I dress my husband as a woman stories

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It was quite frightening when my husband told me he was a cross-dresser. My first thoughts were to run away as far as I could. It was still a new relationship, and he told me early on to avoid the type of heartache that broke up his first marriage. He was such a wonderful person. I really wanted to get to know him better. I decided to give him a few more chances to buy me dinner and to find out more. I was much luckier than a lot of women who have been with their male partners for several years and then suddenly find another woman in the relationship; a female version of their partner that they knew nothing about.

People would judge me by the man I was with.

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Many people assume that a cross-dresser must be gay, or that they are on the path to total transformation into a woman. This was not the case with my husband. Over the next months, I asked about his cross-dressing whenever I felt I was ready to hear it. He would tell me as much as he was able to hear, but we regularly needed to pause the conversation so I could absorb it all.

My first experience of seeing my partner as a woman was through photographs he had done ly. After we had been together for a while, I had a shower one day and as I emerged from the bathroom, believing there were only the two of us there, I was shocked to see another woman in the room.

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I did not recognise her at all. When I did, I just laughed, it was not what I expected at all, I had expected a more unisex-type of clothing, but he liked all the frills, colours and styles that any well-dressed woman would wear. Over time, Susan the female side of my partner became a great friend. I had both, the supportive strong male known as Peter and the caring friendship of Susan.

Shopping was another experience altogether.

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I love going to Bunnings, just to see all the amazing things that are available out there. Clothes shopping never did much for me. I was very concerned that I would be mistaken for a cross-dressed male. The annual balls have been a wonderful social outing where everyone enjoys themselves, wearing fabulous gowns, or just enjoying the vast parade of beautiful women.

Susan was still learning too, about passing as a woman. The first time we went shopping together, Susan saw the solicitor that Peter had used to purchase a property recently and was sure that he would be recognised as Peter dressed as a woman. Of course, she walked straight past without a second glance. We now live in a fairly isolated location, although we do have a great bunch of neighbours. There were times that Susan was taking a break from being Peter, when one of the neighbours would call around for some reason.

I would be sent out to distract them while Susan retreated and Peter had a chance to emerge. Especially, when you compare this with some of the other things a partner can do that would strain a relationship, such as drinking too much, getting violent or gambling. I honestly feel blessed to have both a male and female best friend.

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Do you know anyone who is a cross-dresser? Did you find that difficult to accept? My X - treated me very badly for a very long time and his excuse was because I was a female and he ws jealous. This is after we broke up after 11 yrs.

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He's an MTF hid it from me. I couldn't stay with him. This is an issue that does need a certain amount if understanding.

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It was nice to read that susan showed alot of compassion towards Peter when he disclosed that he is a crossdresser. The only thing that irks me is when someone hides it and enters into a relationship then marriage and children. It can cause a world if hurt. Leave a comment.

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I dress my husband as a woman stories

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"When my husband told me he wanted to be a woman I was relieved": One couple's incredible story