Girls humiliation stories

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Mother, daughter stripped, beaten up to avenge humiliation Son not spared for siding with in-laws Amarjit Thind and Mahesh Sharma Tribune News Service Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 22 To avenge the humiliation at the hands of a newly-wed woman for getting them booked in an assault Girls humiliation stories, her in-laws not only attacked her house but also stripped the girl and her mother and beat them up mercilessly. They also dragged out their son, assaulted him and left him seriously injured to teach everyone a lesson. This shocking incident came to light after some relatives of the targeted family approached The Tribune to narrate their tale of woe since they were afraid of going to the cops, who they alleged, had threatened them to leave the area for their own welfare.

Narrating the sequence of events, a visibly shaken Mr Joga Singh, a resident of Sihar village and the father of Jagjit Kaur, said his daughter was married to Jagga Singh, son of Ran Singh of Doraj village in December, We spent around Rs 6 lakh on the marriage Girls humiliation stories the groom was an NRI, residing in Japan, at the time of the betrothal ceremony and marriage.

When this fact came to light to my son-in-law, he expressed his desire to live separately which was not liked by his family following which they started harassing my daughter. Things came to a head when she was assaulted by Pritam Kaur and Amarjit Kaur, mother-in-law and sister-in-law of the victim.

She had to be hospitalised following serious injuries, while both assaulters were arrested by the police and were behind bars for some time. This was the flashpoint in the already strained relations and they started receiving threats not to contest the case. When they did not pay heed, a conspiracy was hatched to teach them a lesson. On the night of July 1, the accused attacked the family while they sleeping on the roof of the new house in Diraj.

They had come after attending a date in the assault case in a court at Barnala. The assailants were wielding lathis, axes and swords and quietly made their way to the rooftop where they were sleeping. Weeping uncontrollably, Jagjit alleged that she and her mother were the first to be attacked. They were pulled out of the bed and stripped naked. Then the attackers started kicking and punching them. All this while, their pleas to leave them alone went unheeded and after they had been knocked down semi-conscious, three men, reportedly from the CIA staff, started assaulting them.

They kicked them in the private parts and lashed them with leather belts. When her brother, Gurmit, who was also sleeping nearby came to their rescue, one of the assailants hit him on the head with an axe following which he fell unconscious.

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The magnitude of the torture can be gauged from the fact that they dragged all of us downstairs. When I regained consciousness, I was tied to a jamun tree in the courtyard with the others lying nearby. They found him sleeping in a room on the ground floor. They dragged him out and beat him mercilessly too, she added. Gurmit Singh told TNS that he reached the police station only to be abused by the munshi at Tapa police station.

He abused me and told me to run away and save my life and leave worrying about my sister and mother. He came out and helped me start my scooter which I drove for some distance, after which I again fell down unconscious near the railway track. Girls humiliation stories remained admitted in hospital at Barnala for a fortnight and had come to their village Sihar a few days ago. It was on the intervention of the club members that a case was finally registered. Jagjit points out that after registering the case the police has been trying to shield the culprits.

Now the cops are claiming that there were no witnesses. She alleged that Tapa police had not recorded their statements as they were narrated and had obliged the accused, three of whom are cops.

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Jagga Singh, husband of Jagjit, is resolved to break off with his family and bring the accused to justice. So what if the assailants include my parents and relatives, a sinner is a sinner. Untraced subscribers set alarm bells ringing at Reliance Vimal Sumbly Tribune News Service Ludhiana, July 22 A Reliance mobile telephone is not too easy to get, at least not as easy as you thought it to be.

After selling thousands of mobile telephones across the country, Reliance Infocom is learnt to have adopted more lengthy and rigorous procedure for allotting these sets to subscribers. The procedure was adopted after Reliance found discrepancies in the addresses given by subscribers. Out of 6, persons who subscribed to the Reliance Infocom service in the first phase of the Monsoon Hangama scheme in Ludhiana, gave wrong or incomplete addresses. A company official said a Girls humiliation stories these discrepancies might be inadvertent, but the company had got strict in issuing the handsets now.

In the initial phase of the Monsoon Hangama scheme, the company was giving away instant activated mobile handsets to customers who furnished driving licence or a copy of the ration card as their proof of residence. The company has now taken the services of two independent private agencies to verify the addresses and other details of the subscribers.

Though the Reliance officials are hopeful of tracing out most subscribers, they are still concerned about the wrong addresses and other details which might lead to a considerable loss. The officials said connections of subscribers whose addresses were found incorrect would be withdrawn and all those who furnished wrong declarations wilfully would face strict action.

