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What do a three-legged dog from Alice Springs, an affectionate cockatiel from Brisbane and a fluffy rabbit from Sydney have in common? Inspired by my own shih tzu, Bill, I wanted to see the furry and feathered faces of your animals with people names. You came through with the goods. We even met another Bill, who is on track to be an Australian first medical alert dog for the rare condition Addison's disease. Whether you're looking for some pet name inspiration or just love reading about animals, you're in the right place. Adopting Noah was always going to bring a "unique set of pet parent challenges", as owner Emma Shepherd puts it.

His leg had experienced a severe break and not healed correctly, causing him pain, so the decision was made the remove it. He has a great attitude and Human pets stories want to miss out on a thing, regardless of his differences. The main challenge for Noah is finding a balance between a healthy, active life but also guarding and supporting his front leg.

Emma describes Noah as soft natured and gentle. Noah missed out on a normal puppy life, and therefore isn't very excited by typical dog toys. He had flown across the Brisbane River to West End on a Sunday and had crawled up the leg of somebody at the free barbecues, apparently looking to be rescued by a human," she says.

He became Liz's, and was known as Grey Bird until a friend asked to paint him and misheard his name. The artist gave Liz the painting and it was titled "Graham". From then on he was known as Mr Graham. When I'm feeling crappy they know and will come and sit with me. Get our newsletter for the best of ABC Everyday each week. Obviously, I do not shout 'Alba Farquharson' out at the local park as it can be misunderstood," laughs Alison. Leonard the mini lop rabbit, owned by Mike and Sarah de Waal, was named by his former parents.

Veronica, and Rachel and Evangeline not picturedcause plenty of laughs around Eloise Human pets stories household.

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Trevor the cat is a rescue from Western Australia. Jeffrey the Pomeranian is owned by Sarah Hall. Sophie the cow came from the dairy down the road, says owner Marlee Green. Rupert was named "because he is a mixture of someone very important and also someone who is lots of fun," owner Christine Johnson says. Mindy the cat had a name change from Charlotte because owner Shelly Haak-Carr thought it suited her sweet and silly personality more.

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Sampson, an American staffy, is named after the biblical character renowned for his strength and bringing down the temple. Thank you to everyone who submitted their pets. Although we couldn't include them all, we enjoyed getting to know each and every one! ABC Everyday helps you navigate life's challenges and choices so you can stay on top of the things that matter to you.

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Print text only. Print Cancel. They're all pets with human names from the ABC Everyday community.

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Three-legged softy: Noah. address. Should you cuddle a crying dog?

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s your pet is anxious and how to treat it. I'm pregnant and my cat is furious. Having a dog doesn't have to cost a fortune. Finding privacy when your pet views your sex life as 'an invitation to interact'. Helping your furry friend feel relaxed and safe on their next road trip. When's the right time to say goodbye to your dog? Your favourite houseplants are probably toxic to your furry friends. Is having pets in your bed healthy? Yes, you can have a dog in an apartment if you tick these 5 boxes. Pets, Animals, Family and Relationships.

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Human pets stories

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