Hairbrush spanking story

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I was 12 years old and in the 6th grade. It was a cold December afternoon and my 11 year old brother Jeff and I were in the family room watching TV. My friend Paul was there with us.

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I think because he was there I was a little more pushy. We are arguing about what to watch and our mom told us both to settle down or else. Or else meant a bare bottom, over the lap hairbrush spanking. Our mom was in the kitchen taliking to a neigbor lady that was visiting. I kept up my bellergerent behaviour towards my brother.

I kept on and Paul was laughing at what I was doing and saying. Pretty soon our mom came in the family Hairbrush spanking story with the hairbrush and said, "You might as well go on home Paul, John is going to get a spanking and then he will be in his room by himself. Paul started putting on his coat. Jeff smirked. My mom took me in the kitchen where she and Mrs. Turner were visiting. To my horror,I realized I was going to get spanked in front of her. My mom unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants,then she wisked my jockeys down to my ankles.

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Paul was getting ready to go ,but he got a good luck at what was going to happen. Then my mom pulled me over her lap. She positioned me a little and the next thing I felt the hairbrush across my but crack,then again and again! I heard Paul shut the door.

Then as always she went back and forth paddling my cheeks. I tried to hold back because of Mrs. Turner, but ready soon the tears came, along with my cries and howls. My mom was tanning my hide good. I had been mouthy and now I was getting my bare butt spanked,boy was I ever! I had no shoes on, so I kicked off my pants andd shorts as I kicked and screamed while my mom blistered my bare bottom.

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As my mom was wailing away on me she asked me if I was going to beheve. Of course I said I was, as I apologized and pleaded for mercy. Then she quit and stood me up. She grabbed my arm and gave me ten more hard cracks with the hairbrush.

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Then she said, "You get to your room and if have any more trouble with you, I will blister your bottom again Mister! Do you understand? Then I ran to my room, while Mrs Turner smiled as she looked my freshly spanked butt. When I got to my room,I looked at my butt in the mirror. It was dark red,with hairbrush marks on it and it was throbbing like crazy.

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I flopped down on my stomach and continued sobbing. Turner told my mom,"That was some spanking! I have given a lot of them and I am going to give a lot more.

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Hairbrush spanking story

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