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She giggles. I want to make you happy. Letting someone touch your pee pee is fun. I'm sure you know that, Mom. At almost eleven, Pam is maybe a bit old to need a babysitter, but she really likes Lu Ann so I let the girl come over every Friday night and take care of my darling girl when I go to my book club. When I take a shower before bedtime, she showers with me and we wash each other's pee pees. But then she gets all scared and says we shouldn't be doing that 'cos I'm too young and she could get into trouble.

You're not angry, are you, Mommy? I had no idea this was going on. I give her a hug.

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She's a lovely girl and it's alright if she touches you. Pam is lying beside me in my bed, naked with the sheet pushed down below her knees. The bedside lamp casts a golden glow over her pale flat chest and hairless mound, and creates a soft shadow between her legs.

All this talk about touching reminds me that that even though she hasn't reached puberty, her innocence can't conceal how sexy she is. I want her to stay forever young. Since her father died last year, she's been sleeping in my bed, at first because she needed comforting in her grief, and later from habit, and now because she likes me to caress her body with my fingertips, all over from shoulder to knee, while she cups my breast with her hand and kisses my nipples.

Sometimes my fingers linger at her little "pee pee" as she calls it, and I pretend it's an accident. It doesn't seem to Helping mom pee stories her, and I long to take it further and explore her little slit, but afterwards I always feel guilty. The incest taboo is too strong. Having someone touch your pee pee is fun, but you're a bit young to be doing that.

On the other hand, you're too old to be calling it your pee pee. When I was a little girl I called mine my 'tinkle' but I grew out of that. Remember when she examined me for that yeast infection and she put her finger in me? That felt nice. I think she might like little girls a bit too much. Anyway, now I call mine my 'pussy', or my 'cunt'. It has lips and a big clit.

But I like it that you shave all your hair off. I roll her off me so that she's lying on her back, her legs slightly parted. I prop myself up on one elbow and look at midriff. It's smiling at me. She lets out a hum of contentment. My pulse begins to race and suddenly my upbringing kicks in and I ask myself what the hell do I Helping mom pee stories I'm doing. I take my hand away. I laugh and roll her facedown and lightly spank her butt. She loves the spanking game, the one where I put her across my knee, lift her dress, pull her panties down and gently spank her as she pretends to cry.

It's my book club night. Fuck the book club.

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I'm going to say home and see what happens between my babysitter and my girl. I may feel guilty about touching her private parts, but I don't have any inhibitions about letting Lu Ann do whatever she wants to her.

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It wouldn't be incest. It might be pedophilia, but I don't see how it can do any harm if Pam likes it. I guess I'm a pedophile myself, given that my own daughter gets me sexually aroused. In fact the more I think about Lu Ann, the better it seems that Pam should have a sexual experience with another girl rather than a boy.

If she grows up to be a lesbian, so much the better, then I won't have to worry about her getting pregnant. I've had a lot more fun having sex with women than with men, even though I loved my husband. I hate to say it but his death has freed me up to explore my gay side.

I don't tell Pam my plans. I call Lu Ann and ask her to babysit as usual and to pick Pam up from school. She has an afterschool drama class and the homework club, so they won't get here until after five o'clock. I'm ready and freshly showered when they arrive home. I'm wearing a camisole and tap pants set, in silky nylon, a vivid turquoise color, with lace round the legs and across the top of my tits. The pants are slit up the side, nice and loose, and if I sit carelessly, you might be able to see my cunt. Is there something going on at your book club I should know about?

I wanna tell you something. I'm not actually going out this evening. I'll pay you the usual fee. I think Pam's too old for a babysitter, but she loves it when you come over and I Helping mom pee stories want to spoil things for her. But I want you to feel that your our treasured guest tonight and any other night.

We can all have fun together. She leans back on the couch, her heels up under her butt, her thighs spread invitingly.

