Incest bedtime stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Mon 4th of March Report. Introduction: Avalon's bedtime story continues while she enjoys her anal delights!

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Melissa Young — October I was nervous in the changing room. My eighteen-year-old body quivered as I stared at the outfits before me. They were all so much more adult than I was used to wearing.

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When Daddy said he wanted to take me shopping, I was so shocked. He never wanted to take me shopping, but when my college classes got out, he'd offered to take me. He said I was beautiful and pretty. It sent all these butterflies through my stomach. It made me think of Daddy as a man. Not just as my father, but as a man who liked women.

Liked my mother. He said I looked as pretty as Mom did at my age. They were high school sweethearts. They had grown up together. Loved each other. He was so sad after mom passed away a few years ago. I slipped off my top and sat it carefully on the bench. My small breasts jiggled in my purple bra with white polka dots on it. My flaming hair swayed in the mirror's reflection.

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I grabbed a halter top. I pulled it on, trembling at how naughty it was. It showed off so much flesh. There were only spaghetti straps that went over my shoulders and I could see my bra. The top of the cups peeked out and the straps were thicker than the halter top. I bit my lip. It was deed to be worn with a different type of bra, like a strapless demi bra. I didn't have one of those. Should I take my bra off? I gnawed on my lower lip in indecision. Daddy was outside the changing room. He wanted to see how beautiful I was.

This strange, hot itch formed between my thighs. It was this wild heat. I groaned as I could feel Daddy waiting to see me.

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I pulled off my halter top and then, in a flash, darted my hands behind me. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I undid the fastener and slipped off my bra. My small breasts came into the view in the changing room mirror on the back of the door. They jiggled. My nipples were hard. It wasn't cold in here I grabbed my halter top and pulled it on.

I drew it over my head and torso. A tingle raced through my eighteen-year-old body as I finished donning it. This pleasure tingled out of me. I adjusted the Incest bedtime stories, my breasts cradled in the outfit's cups. My breath quickened. I couldn't believe I was wearing this. I pulled off my long skirt, my purple panties with the white polka dots felt so innocent for what I was going to be wearing.

I swallowed as I grabbed the black skirt I picked out for this outfit.

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I stepped into the skirt. I dragged it up my thighs. It was so short. It fell barely halfway down my thighs and hugged lower on my hips. I zipped it up. My fingers played with my skirt's hem. There was this strip Incest bedtime stories exposed flesh, my stomach on display.

My heart fluttered faster and faster. My breathing quickened. My cheeks burned, spotted with dusky freckles. I wanted to be beautiful. I trembled, my stomach writhing and squirming. I grabbed the doorknob. My chest felt so tight. I opened the door and stepped out before my father. He was a tall man, his hair as red as mine, his goatee a darker shade of fire. He stood tall, broad-shouldered.

He was a PE teacher and coach at my college. His eyes flicked up and down my body. They widened. He cupped my chin, lifting my head. You just look so pretty. That hot itch grew more. It was so naughty. I shouldn't be feeling like this around my father. I was so aware of my hard nipples and the fact I wasn't wearing a bra.

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His touch left tingles in Incest bedtime stories fingers wake. I was happy and embarrassed and confused all at the same time. I turned around, his hand moving to my shoulder. He touched me as he stared down at me. It fits you perfectly. Really makes your My breasts rose and fell as I completed my circle and faced him.

I felt so daring now for pulling off this outfit. My butt looked cute? That was amazing. What about my breasts? I wanted to ask Daddy that, but it was far too embarrassing. His hand was still on my shoulder, his finger slightly stroking me. This warmth rippled through me. He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek as his hand stroked down my arm. His lips were so warm. I trembled, my heart fluttering faster and faster. This amazing treat surged through me. I wanted to turn my head Why was I feeling anything like this for my daddy? She was a few years older than me, her black hair framing her round face.

It fits you. I closed it behind me. I whimpered. I felt so I was dressing so daring.

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