Girls kissing stories

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In celebration of the holidays, here are 10 adorable stories of kids learning about kissing.

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Follow us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youTube rss. Just as we closed the playground gate behind us one of his classmates, a little girl named Lincoln, started calling out his name. Can I have a kiss?

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They both stepped back and giggled afterwards. I thought it was so sweet! She is 3.

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Grandma may have read her that fairytale—I know I haven't yet. Want more news like this? A sweet bedtime production. It's quite the production! Cute kissing ritual has a surprise ending. The baby would giggle and so would he.

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Until one day when he did it too soon after a bottle, and she spit up directly in his wide-open mouth! They both stared at each other in disbelief—while I laughed! First kiss. Another kindergartener whose brother was in the team kissed her!

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Two teachers who were standing across from the bleachers saw and started laughing and told us. They thought it was adorable. All treat, no trick. My toddler, Francesca, went right up to the lady and said, 'Trick or treat! What do you do? The woman said that she was glad she decided to give out candy this year because that was the best part of her day. My husband talks to them too. Well, last year, after we did our presentation, I gave him a quick peck goodbye.

He turned to leave, and one of the girls in my class turned to her friend and said, 'Do you think she kisses all the parents?! Well, one morning, he was in a hurry and forgot. She was beside herself.

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When you go bye-bye, you give a hug and a kiss. Tags: Lifestyle. More Stories.

Girls kissing stories

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Girlskissing Stories