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Home Stories Submit Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. One of the fantasies that Ravi harboured was to watch Kavita have a good time with some other man. It remained a fantasy for a long time and both of them have good sex while Kavita would tell him made up stories of having sex with other men.

But on a journey back to Mumbai, Kavita on an impulse, only trying to give a real feel of the fantasy to her husband, engaged in teasing him with a stranger, Narang travelling with them. The things got further and Kavita actually cuckolded Ravi. If you are still with me Here is the tale of what happened next and also about their relationship, post this incident Chapter 2. For Kavita nothing was as before; she was anxious not knowing how Ravi would take it. She started the whole thing on the notion that she will only tease Ravi and will give him a real feel of his fantasy but she got involved in it and could not stop herself.

First time alone with Ravi after that night, she found out that he is indeed cuckolded; she can see it written all over his face. It was confirmed when he was obsessed with her boobs which have teeth marks left by Narang. They had a long talk over it and Kavita was relieved to find him happy and realised that he was going through all the emotions of a true loving cuckold.

Kavita had a wonderful experience and knew it would be difficult for her to forget it. She could not help compare the two men. On one side was her husband whom she loved so much and who is so loving and caring towards her and on the other hand was this unknown guy who brought out the raw lust in her. She felt loved and cared with her husband but longed for the hard touch of a man, a man who could fuck her with animalistic rage and use her body for his pleasure.

Almost fifteen days passed and they were in the bed. Kavita grabbed Housewife fantasy stories hairs and moaned softly as he licked her pussy, "Yesss Ravi knew this is not just some made up story from her this actually happened right under his nose. He witnessed her loud moans and cries when Narang fucked her. He started to eat her with renewed vigour while Kavita stroked and licked his cock with utmost care to prolong the pleasure as much as possible.

Ravi kneaded her buttocks and drove his tongue deeper into the pussy and urged her to take him into her mouth. The whole scene played and replayed in his mind, how till last minute he was not sure if Kavita would only Housewife fantasy stories him or will actually do it with Narang. He could not believe it when she undressed and went to his bed. He knew he could not last long and thrust forward his cock. Kavita too stopped teasing him and slurped in a large part of the cock inside her hot mouth.

Almost instantaneously he started to cum. After having his pleasure he concentrated in pleasuring his wife who held her head with both hands and guided him. Kavita closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, craving for the strong hands of Narang on her body, his mouth on her breasts, pinching and biting her. She grabbed Housewife fantasy stories hand of Ravi and placed it over her boobs and moaned. He was not able to understand why I am saying no His heartbeat quickened as he realized that his wife is asking to be with another man. He snuggled closer to her and kissed her softly on her lips.

Moreover I thought that you never let it happen in real although you were always excited about it He felt a pang of jealously; meeting a man who has fucked your wife was never in his fantasies, but the thought that she wanted another man to fuck her, aroused him.

The thrills from the fact that his wife was well fucked by a man were all that he ever thought. In his fantasies the other man never had a face or a feeling, its only sex, but now Narang is a real man about whom his wife is talking. Everything that happened or would happen would be for real and she likes it. Whenever he was in bed with his wife the 'other man' was always between them, not physically, but in his mind.

It drives him crazy and he simply cannot get Kavita's word out of his mind 'He has left his mark on me.

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He cannot forget the lust on her face when she went to Narang. He kissed her all over her body. He was unconsciously being extra caring towards her as if protecting some precious thing, which belongs to someone else. Kavita has told Ravi that she had done it one time and would not consider repeating it, but her resolve weakened when Narang called her.

She was reminded of how erotic the experience was but she managed to somehow stall him. However, just fifteen days passed and she was considering letting Housewife fantasy stories lust guide her instead of her mind, 'one last time and then never again, she will be a regular wife again. So it was fixed and Saturday night they were meeting Narang at his house for dinner.

Kavita came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, water dripping from her wet hairs. She smiled and sat in front of the dresser drying her hairs. No matter how many times Ravi has seen her like this still it never fails to arouse him. She removed the towel and picked up a yellow panty Housewife fantasy stories the drawer. He watched her slipping on the tiny panty over her buxom buttocks. The panty looks even smaller over her curvy frame, just the two triangles in the front and back.

