Husband and wife fuck stories

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We have been living in this newly developed flat for about six months when this new couple moved in next door.

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Each floor has two flat so them and us on this four story building top floor. My name is Mamta 22 years and my hubby Mukesh 25 years. We are married about three years. Muskesh got this new job as IT engineer in a good bank. I have not yet gone into any job still finishing some of my study so usually stay at home.

After a week I thought will introduced myself and knocked on this new neighbor. Door opened by Chaya when she introduced to me and about my age but quite a bit fair skinned than average Indian girl. Mind you I am a bit dark coloured skin. She was very chatty and very cordial. Instantly we both became friends.

She is also at home now not doing any job. Got married about five years. They were living in UP somewhere recently her hubby Shankara got promoted as sales manager and posted here. She was so happy to see me because Shankar being sales manager travels a lot sometime weeks out on business so she feels very lonely. Over the days and weeks we both became very close friends and used to pass all our time together shopping, cooking and everything as soon as our hubbies were out. We started sharing so many stories of our life that we both became more than close sister and could not stay long without talking to each other.

She was little shy than me but used to cook very nice dishes. I was more into fashion and open minded so we both used to share a lot of tips. Now about three or four months later Something happened. She started asking more and then I told her that my hubby is a bit hyper on sex. He must fuck me once when he comes home then he also does at night sometime. Sometime even in the morning before going office. Actually me too enjoy the sex so much because his penis is quite thick and about 8 inches so any girl will enjoy it and definitely feel it in her pussy.

Also he is very imaginative and try fuck me in many positions making me cum multiple times so things are quite good for both of us. Only issue is because of his hyper sex drive he will even fuck me when my vagina may be dry by using lubes. But that is also somehow ok. Husband and wife fuck stories also do some anal sex time to time specially when he is not able to cum in my pussy but we both enjoy that also. Problem is when my period is going and like yesterday after four days of no sex he became so hyper that he repeatedly requested me for anal sex and I agreed.

But his anal fuck went on for about may be half an hour before he finally came so my whole backside is now having slight pain.

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Now when I am telling all these I could see chaya was flushed faced and showing very red because of her fairness. I am in pain and you say I am lucky? She said she probably had that kind of fuck one or two times after married newly. She said Shankara is so much gone into this new job and career that he always remain stressed and may be last two years there sex frequency came down to once or twice a month and that also most time he would fuck then cum and sleep not bother about her the Husband and wife fuck stories pleasure.

Chaya said that she even masturbates time to time to relieve herself because of frustration. Shankara is a lovely husband so she does not want to make it a big issue out of this thinking some day he will be ok. She said his penis is not big about six inches and A bit thin but if he fucks properly she gets pleasure but he is not doing it properly for last two years at all.

Over the next few days, we started sharing our sex lives story more and more. Actually most of the time she will ask me to tell her what happened last night? How did we do it? How many times did we fuck? I will tell her in details everything. One day I asked her why she is so interested? She told me with shyness that she feels so close to me and when I tell her all this she can feel all this herself and gets excited.

She then, later on, will masturbate to orgasm thinking all my story and it gives her a lot of pleasure now a days. She does not feel so frustrated now like before. I became curious about musterbation and asked her how she does it? She was surprised when I asked. She said she now understood. I will show you. Please come to the bedroom. First time I saw another pussy live. It was very fair like her skin and little pinkish. I felt very excited.

She then started to rub her two fingers between the pussy lips. The pussy was very wet already. Then after rubbing for some time she inserted two of her fingers and started to make in out motion. Her fingers were glistening with pussy juice and she now started to moan. Then after few minutes of this motion, she started to make the move very hard and fast and I can see she is having an orgasm as her whole body was jerking. Actually, by this time I also started to feel good telling her all this and even my sex drive also improved because of sharing these.

I felt something different from our normal daily usual fucking. I started getting a different kind of pervert pleasure. I think that time our sex life has also started to become monotonous.

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Shankara is most days out. We are on a top floor of a building with no other family so nobody will know. I felt so much for Husband and wife fuck stories now after our close relations for last few months that I was happy to share my husband with her for her some happiness.

But I would not allow them to kiss or sleep together. Then one day I told all my thought to Chaya. She was very surprised but I could see she was very very interested. It will be simply fuck to give you pleasure. She said she has no intention of doing any love session with Mukesh. She will be very happy if she gets some very good fucking which she misses so much specially after hearing all these. One idea came to my mind is to show her first what she will get without telling Mukesh.

If she really likes it and sure she can take that penis then I will let Mukesh fuck her. Of course, I would love to see it. I told her to wait tomorrow in our kitchen. Our Living room is just beside the kitchen. From the kitchen, with the door little open she can see the full session clearly in the living room. Mukesh never goes to the kitchen. After he comes from the office he will fuck me in the living room then go for a shower in our bedroom attached bath.

So she has no fear of getting caught. Next day she waited as I said and when Mukesh came he took my clothes off and put his penis in my mouth to suck in the living room. I sat in such a way so that Chaya can see all clearly. Once the penis is hard then Mukesh laid me on the sofa. Again I laid in such a way that when I spread my legs Chaya can see the whole show clearly. Mukesh gave my pussy also a good suck then he inserted his long thick penis in my pussy and started fucking. From where Chaya standing she could see the whole penetration clearly as that sofa was very near to kitchen door and our lower part was on that side so she could even here the potch potch noise and can see the penis going in and out of my pussy.

After about 20 minutes Mukesh came and released his cum inside. His sperm count low so we always do without a condom.

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Once done he went for a shower and I went to the kitchen and took Chaya to her flat. Once in I asked her if she enjoyed. She said nothing just lifted her skirt and showed me her pussy which was simply flooding. She said I could not control just kept masturbating while looking at that fuck and has two orgasms. Please please, can I see this again? I had masturbated three times. Twice at your home and once after I came back. Can I see that again please? I started getting a perverted pleasure by showing her somehow and my enjoyment also increased a lot. So next few weeks when Shankara is away she will come and enjoy this show then get an orgasm by mastrubation.

Then I showed her by lifting my skirt and inserting all four fingers easily in my pussy.

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We now became so free that we just show each other anything without any hesitation. She then lifted her skirt and showed me by trying three fingers to fit in her pussy but it did not go. Now need to tell Mukesh about fucking Chaya. He said he is ok. Because Chaya is fair skinned he would not mind testing her but that is just a normal thought not that he has any desire for her. I told him that I love her so much love like a sister that I feel like doing something for her to bring some happiness.

Then I told him the conditions that it will be only fuck. He can suck the nipple and the pussy but no kissing or no sleeping together just fuck in my presence and come back. He agreed to all. So next time when Shankara went out we arranged it. I told Mukesh no fucking after coming from the office. After dinner, we went to Chaya.

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We decided Chaya will lie naked on her bed in dark with no light as she did not want to see eye to eye with Mukesh. Then I will sit in a chair on one side of the room. Let Mukesh then do the rest. So all was set and Mukesh went in kissed the nipples a bit and also sucked her pussy a bit to make all wet then he sat between her leg and started to put his penis. But I let him try. Then after few more noise of pain, I saw Mukesh gave up and came to me. He said that she is getting pain so I am a bit afraid to continue. I told him to go to our flat.

Husband and wife fuck stories

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