Girls locker room stories

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Dnn gedun gedun gedun dnn gedun gedun gedun - stereotypical indian music. Because they are very thin and not liposuction patients and I just figured I would take whatever they hand me. It was actually a military gym class which I was recommended for, and I did not know. It was the first class of the day, about 8 AM. How about, though I will let that sink in with you, honestly. They all failed.

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I never talk about it. Blessings, honestly. They had 0.

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I went to the bathroom and there was a group of friends fingering a girl. They told me there was a condom stuck in her vagina. Okay so I was going down on a girl over particular time and found a condom. No, it wasn't mine. You do understand that girl had the ability to do it herself. They were lying to you. The of people who don't get this reference makes me sad. I said, hold up, wait a minute Wait wait is burned alive a euphemism for something or did she literally set a person on fire because of shower tampon throwing?

I wasn't particularly cool in high school. Girls sprayed copious amounts of Victoria's Secret perfume after gym in the locker room.

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I asked what the scent was. It was a big, big secret. I still don't know what it was! Love Spell was absurdly popular for like 15 years. I still wear a better knockoff version of it. Those damn rotten fruit smells. Rotten pear was particularly horrible.

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Sixth grade; when everyone started getting boobs we would take binders and go up to unsuspecting friends when we were changing and flap jacked each other in the boobs. Heard an older girl say ,"I'm so flat, weird kid 's chest is bigger than mine.

Weird kid is a kind of strange kid who sometimes follows his crushes around. He's also a bit chubby so what she said wasn't very nice. I actually don't understand this argument over flat chest. In many cases, flat chest is better to me. Found the internet! Girls, what's the craziest thing that happened in the girls locker room that guys wouldn't understand?

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Continue this thread. The girls my age were nutsacks. Edit: I thought it would be interesting to share this story Haha, nutsacks. What in the actual hell am I reading? See, boys do dumb shit but this This is just disturbing. I mean, I get it, but like Tampons are living beings? Hold up Hormones amirite? Forgot this was a movie plot. I nearly cried.

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Carrie lmfaooo. Damn that Victoria and her secrets! What is flap jack. Not crazy, but just talking about bust size. Not strongly opinionated about that though. More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts may 23rd Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

Girls locker room stories

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