I cheated on my husband and got pregnant stories

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I use reddit too. If you thought I wouldn't stumble on this post you clealy didn't think it would blow up the way it did. I was twenty when I met my husband. We met when we were both travelling aound Europe. I was just finishing my trip, he was just starting his. We met and slept together the same day and spent my last few days together. For anyone saying this was a red flag for him any more than it was for me, your sexism is showing.

After he went home we struck up communication again and had a long distance relationsp that lasted a year. During this time we talked about relationships and why they failed. He moved to me as his work is freelance and he can do it from anywhere and I had spent the last year settling into a job I really liked.

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This was his suggestion. He makes more money than me and wanted to buy a house right away, I told him I would rather wait until we were maried we had discussed marriage at length and it's what we both wanted and we could buy one together, but he said he didn't want to throw money away on rent, and when we got married and I ed a prenup he would put my name on the mortgage.

I also wanted to keep my own last name if we got married, and he said he wouldn't marry me if I didn't take his last name. This I also agreed to. He said fair is fair and if I wanted to live and raise kids near my family and not his, and I be the one to stay home while he worked when we had kids which i wanted then I had to make compomises too.

I didn't think these wee fair compromises, but I agreed. He bought the house against my wishes and then we got married, and to his credit, he put my name on the mortgage the following week. But this all left a bitter taste in my mouth. For the most part things were great. I had a good social life and was outgoing, he was more of a stay at home type. I had lots of friends, he was focused on work.

We were different, but we made it work. One of the men I worked with expressed an interest, even knowing I was married, and I told him no.

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I told my husband this and he asked me to stop spending time with him outside work. I told him no as I had already shot the other man down. This was a mistake on my part and I admit it. When things were good they were great, but I also had resentments about the decisions I'd been forced to make and felt less like an equal partner in the marriage by the day.

He bought a dog without my consent. When we were long diatance I told him I wanted a dog, but that I wanted to wait until we had kids so they could bond together. He claims I never mentioned this last part. He says I didn't, I say I did. He claimed it was a surprise for me and that I was ungrateful for kicking up a fuss, so the dog stayed.

I've never been great at communicating and prefer my own space when things go bad, so instead of talking about these issues I let them fester and spent more time with my friends, including the guy from work. My husband was over protective and asked me to check in with him if I was out late and asked me not to stay out at night, even when I was staying at a FEMALE friend's house. I am NOT the apron and I cheated on my husband and got pregnant stories type of woman.

I have always valued my freedom. These arguments drove a wedge between us and I made a terrible decision. I was drunk and slept with the guy from the office. I came home after and slept on the couch and cried all night. My husband came down the next morning and attacked me for not coming home at a "reasonable time", said I was a mess because I slept in the clothes I went out in and that I looked like a hooker.

The other man, Greg, never said things like this to me. He enjoyed being social and dancing and all the other things my husband didnt. I was young and stupid and decided to keep seeing him. He was kind and decent and the more time I spent with him the more I wished I'd met him first. I found out I was pregnant. I didn't know who the baby was and I was racked with guilt. I told greg the day I found out and he told me to get an abortion, that he didn't want to get caught up in the middle of raising a kid with a married woman.

This was the moment when the affair ended. I told my husband a week later. He didn't have to pry the truth out of me like he said in his post. A couple of months in he saw me upset and I told him. He flew home without telling me and ignored my calls. I realised then that I'd made a terrible mistake and decided to recommit to my marriage.

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I told him I would get an abortion if the child wasn't his. He told me to go fuck myself and hung up. Eventually he came home and we found out the baby wasnt his. So as we agreed I put on the appointment for the abortion. When we did the paternity test the doctor asked me if I wanted to know the sex.

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My husband answered for me and said "it doesn't matter" and we left. My daughter. Over the course of the week I had thoughts of being a mother. I had always wanted to raise kids and in my fantasies during this week I didn't think about the other man. This was my husband's baby. I pictured the three of us together as a family. It wasn't ideal but there was no good reason I could think of that we couldn't make the best of a bad situation.

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I planned to tell him who the Father really was I panicked and told him it was a one time thing while I was away for the weekendand I would quit my job. It wasn't perfect but if he loved me we could make it work. Life throws tests at us and when I took my marriage vows I realised this and hoped he would too. The day of the appointment I begged him not to make me choose.

I begged him to do one thing for me. Not to commit to a lifetime of it. Not even to love the baby. Just to do one thing for me. I begged him to TRY. I asked him to give it a chance. He told me he was filing for divorce. I need to make something clear. He was the great love of my life and still is.

He told me he wouldn't even try to make it work and if I didn't have the operation he would leave me and file for divorce that day. I asked him to let me think about it, and he said no to that too. I was torn between two horrible choices, and I chose one. I had the abortion. I was never going to raise a baby alone. If he wasn't with me on this I wasn't going through with it, and he made it clear he wasn't with me.

The few weeks after the operation I was in more pain than I had ever been in in my life. During this time I stayed with my parents because we couldn't be around each other. I blamed him for making me choose, he still hated me for the cheating, and even told me he hated me for wanting to keep the baby and for asking him to be around for us, but I didn't want it to be in vain so i moved back home and tried to make it work.

I kept my feelings bottled up because i didn't want to remind him of what i'd done. I was on medical leave for three months and none of my friends knew. As far as they knew Sam my husand and I had miscarried, as did my parents. I had nobody to talk to.

I asked greg to come over and we talked. I cried and he cried with me. It felt good to be heard and not have to wear a mask. The affair was over. I was leaning on a friend, the only friend who knew what I was going through. You know the rest.

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He came home. Found out Greg was the Father.

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We moved away and things got better. These wear great years and I loved him with my whole heart. I never forgot what happened but we talked about having our own children. I was happy, and I had him to thank for that. When I found out I couldnt have childen anymore I tried to tell him but I'd remembered the way he looked at me years ago when he found out.

The names he called me. I thought of how much he loved me and I didn't want to ruin that by telling him I could never give him children because of my betrayal. I reached out to Greg. I found out he'd moved away from our home town too and was only a few hours drive away. He is married now, but I wasn't looking to start anything back up. Only to talk. He told me I should tell Sam. I couldnt. We agreed to meet and I took the day off work. We met half way and we slept together.

I cheated on my husband and got pregnant stories

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