Obviously, these would be of no use to the subscribers if they did not continue with the service. Still, it would be a loss to the company, as one handset costs about Rs 10, The services to those whose gave false details are being stopped instantly, which is why a of Reliance s are not accessible. The company has decided to go strict about verification and is not going to give any more connection until the details are verified by both agencies it has hired for the purpose. That refreshing cup of tea may prove costly, for the vendor may be eyeing your mobile telephone.

Some train travellers who have passed through Ludhiana will vouch for this statement. They were targeted by a gang of mobile-phone thieves at the railway stations or in journey for the last six months. Three teenagers have been arrested by the Girls humiliation stories in a firstever major success against such a gang.

Some other suspects are still out and waiting to strike.

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The police has recovered 35 mobile phone sets from the teenagers who say that they started stealing the sets six months ago. The Government Railway Police here has not registered even a single complaint of mobile phone theft. Investigations by the division No 6 police have shown that the complaints have mostly been verbal as victims do not want to get into legal hassles by lodging an FIR.

The Janakpuri police had registered an FIR on the complaint of Jayaparkash Singh of Tajpur road here, whose phone had been stolen in a similar fashion. He had recognised the boys later in an identification parade.

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The victims are usually quick to abandon all hopes of recovering the sets. However, after a mobile telephone company had recently made it mandatory to lodge an FIR if the set was stolen or lost, some cases were reported and this led the police to the gang. The teenagers told the police they had earlier been stealing purses, chains, transistors and watches. They had been selling the sets to some shopkeepers in Ambala and Delhi. She lived upto her belief when her groom returned to her pleading forgiveness for his greed and agreed to finally accept him as his husband.

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Geeta, a year-old-girl of a migrant from UP had set an example of female liberation by refusing to marry the Delhi boy who was demanding a cash of Rs 30, from her father in Baba Deep Singh Nagar, a month ago. Irritated at the demand of dowry, Geeta had told the groom to go back after he insisted that he would only take her if her father fulfilled his material demands. A month later the groom came back early this week and asked her to forget the past and him at Delhi.

The final decision was of the girl and she agreed. So we sent her with him. Now they are living at Delhi and she keeps ringing us up to tell about her welfare. The groom, Rajesh Kumar, works at a factory as an ant. Her father claimed that Geeta went with him with her own will. She was not pressurised by anybody. He claimed that even her employers were happy when they were asked for their advice on the issue. Pleading forgiveness the boy explained that he had misbehaved in a drunkard condition and would never do so in future.

She had never heard about Nisha Sharma of Delhi who had sent her groom back. Girls humiliation stories had never heard about the term feminism.

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But something from within her had asked her to rebel against dowry, an evil that has devalued the women in society for ages. Now, she has turned victorious as her groom had come back. This despite the fact that many of her critics had said that nobody would marry her ever as she had rebelled against society and rebels are not liked in society.

The family had spent Rs 1 lakh for buying household things like TV, refrigerator, almirah, tables, chairs, beds and arranging for two meals for the marriage party. The match was made through some relatives. This is mainly because of politics in the management of colleges. Arya College, which has seen a lot of political activity in the past two years, is without a regular principal ever since Mr V. Mehta retired. Guru Nanak Girls College, too, has an acting Principal due to differences between two strong factions in the college management.

Similarly, some other colleges do not have principals on a permanent basis. Encroachment mafia Politicians as well as bureaucrats have been promising to remove encroachments. Even the Punjab and Haryana High Court directive given to the local administration to prepare a list of all encroachments and remove these has failed to get the encroachments removed. If Chowk Ghanta Ghar is any index of the encroachment level in the city, one cannot help wondering whether it is the encroachment mafia that rules the city or the high-profile bureaucrats who deliver empty promises of ensuring wider ro from time to time.

Surprised at her behaviour, he preferred Girls humiliation stories leave the house.

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The husband apologised and asked him to understand the problem. Tomato treat As tomatoes are becoming expensive, city residents are cutting down on the consumption. The price of tomatoes has reached Rs 40 per kg and the vegetable sellers are also not buying these as there are not many takers. But a city resident has no option but to buy at least half a kg of tomatoes daily.

Water blues Rain brings cheer to everybody but it also exposes the preparedness of the district administration to drain the rain water that gets collected in houses and streets. Girls humiliation stories other day, rain water got collected in front of the office of the local Improvement Trust. Visitors had to remove their shoes and step in the water to reach the office. A kind gesture Recently, a member of the Sutlej Club lost valuables worth Rs 15, kept in his locker at the swimming pool of the club. The theft shocked the person and other members and everyone condemned the security lapse at the club.

The newly appointed general secretary of the club, who had gone abroad on a vacation, had returned on the same day. Language mess Mixing two languages in routine discussions is common among staff members of educational institutions.

Girls humiliation stories

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