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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. One sultry late spring evening after chatting with an out of town girlfriend on the internet I accidently stumbled onto what you might call an interesting adult site. It had all kinds of sexual adventures of men and women in various situations. Intrigued I came across a very erotic article about a middle aged couple who were interested in spicing up there marriage by bringing in a much younger man for the wife's sexual pleasure.

I was so aroused after reading the story I raced upstairs, undressed and dabbed perfume on my most private parts. Going to How i cuckold my husband stories closet I chose a semi-sheer, light pink baby doll nightgown and matching panties which modestly displayed my legs and pert 36 inch b-cup breasts. I was hoping my husband would respond to my sexy attire.

Unfortunately when I entered the bedroom he was fast asleep so I pulled out my dildo and worked myself into a very satisfying orgasm. Don't get me wrong I love my dildo but like most women I surely prefer a hot, hard cock in my pussy much more. So after an exciting climax off to dreamland I went. I should introduce myself. My name is Ann I'm 45 and a stay at home wife. My loving husband Todd is We're empty nesters and been married for over 25 years with two grown daughters Beth and Donna ages 22 and My husband's libido like most men his age has diminished somewhat over the last few years.

I've been a faithful wife throughout my marriage if you don't count lusting in your heart when I see a cute man walk by.

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Lately I've caught myself daydreaming about other men when I'm home and especially when I'm out and about. I'll even go so far as to admit my eyes have wandered a lot lately especially at young hard bodies, although I've not approached any. If Todd had known how many times in the last month I fantasized about the cute bartenders and waiters in the restaurants and bars we've frequented he might have thought differently. When we do have sex he loves watching me suck on my dildo and pretend it's someone else. He says that's his biggest turn on and if anything he wants to see me do that with another man.

I thought he was testing me but after seeing him get off to it I knew it was only time. We even have gone so far as to making rules if and when any encounter was ever to take place.

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Everything sounds great when you talk about it but taking the next step, let's say we've been hesitant even more so on my part. I've just been so confused about the whole thing and cannot help think about what might happen after. I'm willing but worried about when I'd be in bed with another man what I would actually say and do. The next few days I became deeper in thought and came to the conclusion that if Todd thinks he's ready then I'm just going to do it, not look back and what happens, happens.

I don't want to hurt him and like most women can't figure out what can be so enjoyable watching me fucking another man. But it's not everyday that a married woman gets the okay from her husband to have sex with another man and it's still another thing to have their husband know and actually want it to happen. Thinking about it and chatting online with other men, it did sound incredible. I was ready I just had to find that special guy.

The next day I was thinking when and how I could make this happen. I have to confess at times I feel like I'm doing something wrong, sort of like when I'm out somewhere and see a man I'm attracted to. I automatically start to think could I be with this guy, would he be a good kisser, what he would be like in bed and how big is his cock.

All this before I even meet him or know who he is. I do know one thing; younger men seem attracted to me. Maybe the perfect place would be at the health club. I set my sights on Mark. Mark was a 23 year old professional I met a few weeks earlier at one of the club's social events. He was cute, six foot two with dark brown hair and a chiseled look that usually makes women weak in the knees. That night Todd was working late so off I went by myself.

As it turned out it was a good idea. I wore a short cotton sundress with heels showing those younger women I still had gorgeous legs. I'm proud to say my figure is pretty much How i cuckold my husband stories to when we were married 25 years ago.

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I can still turn he, my boobs don't sag and my legs are firm and shapely. When introduced to Mark I felt an immediate attraction, at least on my part. I guess I needed reassuring, besides a girl needs a compliment or two sometimes and he was very complimentary.

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Then a thought occurred to me, why not Mark, he's young, single and gorgeous. That was my plan. Later the following week I arrived at the health club as usual dressed in my work-out attire and walked upstairs. I saw many familiar faces and one in particular. Mark and I made eye contact as soon as I walked in.

Now that I think about it we did innocently flirt that night of the social. At the time he seemed so nice I had thoughts of setting him up with my youngest daughter. In the next few weeks I saw Mark quite a bit at the gym chatting occasionally but only in small talk. This particular early morning when I entered the weight room I was on a mission. Today was altogether different, Mark was in my sites and targeted. Let my daughter find her own man. The next step was to convince him and get hubby to agree. Not what you call an easy task for any girl.

That night after dinner I actually surprised myself by saying to Todd, "You know how we have been talking about bringing another man into our bedroom? To be honest I've been fantasizing about a certain guy I met at the health club," now beginning to worry about what I was telling him. I should also tell you I'm quite attracted to him too.

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Sorry if I'm being bold I'm just being honest with you. Then Todd finally spoke. How long have you known him? How many times have you masturbated thinking about this guy? There he said it, he actually said Mark's name. An unusual feeling came over me as if I just confessed to my husband I was having an affair.

But in reality I wasn't. It was then I became honest in my answers and let him know everything I was thinking and how I felt about pursuing this with Mark. I felt kinky but couldn't have jumped up any quicker. I slowly undressed stripping down to just my panties then seductively turned and looked in his direction. As I sat on the bed Todd slowly slipped them down my legs, inhaling there aroma.

He then placed them around his erection before sitting down on a nearby chair to watch me. Masturbating with my vibrator I called out Mark's name pretending he was inside me. Within moments I exploded while Todd masturbated with my panties wrapped around his cock happily witnessing my orgasm. I have to confess my husband's sex drive isn't as active as it once was but that day he came hard.

Don't get me wrong Todd has a very nice size cock but just hasn't the stamina or drive he once possessed. Still I love watching him masturbate as much as he loves watching me. It's weird but at the same time erotic as hell. Afterwards he held me close and we kissed.

Todd told me to go ahead with my plan and see how things work out. I smiled and could feel a glow surround me. The next day I couldn't have gotten to the gym quick enough. I made sure I was there at or around the time I knew Mark would be. When I saw him I immediately felt moistness in my panties. I openly flirted with Mark. I never got in much of a workout but my flirtatious nature must have worked, Mark looked interested. We talked a lot and just as I was going to ask him if he wanted to go for coffee or breakfast he asked me. I almost died right on the spot and not wanting to look too eager I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Yes we could but you do know I'm married.

He smiled and nodded saying he knew the first moment we talked. Oh my god did I look that married? Easy girl I said to myself, don't make it appear you're too interested. After chatting for a few more moments I slipped him my phone. Smiling I walked out of the club a happy girl. On my way home I decided to shop for something intimate that night to wear for Todd. I don't know if it was guilt How i cuckold my husband stories just wanting to have great sex with my hubby. I've always been a sucker for frilly and sheer under clothes and knew just the store.

It sold mostly vintage lingerie which I love to wear.

How i cuckold my husband stories

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