Hagrid sex stories

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No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Harry edged through the door first, barely noticing the fire which had burned comfortably low, his attention fixed on Ron bumping up alongside him. Harry had never realised how close you had to stand to share an Invisibility Cloak. Maybe he could find more excuses to use it. Still, it was nice to find it already warm in Hagrid's. Harry and Ron stripped off the Cloak and looked about cautiously.

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Hagrid was supposed to be in Diagon Alley today, or so he'd mentioned, but they were being careful. Really careful. They never wanted to be caught of course, on any of their adventures, but the consequences of being caught today would be a lot worse than detention.

The hut was cheerfully cluttered. Hagrid's over-sized pots and pans dangled from the ceiling.

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Ron wrinkled his nose at a collection of chicken feet left on the counter. But they weren't here to eat. Ron moved a little stiffly, obviously already imagining their plans. They jumped suddenly as a smallish bat-like creature rattled and shrieked at them from a cage across the room. Even from the door they could see vicious teeth as it energetically attacked the bars. He flinched and backed away as it lunged again. He nibbled an apple and looked at the creature casually. He glanced around and stepped all the way in, and shut the door behind them.

Ron hovered nervously in the entryway, dropping a bite of his apple. He scanned Hagrid's bed in the far corner, covered with an enormous multicolored quilt and over-sized, over-stuffed pillows. It was nearly two meters off the ground. I see that. It's alright, Ron. But he followed anyway, looming over Harry. His face had that gentle vulnerability that made Hagrid sex stories throat catch.

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Sometimes Harry wondered if he did this for the sex, or if it was just to see that look on Ron's face. Oh heck, who was he kidding? But that look was something special, there was no doubt. Ron had all the spells he wanted to try marked. They felt funny about using Hagrid's bed though - it was weird enough using his house - and so Harry glanced around for someplace else It looked comfy enough. Something growled softly. Harry looked over his shoulder and hoped the sound had come from the cage, though it didn't sound like any noise a bird-creature would make.

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Ron apparently hadn't noticed it. Harry gave up and shrugged. With a last glance around the warm wooden hut, he sat on the rug and began to pull off his sneakers while Ron goggled at him. Still nibbling his apple, Ron started to scrape and kick off his trainers without untying them, not taking his eyes off Harry. As Harry dropped his cloak on the floor, Ron set down the apple and swiftly started to strip.

It had been a week after all. Harry began to unfasten the clasps on his robes, and stopped with a sudden thought, an idea that made him tremble a little. He'd certainly complied with a lot of Ron's requests, some of them pretty strange, or at least unexpected. Why not? His hands fell. Ron paused, his pullover still stuck halfway over his head.

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He held up half-undone trousers as he made his way to the Book of Eros and started flipping s. Hold on, I didn't mark it. I wasn't planning to use it today I want you to do it. Ron's eyes were rather wide. His belt, still unbuckled, jangled a little as he knelt in front of Harry and placed warm hands on the front of Harry's robes.

Harry bit his lip and watched under half-lidded eyes as Ron awkwardly worked down the clasps, one by one. Accidental touches came as a thrill down Harry's spine and Harry's reaction was immediate, pressed against his trousers. He moaned to himself and leaned back on his arms, thinking of Ron's response when he saw that - and what would he look like?

He couldn't wait to be down to skin, but he was enjoying every touch, bump, and unintended rough caress. Harry leaned up and brushed closer to Ron. Did Ron know he smelled like apple? And something else It was a sweet, fresh clean, and that soft vulnerable look was back in Ron's eyes again, half fear, another part awe, as Hagrid sex stories he couldn't believe he was doing this.

But he was. He looked defenseless.

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The robe slid off Harry's shoulders, a sensual rustling sound. Ron swallowed as he unbuttoned Harry's shirt next, looking down.

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Harry felt a purr deep in his chest as the warm hands drew closer to skin, the light touches silky and gentle. Harry wasn't wearing a pullover. Neither was Ron anymore. How fast had he managed to get that off? The thought made Harry smile. Harry's thoughts focused, and he felt suddenly guilty that Ron was doing all the work: he reached for the waistband of Ron's trousers. But Ron lightly dodged him and avoided his hands. Harry apparently had crossed one of those odd limits that seemed to appear at random with Ron. Harry never knew when he would say no to some small thing. It was never anything important, not anything drastic, just unexpected little things like this.

Harry respected Ron's Hagrid sex stories wherever they appeared, though he was always perplexed by them. Harry eyed a round lump in Ron's trousers and longed to free him. But when Ron backed off like that, no was no. Harry sighed in frustration. What will you unwrap next, Ron? Harry wondered, as Ron carefully slid Harry's shirt over and off his shoulders. It puddled at Harry's wrists. Harry mentally predicted Ron would take off the most conservative article of clothing possible. Sure enough, Ron reached down and pulled off Harry's Nervous Nellie.

But Harry could make that a little more interesting.

Hagrid sex stories

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