Girls farting stories

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Fart connoisseurs pay big bucks to watch their dream women break hearts and break wind. Some people become famous after developing a life-saving vaccine or writing an awe-inspiring novel.

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I, too, have tasted fame. Unfortunately, it was the fleeting kind that not from genius, but from craven necessity. Actually, I know for a fact some of my friends still use it today. Kiera, who goes by Goddess Fartspecializes in tidy, airy farts with the occasional foamy chugger. For performers like year-old Kiera, fart content was a quick and easy way to gather a following in a crowded market. It also comes pretty naturally.

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Stigma aside, the gassy queens of OnlyFans are undeniably fun to watch. They churn out relatively innocuous, mostly clothed content that centers on a diverse buffet of ass acoustics. Fart porn off OnlyFans features much of the same — websites like Fartdom. As such, demand for fart content is truly off the sharts. Me, I like it either way — as long as they enjoy farting.

With those experiences in mind, P. Just fart whenever they feel one, and have fun with it.

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He manages about 75 farting performers, editing their fart videos with club music and flashy effects. Maybe it is the freedom of the act, like P. Imagine not only being allowed to fart in front of your ificant other — but it spices up the bedroom. You can eat whatever and not worry about the consequences.

In fact, those foods that you would avoid because of body disagreement turn into an aphrodisiac.

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Perhaps most endearing is the shame-free girlfriend experience the fetish provides. After all, ripping a sizzler in front of a sexual partner is about as comfortable as it gets.

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Or the time I sharted in a rental car. Or the time I sharted during high school swim practice. Given my experience with both intentional and catastrophic gaseous events, this lightly self-effacing community has undeniable appeal. Lillian Stone is a freelance humor writer and reporter. She has two thoughtless little dogs and writes jokes from her Chicago apartment where the theme is Grey Gardens, But Sexy.

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The Gassy Queens of OnlyFans Fart connoisseurs pay big bucks to watch their dream women break hearts and break wind. Lillian Stone Lillian Stone is a freelance humor writer and reporter. True Crime Black Like Me? Are Psychedelics the Answer to Burnout?

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Girls farting stories

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