Hot wedding night stories

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I'll pick youup at six," whispered my husband, Rey, behind my ears as I was working inkitchen. I just smiled and nodded since my mother-in-law was also in thekitchen. This situation is very common in our house, because Rey and I havelived with my in-laws after our marriage. As I grew up in a big family, my maalived with her in-laws toothis situation is very familiar to me. I wastaught that couples romance only in their bedroom, and intimate moments are notallowed anywhere around the house.

I'd been married to Rey for six months now, and it had been anarranged marriage. My family chose my husband for me. Rey was chosen based onhis family background and his ability to support me after marriage. Before Imet him, I was extremely nervous and worried that I may not like him. How am Isupposed to live with him if I don't like him? Fortunately for us, love sparked as soon as we met each other. Hewas handsome, sweet, and cheerful. We got married three months after meeting,but during that time we never went out on a date. Because I live in Jodhpur andhe is in Mumbai and apart from that this is very common among our society here.

Finally the night I feared arrived In our culture,before a bride enters the bedroom, she will be advised by her mom and elders. Any wish of his must be fulfilled, evenif you aren't in the Hot wedding night stories was the advice given to me. I totally disagreedbut kept quiet. My mind was filled with thousands of questions, and I wastrembling a little as I was sent into the bedroom. I barely knew Rey yet.

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Although we liked each other, we'd nevertalked much and hadn't gone out on a single date. How am I supposed to react? As I entered the bedroom, he was sitting on the edge of the bed,waiting. I became even more nervous. But what happened that night was the sweetest thing any husbandcould do for his wife. My love for him grew to immense heights after thatnight.

He told me to sit next him and then took my hands in his. I think hefelt my hands trembling and how very cold they were. I knew we were made for eachother, but we never really get to know each other. Hestopped and looked deep into my eyes.

I just kept silent since I didn't reallyknow what to say? I can wait for as long as you need to becomfortable. What do you think?

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I wasshocked and pleased at the same time. What guy would agree to wait for his wifeto be ready for love making the first time? I was almost in tears and justnodded in agreement. He lookedvery pleased. Whereshall we go? He justreturned my smile and agreed. I wasso surprised. He was really sincere. I took his pillows and arranged them onthe couch and then changed into my nighty. He came out of the bathroom andwalked towards me. I wanted to hug him but was too nervous. I Hot wedding night stories he couldread my mind. He came to me, cupped his hands on my cheeks, and kissed myforehead.

I smiledand hugged him. He ran his hands down my arms and wrapped around my waist. Ifelt thousands of butterflies flying in my stomach. I felt so warm and safe inhis arms. Thenext day we went to the park on our first date. I was dressed in red anarkali suit,and we had such a wonderful time together.

We were acting just like a datingcouple. No one would have guessed we were married. Livingwith a big family was a little uncomfortable for me a first since we could notshow our affection outside our bedroom. But Rey was very smart and veryromantic. He would wink when no one is looking. He would sneak up to thekitchen when everyone else was watching TV and hug me from behind as I wasworking in kitchen. Somehow I guess my in-laws understood why he is in thekitchen when I was working there, so they never walked in when he was there. I waspreparing dinner during the second week of our marriage.

His hands felt so goodand I liked it, but what if someone walks in? AlthoughI was not convinced, I loved the feeling of his hands on me. He ran his handsdown my arms and on my stomach. I felt like I was in heaven. Slowly he kissedon my forehead, nose, and cheeks and then trailed down on my neck.

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I reallywanted this to continue but he stopped. Thislove affair continued for a whole month. I was prepared to submit myself to himon our one-month anniversary. I wanted to make it a surprise, but he already hadhis own surprise planned for me. Themorning of our one-month anniversary fell on a weekend. I woke up and wassurprised to see that my in-laws were packing. Take care of the house," my mother-in-law replied. Well,this was working out just perfect. We're getting the house all to ourselves. After waving goodbye to them, I was very happy as I went back into the house toprepare breakfast.

My darling husband was still asleep. I sneaked into the bedroom to change intomore sexy attire that I never get to Hot wedding night stories if my in-laws were at home. I chose aroyal blue short dress which reached above my knees. After dressing up, I wentback to the kitchen and continued my work. Aftera few minutes, I felt familiar hands touching my arms. My darling was awake,and he hugged me from behind as usual. Happyone-month anniversary.

We wouldn't want them to disturb us tonight,right? He then released me from his arms and took three stepsbackwards. He gave me a typical male scan top-to-bottom. Idecided to tease him a little. Walking close to him, I run my hands on hisface. Hecupped my face in his palms. We gazed lovingly into each others eyes, and hegently kissed my lips. That was our first real kiss, and it was unforgettable.

Slowly our kiss became more passionate, and I could feel he aroused by now. Hislips moved onto my neck and then trailed even lower.

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I knew I was losing mycontrol. I wanted him so badly, but we were determined to wait for night toarrive. Thewhole day was spent in the house. We watched a DVD together, and I sat next tohim, lying on his shoulders. His hand was on me all the time. We prepared lunchand dinner together and played some games together. I could feel the fire ofdesire burning within us. Afterdinner and when I had finished doing all the chores, he handed me a packet andtold me to get ready in another room. I went into another room and closed thedoor. The packet contained a beautiful red netted saree.

I got ready and afterhalf an hour he knocked on the door. BeforeI could reply, he closed my eyes, and I felt his strong arms lift me off myfeet. I was so excited. Oncewe got there, he let me down and removed the blindfold.

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I was totally shockedto see the bedroom. He had decorated it with white and red roses and lightedscented candles. I could feel my eyes tearing. He gently lifted me onto the bed. He helped me off withmy saree, and I was completely naked in front of my husband the first time. Hebegan running his hands on my face, kissing me as his hands went lower.

He thenkissed my neck and slowly nuzzled his head on my chest. I began moaning, and myheart was beating faster and faster. I sensed he was breathing a lot hardertoo. I was going crazy with desire. It wasthe first time for both of us, but he was very gentle and understanding, and Ihad the best time in my life that night. Each and every touch had his love.

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Afterward, as I rested my head on his chest, he ran his hand on my hairlovingly. Iwanted to make it as perfect as I could for my baby princess.

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Rey just smiled and said, "Taani, I know you're verynervous. He cleared his throat and continued. He thinks the same is I do. I smiled back to him and waited for him tocontinue. Finally I'm going out on a date I was beyondexcited. Thefirst time he did that, I was totally shocked. What if someone walks in?

Hot wedding night stories

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