The front triangle was barely able to cover the fluffy and swollen cunt. He was mesmerised watching the mound hidden behind the tight fitting. Ravi settled down in a sofa finding his daughters and father enjoying the highlights of Cricket World Cup match. What a shot," suddenly Neha their elder daughter shouted pointing at the TV. Ravi was snapped out of his trance and glanced at the TV.

All of them stared laughing including Kavita who just got into the living room and heard what her father-in-law said.

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Ravi knew it was all in good humour and he also laughed sheepishly. He looked at his wife and found her the same loving wife, mother and daughter-in-law who took care of the entire family. It's hard to imagine that she was the same women that day with him in the train and who is ready to go out with him to meet her lover. You look great," Neha shouted excitedly as Kavita stepped out of the bedroom dressed in her usual saree, a blue one this time.

Kavita smiled at her daughter's compliment, "and you don't wear this short Housewife fantasy stories when you go out, these are too short," she instructed her while Neha made a bad face. Neha was their elder daughter eighteen years old and was in last year of her school while Priya the younger one was sixteen. Both of them were after their mother and past their puberty, especially Neha who has grown up into a woman, her ass filling up the shorts and the breasts were barely able to be contained in the top she was wearing.

She watched as her parents walked out for a dinner with a friend. Neha knew they won't be back till morning as her mom has already told her that if her dad drinks too much, she won't be driving back home late in the night. Neha smiled as she knew that the house would be her tonight, the granddad would soon retire to his room after having early dinner due to his health problems and the maid would leave around eight, which leaves Priya, who is no problem to manage.

She intended to slip in her boyfriend to her bedroom tonight. Ravi drove the car and frequently glanced at his beautiful wife sitting on the front seat. She pushed her long hairs back and continued to look ahead on the street. Ravi was fighting the urge to turn around the car and drove back while Kavita was torn between the emotions of lust and love and could not bear to look at her husband. They arrived as per schedule around 7. He was smiling and pushed his hand forward to Ravi. He shook hands with him mumbling something of a hello as he ushered them inside the flat.

They stepped into a large living cum drawing room area and were seated on the sofa. Ravi fidgeterd nervously not knowing what to say under the situation, he felt intimidated. He looked at his wife for support but found none, she was also a bit blushed and looked around the neatly decorated hall. You are great," suddenly Narang spoke to Ravi, "you are one hell of man to dare something like this," he spoke enthusiastically and Ravi managed to smile sheepishly.

The smile and laughter appears to be friendly and Ravi felt a Housewife fantasy stories relaxed as he didn't find those cocky looks which say 'I am the man who fucked you wife. Ravi felt being left out as they continued to talk among themselves. The house was quite and Neha was anxiously waiting for her boyfriend's call while Priya idles in front of the TV. Riyan, her boyfriend was one year senior to her in school and now he was doing BTech. Neha hope to BTech with him in another six months.

They were good friends since childhood and as they grew up the opposite sex had some sparks.

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She had never allowed him to go any further than kissing and a bit of petting, although he had been insisting for sex. Tonight Neha decided that she will give him what he wanted; she wanted to lose her virginity tonight. Riyan seems to be the perfect guy to her for giving her most valuable treasure.

Neha was nervous about tonight, she had not told Riyan about it and wanted to let the things take its own shape without her planning for it. She had talked to her few experienced friends and also searched on the internet about first time sex, but whatever she learned didn't gave her much confidence.

Finally the mobile rang and she talked quickly in hushed tone. Housewife fantasy stories noticed her sister's behaviour and was suspicious when she quietly opened the front door. Riyan was already waiting outside, he hesitantly slipped in. Priya's eyes widened but Neha shushed her by putting a finger on her lips.

She giggled as she knew about them while Neha begged her to be discrete. Ravi played a good host and served drinks while Kavita took only soft drinks, Ravi was happy as he needed a strong drink to calm his nerves. They had drinks and food which he has ordered from a restaurant and continued to talk while Ravi mostly kept to him.

Narang managed to bring the topic back again and again on the night spent in the train. He showered her with praises, how bold she is, how beautiful she is. Kavita seem to enjoy the compliments and slowly started to open up. He didn't know what to say his face turned red with embarrassment.

Ravi felt hurt as he was half expecting that Kavita may push his hands away but she did nothing.

Housewife fantasy stories

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