Hit in the nuts stories

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I was drunk at a petting zoo and a goat headbutted me right in the dick so hard that I threw up in a trash can in front of families with. Related: Families of Reddit, what's the worst thing you've seen happen at the petting zoo? I forget how old I was probably like 12 but I got into an argument with the neighbor kid and he kicked me in the balls so hard I walked home lookin like Jimmy from South Park.

I got a surprise kick from someone right in front of me. It left me stunned as I walked in circles for a few minutes. Nothing that bad. This will absolutely be overshadowed though because, knowing reddit, the top comment here will end up being some absurd Rube Goldberg machine of pain that ends with them getting hit in the balls with a projectile from an aircraft catapult or a situation of similar pain. Playing hockey during p.

I know a guy who had his ball sack split after falling from a tree and landing on a particularly mean branch. That's probably the worst story I've got on the matter. Guy needed surgery, but was back at it and climbing trees like a fool mere weeks later. Was having a normal day in P. I'm still convinced that the reason I've gotten away with so much unprotected sex is due to ballsack trauma from this day.

Either that or the hockey puck that went full force into my nuts. Or the basketball. Damn school was not a fun time for my boys. It's a 5-way tie between the 5 Hit in the nuts stories I dropped my keys in front of me and swiped my right hand down to catch them. Caught them every time, but caught a lot more than I bargained for, too. Sitting on a skateboard going downhill. Lost control and the light pole on the sidewalk saved me by sacrificing my future generations.

I guess there are certain price you have to pay to stay alive. Got hit in the balls, threw up, wanted to die. Got over it within the hour. I was playing paintball at a huge year end event. I was running from the tree line to a building about 20 foot away. There was firing going on all Hit in the nuts stories me, but I thought I was safe to run for it. Ends up there was a guy inside the building I was running to. As I was running, I heard two dull thuds, and went down pretty much immediately.

I felt like they were in my throat, and hardly noticed that he shot me in the top of the head when I was down. Better than me getting sacked - was playing in a co-ed softball game in college great way to meet people btw, not very serious but the people are usually decently athletic and fun Girl is playing third from the other team; girl on our team hit a hot shot her way. One bouncer and bam hits her in the girl junk. Girl standing beside me points at the third base woman and almost like Nelson from Simpsons actually says, "ha! Chick got hit in the box!

I've never been more attracted to a woman before for no good reason. In a giant snowball fight and a friend threw a snowball at me I'm talking other side of a baseball field distance.

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This big arcing throw that just kept going and going and going I was on the ground in the snow in the fetal position for at least 5 minutes before I was able to move. Funnily enough, I've never been hit in the balls in all my 18 years of life.

I've always somehow twisted or stopped it and taken the hit to a different place. Not me but one of my former friends at Elementary school. During P. E, we were playing this basketball game called Knockout and at one point, one of the kids missed his shot and the basketball bounced and hit my friend in the balls. Out of rage, I slammed my basketball on the floor as hard as I can and it somehow hit my friend in the nuts. Let's just say that I wasn't friends with him for any longer.

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I played baseball for many years. I played catcher, a position where you're gonna get hit in the b a few times, but you always wear a cup. I was wearing one this time.

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The pitcher was throwing in the mid 90s in mph for those wondering and the guy that had the most home runs where I played was up to bat. I give the for a slider. Got shook off. Gave for curve ball. Shook off. Fastball outside. Straight down the middle fastball is what he wanted. He threw it, guy foul tips it off the ground and hits me in the cup.

The cup then cracks, and catches my sack in the crack of this very well made cup, which tore it open. I hopped around like a coke addict on hot coals and everyone laughed until they saw the blood. This one is bad, and a twofer. I roll up to the skate park and saw someone I hadn't seen in forever. We, being the goofball we are, both tried to jump and hug each other, and we kneed each other in the n. He had to Hit in the nuts stories a catheter, and mine swelled to the size of a baseball almost. U couldn't walk so I ended up going to the ER where they say they were going to check the one more time the ultrasound hurt like all hell but they were going to amputate if they don't see anything new.

As I laid there in the bed I cried and swore to god if he let me keep my testicle I'd never make a Lance Armstrong joke again. To this day I've held my promise. Apparently it was just so bruised or something that it swelled that big. They thought it got twisted up in there.

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I had bedrest for a week and then I could walk again. Went bungee jumping on Canada's largest jump. Flailed the whole way down, and wasn't until I bottomed out did I realize I was sitting on my testicles. Downed a beer in a few seconds to get some alcohol numbing action nothing stronger around, and didn't work.

I hurt :. More of a drop than a hit, but testicular pain doesn't discriminate! Found the internet! Men of Reddit what are your worst hit in the balls stories? Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Everytime i get hit in the nuts its about the worat thing ever.

Playing street hockey and I ran in front of a slap shot. I could never forget the initial feeling. Girl beside me is doubled over laughing at her. I've got 2, the second is worse. I hurt : Oh, and it was all recorded on VHS! Still have the tape lol. More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts may 9th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

Hit in the nuts stories

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Men of Reddit what are your worst hit in the balls stories ?