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Sonia smiled and gave her friend a hug before sitting down for their Saturday morning coffee ritual. Kate was a tall, willowy brunette with long dark hair. A pair of bright and piercing blue eyes hid Husband spanked stories a pair of dark rimmed glasses.

Sonia was an attractive blonde and her short frame housed a well toned but curvy figure. Although balding on top he still maintained his handsome swarthy look. Brendan was a busy lawyer who worked long hours and enjoyed his fishing trips to unwind from a stressful week. He still had lots of curly blonde hair and his lanky frame was well toned from his daily workouts and morning runs. I know these guys work hard all week and have a lot of stress but taking us for granted like this is not acceptable. Kate frowned and sat down at the table.

Her friend smiled back at her mischievously. We spend all year teaching little boys to behave…. Problem is there is nobody to put them in their place. Grown men who need discipline and taught a few lessons!

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Do you want to hear my plan or not? Sonia giggled with excitement as she opened the folder she had brought with her and pulled out some papers. Kate immediately recognized the documents as similar to those she had seen when planning classes at school such as lesson plans, report cards, etc. Sonia had deed a school for husbands with she and Kate as the teachers and Lou and Brendan as the pupils! She loved it. The pair poured over the documents enthusiastically as they downed their coffee and muffins making changes and exchanging ideas.

After about an hour they both sat back and looked at each other in satisfaction.

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There were still a few weeks of summer holidays left so Sonia and Kate met daily to refine and implement their plan, Lou had built a large room in their basement some time ago for Kate to use as an office but as usual it was left unfinished. Even when the two men visited the basement when the couples got together they did not even notice the changes.

Soon everything was ready and only the final and toughest task remained — breaking the news of their plan to Lou and Brendan. Stop that at once! Meanwhile Lou and Kate were in the middle of a heated argument.

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Lou picked up a dishtowel and threw it angrily to the floor. Kate released her grip. The two couples always got along well together so the BBQ Lunch was a very Husband spanked stories affair. After eating it was time for the ladies o launch their plan. As their men sprawled in front of the television nursing their beers Kate and Sonia went into their newly completed classroom and locked the door. They busily set the scene and prepared the room before changing into more appropriate attire.

Shorts, tank tops and sandals where replaced with low cut shirts, knee high tight skirts and heels. For complete authenticity the pair had gone lingerie shopping the day before and underneath their outfits they wore silk underwear, garter belts and stockings. Satisfied with the room and their appearance Kate and Sonia hugged and took a deep breath as they called out for their husbands to them.

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As expected their menfolk took a while to respond, finally leaving the comfort of their seats on the 3rd and loudest command. It did not occur to them why their wives were beckoning them so seriously to an unfinished room but it soon became clear when they casually opened the door.

Kate and Sonia stood behind a large antique desk at the front of the authentic looking classroom looking very stern as the men entered. Two smaller desks with modest wooden chairs sat together in front of the large desk. Behind the large desk was a large blackboard on a pedestal and beside it a large wooden cupboard. Adorning the Husband spanked stories around the room were various posters and charts showing the lessons to be taught and progress made. Brendan and Lou were speechless as they eyed their wives and surveyed the room. Finally Sonia broke the silence and began to explain the plan to the men.

Still surveying their surroundings, without a word Lou and Brendan walked slowly forward and sat down at their desks as instructed. It was only then that the two men opened their mouths to speak but were quickly silenced by their wives who put fingers to their mouths in unison. Is that understood? Kate raised an eyebrow and took a step toward her students. Without further delay Sonia stepped forward to explain the plan. She also emphasized that they would work on correcting specific issues and faults. There would be homework ased and a weekly report card issued.

The men were surprised to hear that there was even a school uniform consisting of a plain white T-shirt and shorts.

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Kate held up their uniforms to show them. The shorts were basically a pair of tight spandex material underwear. At this point Lou courageously put up a hand. Kate tried to hide a smile as she glanced over at Sonia.

Sonia took a breath and continued. Experience tells us that students will on occasion disobey or break these rules so to discourage this there must be consequences. Sonia paused and nodded to Kate who opened the doors of the large cupboard. Inside hung a of long canes with curved handles, wooden paddles and leather straps. Lou and Brendan looked at each other and swallowed hard. The implement used and of strokes will depend on the offence. All punishments will be on the buttocks in front of the class. This is the reason for the tight shorts as a uniform as it will save time in having to remove clothing and will make the punishment more effective and lasting.

Do you have any questions gentlemen? Brendan and Lou were still in a state of shock as they tried to take in what had just occurred and were speechless. Lou and Brendan slid behind their desks as Kate handed them both a piece of paper. The husbands scratched their he and chewed the ends of their pencils as they pondered the exercise and occasionally jotted things down.

Brendan had managed to list 4 faults and Lou only 3. Come here! She pulled out a long thin cane and began swishing it menacingly. Brendan assumed the position and felt the material of his shorts tighten against his backside as Husband spanked stories stretched down to touch his toes.

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Lou looked on with his jaws agape as Sonia stood beside her husband and lined up the cane squarely across her target. Brendan yelped and straightened up clutching his seat. Sonia glared at him impatiently. Now bend over and remain bent over. I will start over. Brendan bent over again and this time Sonia took a step back for more power.

Sonia paused to let the sting set in and stepped back to deliver a single, harder stroke. Brendan grunted and was clearly having trouble staying in position as he awaited the final 2 strokes. But his wife was in no rush.

He could feel the stinging intensify inside his shorts as time passed. Sonia lined up the cane teasingly before delivering the final two and hardest strokes. Brendan howled and bucked forward as he jumped to his feet clutching his rear with both hands. Brendan hobbled to his seat and sat down. He shot back up as his Husband spanked stories rear touched the hard stool. Brendan grimaced as he eased himself onto his seat and began writing. Lou looked up at Kate as she examined his list.

She slowly tore it into pieces as he looked on. Kate finished and turned around to face Lou. Sonia chuckled to herself as she watched this strong, tough man scramble to his feet and scurry to the board. She stepped behind Lou and placing a hand in the waistband of his shorts roughly yanked them down to his knees to reveal his muscular buttocks and thighs. Brendan gasped at the sight before him.

Husband spanked stories

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