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Man did I ever love jerking off.

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It's something I did really well. I first started doing it in my room when I was alone in the house. A magazine, a bottle of baby oil, and my own imagination is all I needed, and my hand of course. Eventually, I realized it was more exciting to masturbate when my sister's friends were over.

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I would listen to them talking, hearing every word easily through the thin wall that seperated our two rooms. It is here that I first found out that my sister, Mary, was still a virgin.

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Read Story. At the door to the chemistry room, two of her classmates Bill Taylor and Scott Vance, or Jackass 1 and Jackass 2 as she thought of them, were waiting as usual. The pair of morons partially blocked the class's doorway forcing all the girls entering to pass between them, giving the boys the opportunity to goose them or fondle them in some manner. As Kirsten tried to enter Scott bumped into her side shoving her towards Bill who, on the pretext of helping her, reached out his hand and squeezed her breast.

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Anticipating this crude assault, Kirsten elbowed him in the stomach and for good measure kicked Jackass 2 in the ankle. Try that again and you'll be singing Soprano for the rest of your worthless life.

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Read the rest of this story. Keenstories Incest Sex Stories. Unintentional Incest by Anonymous "Fucking morons!

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