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In the history of modern cinema, there have been a slew of methods and f to attract audiences to the theater.

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Event films have also necessitated themselves to be viewed on as large a screen as possible through lavish grand scale productions and stories too big for the small screen. To animation fans, there is no greater cinematic thrill than seeing a favorite cartoon show being brought to the silver screen.

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Seeing characters and hearing voices that have existed solely on the airwaves propelled into a big-budget theatrical adventure is an event that cannot be replicated by multi-part episodes or even a TV movie. With plots, stakes, and visuals that tower over what was possible on television, here are ten of the best films that succeeded in being more than just feature-length episodes:.

With a laundry list of mega-muscled tentpole films to round out the Summer box office, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies felt like the black sheep among them, at first glance. The film Girls diaper story only finally pits the Titans against their most nefarious foe Slade Wilson Will Arnettbut also sees the Titans struggle with their status as the butt-of-the-joke childish heroes not to be taken seriously. As a meta-response to the backlash and a celebration for its young fans, the film sees the Titans win the day by embracing their manically silly selves through slick action sequences and fourth wall jokes that can elicit a chuckle from even the most stubborn haters.

The mark of a great road trip movie is the call to action, the stakes of the journey ahead, and how its heroes are changed by the arduous adventure.

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While on the road, the boys find themselves at the center of an intense political thriller and run afoul of assassins, domestic terrorists and federal agents. They are oblivious of the role they play in their own story and are ignorant of the severity of their situation, yet ironically emerge victorious at every turn and live to see tomorrow, laughing and giggling all the way. The Wild Thornberrys Movie is exactly that: wild. In bringing a show that already illustrates the beauty of the natural world to the big screen, the movie utilizes its widescreen format to show the wilds of Africa with a broader scope and visually tell a more epic story than expected of the zoological NickToon.

It is a prime example of a show using its jump to the big screen as an opportunity to tell a bolder story and break the rules of its premise.

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The Nickelodeon series follows a family of naturalist documentarians as they travel the world studying the animal kingdom, all while their daughter Eliza Lacey Chabert can speak to animals with a magical gift she must keep secret. In the film, Eliza faces trials that come at the cost of her secret power and put her own abilities to the test. It is a wild adventure fitting of the Thornberry name. Daily came to be the saviors of Townsville.

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The film shows the chemical explosion that created the girls, their first day at school and the rise to power of their greatest enemy, Mojo Jojo Roger L. In terms of art style, this is the finest a television cartoon has looked in its transition to film, especially in its many action scenes. The animation is tightly kinetic, the color direction is vibrantly expressively and the storyboards and layouts fully take into that this is made for the big screen to show the scale of the high-intensity spectacle caused by its three perfect little girls. What is it that makes a man a man?

Is it the readiness to take responsibility and rise to the occasion? Or Girls diaper story it the shape of his pants? These and similar questions are posed by The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie ; the first in a trilogy of theatrical films and the defining childhood event of millennials everywhere.

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The ever-optimistic SpongeBob Tom Kenny is faced with the naivety of his age and falls into despair when he himself and the world around him doubt his abilities to do anything but act like an immature. It is the far Girls diaper story and the war between Autobots and Decepticons has ravaged their home planet of Cybertron.

The film finds most of the characters that fans have followed since the cartoon series left for dead or given new toyetic forms for kids to ask their parents to buy for Girls diaper story. Aside from the suburban setting and the inclusion of Max and his best friend P.

What A Goofy Movie does retain from its Disney Afternoon forerunner is the relationship between well-meaning Goofy and his rebellious son as they learn to love and accept each other over the course of their vacation. A Goofy Movie has also remained a Disney cult classic thanks to its bopping soundtrack and lively animation. Spoiler Alert: They killed Kenny!

At its core, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is a meta-textual critique on the response its original series met upon release, albeit a satirized exaggeration of it. The film bases its premise on the outcry the foul-mouthed, hyper-violent South Park series received from parents and religious groups after its debut. The Rugrats Movie is surprisingly dark. Throughout the Rugrats series, the adventures of Tommy Pickles E. In The Rugrats Moviethe babies find themselves in a world larger and far more dangerous than their sandbox and the playground combined. The arrival of baby brother Dil Tara Strong sparks discontent among the diaper-clad friends as they march through the wilderness of the forest, evading mad circus monkeys and hungry wolves to find a way home.

The babies find themselves on a dire quest for survival with no parents for miles and limited rations. The film pits the babies against their first true adventure and sees them fall apart at the seams as they begin to mistrust and betray one another to find a way home. Their friendship prevails in the end and proves that when working together, anything is possible, even with a full diaper. Nearly 20 years and episodes in the making, The Simpsons Movie represents the apex of what the long-running The Simpsons had become by that point as a series.

The film utilizes the years of history put into its characters and the vastness of its supporting cast to tell a sprawling story that involves the entire Springfield community. The actions taken by Homer affect the entire town and the family must face the consequences along with him, bringing out the best qualities in each of the principal family members. The film is also the culmination of prolific creative talents that have contributed to the series over the years to make it an unmistakably authentic Simpsons experience.

Directors, writers, and showrunners from the series most iconic seasons ed together to deliver a movie worth waiting decades for. He is also a freelance artist, avid cartoon watcher, and occasional singer. With plots, stakes, and visuals that tower over what was possible on television, here are ten of the best films that succeeded in being more than just feature-length episodes: RELATED: 8 Cartoons Horror Fans Are Sure to Love advertising.

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