves blowing in the wind.

Just before she got to her favorite spot, she spotted a couple of deer racing through the woods that completely ignoring her. She thought this was a bit odd. They usually stop and look before dashing off, but these deer were in a hurry. Perhaps they were in heat and the buck was chasing the doe. Oh, the wonderful way love is expressed in the woods.

It made her hot. Up ahead, on top of a small hill, Kim found her favorite spot by that big tree. It was tall and strong. Solid like they way she liked her men. Kim lied down on the soft leaf covered ground besides the tree. She began to fantasize about making love in the forest with a handsome knight. She begins to take slow deep breaths as she rubs her hands all over tight Girl vore stories Asian body.

She concentrates on massaging those small but perky breasts - this lasts for a good few minutes until she finally starts to tease her nipples until they become rock hard and erect. By now, her pussy is feeling very wet. Kim reaches down past her fur covered pubic mound. Like most Asian women, she never shaved or trimmed her pubic hair. Her midnight black bush is very thick, with long pubic curls.

She slips her fingers between the folds of her vulva and starts to massage and play with her inner labia. She rubs her clit with her middle finger - up and down, in a circular motion. She slips her long fingers up to the top of her vulva and places them on top of her clitoris.

She moves her fingers up and down, around, and then wildly jiggles them. Kim makes the loose tissue covering her clitoris slide across the body and glands of her clitoris. She continues to stimulate her clit until she can stand it no more. At this stage, her hips are thrusting, her vaginal lips are swelling, her legs are flaying and her back is fully arched. Kim inserts the middle and ring fingers of her other hand into her vagina and find her g-spot. Kim moves her fingers in a 'come here' motion while at the same time still rubbing her clit with my other hand.

She tries to relax and pace her breathing as she keeps working her hands deeper into her vagina, letting her body take over. Her vagina grabs her fingers with a vise like grip as she works herself until she is dripping wet. Her fingers, now lubricated with her own juices, slips easily inside her.

Kim softly moans in rhythm to her strokes as the pressure builds and builds until she finally explodes in to one of her best organisms ever. She lets out a small scream that only the animals can hear. Nearby, a hungry wolf pack is searching for their next meal. The pack is frustrated that those two deer escaped before the wolves could set up their attack. The alpha wolf ears perks up as he suddenly hears a human scream from a short distance away. He can smell the human female orgasmic scent in the air.

The human sent smells fresh, young and vulnerable. Humans are slower than deer and take less energy to hunt down. The rest of the pack followed the Alpha wolf as it tracks the scent until it spots the human female from behind a tree. The pack slowly fans out to Girl vore stories to surround their newfound prey. Kim suddenly hears the rustling of the bushes as she catches a glimpse of one of the wolves peeking out of the bushes.

She slowly gets up in fear as several of the wolves slowly emerge one by one from the bushes. Kim's flee instinct takes control. Instantly, she takes off, trying to run away from the wolves. The wolves give chase. With her ass bouncing, Kim stumbles as she struggles to escape the wolves.

With all of her daily runs, Kim is normally a great runner but Girl vore stories, her strappy high heel sandals greatly slow her pace down. As the Alpha wolf sinks his fangs into Kim's ass the wound starts to bleed. Blood drip down her right leg as she loses her balance and begins to fall. She hits the ground, rolls and partially gets up. Kim is scrambling to escape but is pulled down again by the Alpha.

It jumps and pounces on the Asian's young ass. Nevertheless, she attempts to fight back. Kicking and screaming, her right heal catches the Alpha in the head. The Alpha stumbles back. Kim gets up one last time.

Her fear overcomes her pain. She starts to run. Blood is now flowing freely down her right leg soaking the top of her white nylons with her deep red blood.

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The Alpha quickly recovers and starts chasing its escaping prey. The smell of fresh blood drives the Alpha crazy. The rest of the pack follow but hold back as they let the Alpha complete his catch.

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Kim tries to jump across a fallen log blocking her escape route. The Alpha jumps and catches Kim in mid air. The momentum of the leaping wolf brings Kim down face first. Falling over the log, her torn dress rides above her waist exposing her lovelies to the cold cruel fate of the predators.

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Her bloody torn ass sticks up into the air as her small frame lies across the log. Kim is screaming, crying out for helpher cries reverberate through the desolate woods but there is no one to hear her except for the wolves and the nearby crows. The rest of the wolves are closing in for the kill. The crows gather above on the branches of nearby trees. Kim tries to fight off the alpha wolf. Kim attempts to punch the Alpha but her swings are wild and without power. The backside of her right thigh is now fully shredded to the bone. Her right foot and calf flops in spasms on the ground.

Kim is still struggling. In a final ditch of desperation and fear, she tries to fight the off attacking wolves with everything she has left. Teeth gritted, her eyes reveal how terrified and angry she is at the way her young life is about to end. Real life is so cruel The pack is begins to close in from all sides.

Two wolves start nipping at her flailing arms. Another wolf clutches her right ankle with its mouth while the Alpha starts sniffing at her tight ass and dripping wet pussy. Using her arms, Kim tries to crawl away by pulling herself off the log dragging along one of the wolves that is still clamped on the right ankle.

Two streaks of blood smear behind the crawling prey. The bloody streaks are left behind the struggling human female with her blood flowing uncontrollably from her mangled legs. They looked like bloody skid marks. This excites the wolves even more. The Alpha wolf takes a deep bite into the side of the young Asian's neck. Blood sprays and Kim eyes roll to the back of her head as her mind fills with pain. The Alpha is strangling Kim, throttling her life in its jaws. This is asphyxia here and nothing else. She is grasping and flailing with her arms and hands trying to get the wolf off of her.

The lost of a lot of blood has greatly weakened her. Kim gurgles in horror; blood and saliva drool from her partially open lips. Her face is turning blue from the lack of oxygen. Kim, like all other prey animals is now in a state of shock and feeling very little pain. She enters weird state of euphoria and orgasms one last time as Kim thinking oddly about the pleasure her wet pussy as her life fades in the jaws of the wolf.

Kim with her failing vision, she still manages to spot a second wolf Girl vore stories to get between her legs Girl vore stories her sex and urine-scented pussy. Another wolf is attempting to subdue her as this wolf grasps at a stocking encased flailing left leg. Kim's body is in its final stage of dying.

She begins taking her last few breaths. Her body flailing is reduced to uncoordinated twitches and spasms. She lays on the ground on her side with her eyes open in a terror stare. Her mouth is open with her tongue hanging out as the last breaths of air struggles to into her lungs.

The Alpha continues to choke the life out of poor Kim. Yet, even as she was dying, one of the wolves had begun to attempt to feed upon the tender living body. The wolf spends a lot of time licking and nipping at her inflamed labia with it canine teeth. Blood begins to flow between her legs. Another wolf s in with the other and tears into her pussy, eating her sweetness out for the very last time.

The wolves eat her out so voraciously that they begin to enter her abdominal cavity through her pussy. A part of Kim's uterus and an ovary dangles from the wolf's mouth Girl vore stories it wanders to a clear spot by the tree to enjoy his afternoon snack.

Girl vore stories

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