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I take a quick picture of her. She likes showing off her panties, but you probably know that already. I open my laptop which is lying there and scroll through a couple of dozen pictures of my little girl lifting her dress lewdly, undressing, or posing provocatively in just her panties. In the last picture, she faces the camera, naked except for panties that have been Helping mom pee stories down to mid thigh. There's an inviting smile on her face.

She needs no urging. Her friend unzips the school uniform dress and Pam stands, letting it fall off her shoulders, then turns to face us, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Her panties are nylon, in a subtle pale green, with white lace trim round the legs. As she spre her blouse open to shrug it off her shoulders, I take another shot. Lu Ann leans in to look at the screen. She takes her sweet time, pushing them down with excrutiating slowness, as we watch in breathless anticipation.

Her little girl's slit comes in to view, and I let out a little "Oh" in appreciation. When her panties reach mid thigh, I tell her to stop. I take the picture and she turns round and presents her butt to us, bending forward and spreading her legs as far as the panties will let her. I can see both orifices. I feel my pulse quickening. The flash goes off and Pam comes and sits between us, her panties still round her thighs.

We all look at the phone's screen. Her breasts are only just perceptible, though her nipples are well developed. I long to touch them, but I don't want to frighten her off. So far, we are just having innocent fun, showing off for the camera. She hesitates when Pam asks her to slide her panties down, but I offer encouragement, telling her that I'm gonna take mine down in a minute.

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Her pussy is shaved just as freshly as mine as she stands, letting my girl photograph her. Then I stand and pull my tap pants down. We finish up with a collection of quite lewd portraits of each other. Lu Ann and I pull our panties back up, but Pam takes hers off saying, not for the first time, that she loves to be naked. We eat in about fifteen minutes.

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They're almost running. I pick up their discarded uniforms and carry them up to Pam's room. The bathroom door is closed and I can hear the water running and the girls giggling. I go back down to the kitchen and fix dinner. Pam comes down first, naked, drying her hair with a towel, a satisfied grin on her face. Tell you what, why don't you wear that French maid's apron, the frilly one? She puts it on. It has a little bib front which is too small to cover her nipples and has a ribbon round her neck, and the lower half only just covers her Helping mom pee stories. I tie it round her waist, with a bow at the back.

Her entire back is deliciously naked. I run my palms over her butt cheeks. Lu Ann comes down in her white panties and training bra. It's too beautiful to be covered up all the time. After dinner, we go back to the living room and sit on the couch, Lu Ann at one end, me at the other and Pam lying face down between us, her head in Lu Ann's lap. And when she says 'do me' she likes me to stroke her body with my fingertips, just feather touches, from shoulders to knees.

You take her top half and I'll do the bottom half, like this. With each pass, my fingers go deep between her legs, brushing her little brown rosebud. Lu Ann does the same Helping mom pee stories her upper torso, from her shoulders down to her butt, so that we overlap in the middle. Pam's butt gets a lot of attention. It's so cute, so firm and narrow and just looking at it gets me excited, but the touching is getting me really turned on. After a few minutes, she says, "Now do my front.

Pam lies there, looking so vulnerably naked, an eager smile on her face, her legs slightly parted invitingly. We continue our caresses, with Lu Ann circling her nipples and giving them litle squeezes, then gently sliding her fingers down to Pan's belly button, while I stroke the insides of her thighs, then up to her belly, making sure to "accidentally" brush her mound as I pass.

She lets out little contented humming noises. I see Lu Ann is carefully watching my hands as they rove over my daughter's body, then, as her hand moves down to the belly button again, I place my hand on top of hers and guide it farther down to Pam's mound. When her fingers are on Pam's lips, I press gently, letting Lu Ann know that it's okay to touch the forbidden zone.

I turn and give her an encouraging smile. Now, Pam's upper body is receiving the attention of only one of Lu Ann's hands, the other being busy down below. I restrict myself to Pam's thighs, running my hand higher only to go deep between her legs to her rosebud again. I can see Lu Ann's fingers running up and down Pam's little girly slit, then probing gently inside.

Helping mom pee stories

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