Guys masterbating stories

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No tourists, not a soul, just miles of beach. I walk 30 mins down the shore for some alone time, climb up a sand dune and sit down to start my business facing the epic horizon. About 30 people from the local village, mostly teens but also women and kids, are standing in a group just staring at me. All burst into peals of laughter when they see my face. I just bolt, trying to outrun the shame, but the village kids are running alongside up on the dunes, and they have no trouble keeping pace, just pissing themselves laughing and doing wank gestures.

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I just started experimenting with masturbating and was exploring all different feelings. I noticed that the subwoofer to the computer speakers had a pretty nice size hole to accommodate my wiener. So I eagerly lubed it up, pants down to my ankles, knees on the floor and tried to penetrate this beautiful sub-woofer.

She was home that whole time. I tried to cover and say that I was fixing the speakers and she just turned around and never said another word about it. I pulled my pants on and ran down to see that the ceiling had collapsed. Slightly scarred me for a bit.

It was a sleepover. Not sure if the be caused it or something in the soap, but the day after, my dick looked like it belonged in a burn ward. It was horrible; blood-red in most spots and pink in the other. I could pee fine, but the slightest touch would cause my body to tense up because it was so tender. I could barely walk and I was young and too embarrassed to tell my mom.

After a few days of hiding and dealing with horrible pain and having a dick that looked like it belonged to Freddy Krueger, my dick literally began to molt. In panic and shame I stood in the shower, paralyzed by indecision and fear, until the hot water ran out and cold water freed me from the stalwart grip of the plastic horror. Proceeded to cut the part I came in off and eat the rest of the melon because I was high and had the munchies.

I was maybe 17 or 18 years old, and after we got home at 1 am I did what every teen does and whipped it out. I jump underneath my comforter, hoping to cover myself up before he gets to my room, I can hear his footsteps coming at faster than normal speeds. After about a full 2-minute hug, he lets me go and leaves to tell my brother.

I have never felt more remorse for a simple wank than Guys masterbating stories that moment. May God have mercy on my soul. So I still had a Space Jam pillowcase at the time…. And it just so happened that I thought Lola bunny was fucking smoking. And I thought about fucking the Orange Monstar. When I left for college, I brought all my favorite stuff with me. Including my Space Jam pillowcase. Woke up to the smell of what I thought was melting plastic. Blanket was on bedside metal desk lamp just burning away. Turns out those awful comforters that come in a dorm pack melt instead of catching fire, which is apparently life saving for me.

It was about degrees outside, so inside the Porta-Potty is about 20 degrees warmer with the added humidity of piss and shit. One day I was going to town on myself while watching some porno on my iPod. I hear an explosion. So Guys masterbating stories press pause and wait a few seconds to see if I hear another one. jerking off. Shortly after, I hear another and repeat pausing, listening, and resuming.

Then one lands right in our compound and within a few seconds they start raining down on us. My worst fears are confirmed; they are walking Guys masterbating stories mortars meaning those explosions were them firing some off and making corrections until they had us dialed in. I was so close to finishing I just stayed there and finished. I mean, what else should I have done? People talk about beating their dick like it owed them money, I was beating my dick like there might not be a tomorrow. After I finished, the gunfire started and the mortars were done.

So I put on my gear and ran to the rooftop to return fire. She was visiting us and I was in my room doing the deed on myself. The room was totally dark because this was before I watched porn. I have schizophrenia inherited from crazy grandma and would often see shadows and stuff.

Well, I was masturbating when I see I figure in my doorway. The figure then starts to walk around the room. I look closer and I see the figure looks just like my grandma. Is she holding something? I just waited and she walked out the room the same she had come in. Then she sat down next to me after I put on pants about how masturbation is perfectly healthy. I see my dad looking into my Guys masterbating stories, he turns around to give me some fruit he went upstairs to give it to me.

He had one big grin on his face, and left. I looked into my room hoping there was nothing to see. I just looked inside my room and you could see a woman with a dick in her mouth on full screen… He definitely saw it. To my surprise, he never talked about it. Still learning the ropes so to speak and trying to find unique ways to do it. I was having a shower when I suddenly felt the urge to have a go so I did. Decide to keep going using what I thought was shampoo.

I was in the throes of adolescent horniness. However, I could not find the key to my locked porno box. I desperately scanned my bedroom for anything resembling a boob. I booted up my Wii and began torque-testing the crankshaft. Eye contact was made. He just kind of slowly closed the door. Still got pizza, though. The sedatives took hold, and I haphazardly cleaned myself with a sock, spreading it more than anything.

Someone knocked on my door and invited me to the lounge area where people were playing Cards Against Humanity. I groggily threw on a sweatshirt and found the study lounge. The students were arranged in a circle, and I sat just outside of it. I could smell myself, and every time I leaned over to place a card on the table, the people next to me jerked backwards. I was aware of my stench, yet I was too sedated to feel anxious. I kept playing, leaning forward, and I saw a guy discreetly taking a picture of my sweater with his phone. I looked down to see a large cum stain in the center of my sweater.

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I played some more, and the smell of cum and body odor grew in its dominance. Still groggy and unfeeling, I excused myself from the lounge and returned to my dorm.

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As I arrived, I encountered someone whom I had vaguely known in high school. The stinger is that the people in my dorm were actually nice and smart for the most part. I just kept doing creepy things without knowledge of their creepiness.

Guys masterbating stories

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