I saw her naked stories

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I was 15 years old and my parents had to take me to a seminar in Ohio. It was during spring break and no one could watch me for the week.

We went to the hotel and luckily my parents decided to get two rooms. We had dinner the first night at the hotel and met another family who also had a daughter They were from Vermont and she also was dragged to Ohio. We talked about school and our friends and got along. The next day while our parents were at the seminar we hung out in my room.

Allison and I watched tv and talked. We meet our parents for lunch and then went back to my room. Allison asked if I had a girlfriend and I told her no. I asked her the same and she said no.

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Two days later I asked if she wanted to watch a movie. Allison said fine and while looking for a movie with the remote I went passed a dirty movie. Allison told me to go back and lets watch a preview. We watched the minute preview and saw a a few woman and men naked. I became aroused and was trying to hide it when allison looked at me. She asked what I was doing and then asked if I had a hard on.

I told her yes and then noticed her nipples were hard and asked her the same. We both got quiet and then Allison asked if she could see it if she shows me her nipples. I tell her ok only if I also can see her vagina. She agrees and goes and locks the door.

We both take off our shirts and shorts and I notice her nipples were very hard thru her bra. I also know I am extremly hard. We decide to turn around and strip and then show ourselves. I had just started to slide my undearwear down when the phone rang. It was my dad saying the seminar ended early today so we were going to the movies with Allison's family. I told my dad we would be down in five minutes. I looked at Allison who was as mad as me. She then told me we would continue later and we got dressed. The next night our parents were going out to dinner with a few other couples and my dad gave me money to buy us dinner.

My dad told me they I saw her naked stories be gone for a few hours and to have a good night. When Allison arrived she was wearing just a tee shirt and sweats. I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she jokingly said me. I laughed and she asked if I wanted to start back up where we were yesterday. I told her yes very quickly. I saw her naked stories she started to strip she asked if I masturbated last night. I told her yes and then asked if she did. She became beet red in the face and told me yes, three times. I then asked if she ever saw a guy naked and again she became red in the face and said no.

I told her the same for me. We then took off our clothes to our underwear and instead of turning around I just took off my underwear. My penis was sticking out at a 45 degree angle. Allison went wow and told me I looked very big and hard. I twisted my hips and made my penis wag back and forth and allison laughed. She then took off her bra and I saw her hard nipples. They could cut ice she said and twisted them to get them harder. Next she took off her panties and I saw her pubic hair. She had thick brown hair over a small area.

After looking at each other we went over to the bed and laid down next to each other. We started to kiss and soon my hand found her breast. She moaned and asked me to suck them. I did and kissed one then the other. After a minute I pulled away and kissed her again.

Allison looked into my eyes and asked if she could touch my penis. I said please touch me. She lightly touched it and after feeling the head, shaft and my balls pulled her hand away.

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I then asked to see her vagina. Allison spread her legs and I put my face close in. I saw her vagina lips were damp and when I touched it she shivered. I pulled my hand back and Allison told me to do that again. I did and she told me it felt good. I slowly went up and down her lips and at one point inserted my finger in. She told me to keep doing that but faster. I did and after a few minutes her whole body trembled and I felt her squeezing my fingers and she gave a long moan.

When Allison opened her eyes I aksed if she was ok and she told me she had her first orgasm. I asked if I did that to her and she just nodded. I smiled and she told me I was her hero. Allison asked me to hold her and we cuddled for a few minutes until she realized I was still hard. She sat next to me and started to touch me again.

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I told her how to hold my penis and rub it. She then asked if I had any lubricant and I told her maybe in my dock kit. Allison found a tub of hand cream and came back over. She put some on her hand and rubbed it on my penis. Then she started to rub me.

I told her fast then slow then fast and she caught on. I told her I was close to cumming I saw her naked stories she asked me to finish myself her hands were tired. I then started to rub myself and in a few seconds I sent cum flying in the air. It landed on my stomach, chest and hand. Allison was caught off guard and yelped and then was amazed. She then put her finger in some and put it up to her lips to taste. She didn't like the taste and told me a friend of her told her she should try it. We cuddled again and must have fallen asleep because about 30 minutes later the phone rang.

It was her parents asked if everything was ok. Allison told her mother she was having a great time. We each showered and went down stairs for dinner. When we came back up from dinner Allison told me she loved me and wished I lived in Vermont so we could be together.

The next day was the end of the seminar and we went our seperate ways. In the airport we gave each other a long kiss goodby and took each other phone. We talked for a few months and then lost track of each other. A few weeks after we were back my father and I were shooting baskets outside when he asked If I had a good time in Ohio. I told him it was okay. He looked at me and asked if anything happened with Allison. I told him no and why. He told me mom found a pair of panties under my bed. I told my dad what happened and asked him not to tell mom. My dad looked at me, went to the outside frig and brought back two beers.

He opened them both and gave me one and told me congrats. Copyright SMI-Help.

I saw her naked stories

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