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Keep reading. Leave messages for requests and such. So we were both ready to graduate this year. One of the benefits of being in the same grade is that we are more or less taking the same classes and Incest story tumblr much of the same things, and so we have fallen into this tendency of studying at the same time in the evening at our dining room table instead of in each of our respective rooms. An innocent girl learns a lot when she shares more than just a shower with her mother. It had been my dad who decided our family should go on this camping trip. He took pride in the fact he had done everything with his own two hands; he had repaired and polished the aluminum exterior, rebuild the wooden interior, laid carpet and painted everything.

Inside there was a small sitting area with a fully equipped kitchen, one small bedroom with a bunk bed for my brother Nick and me, and another bedroom with a queen sized bed for mom and dad. Now that the work on the caravan was finally finished, dad insisted we had to try it out by going on a voyage across the country. Knowing how much work my father had put into the restoration, it was impossible for us to say no.

So, when the schools were out for summer, we were told to pack our stuff and get ready for our trip. The rocks sandpapered her gloves then a lot of skin off her hands so they were both wrapped in bandages, she was pretty much totally handicapped until she got the wraps off. Once I found out she would live and her hands would be normal in a few weeks I started teasing her and fucking with her because she was a cripple.

You want me to scratch your ass or something? You say it. Totally shave it? She had already graduated but a lot of people still there knew her. I never had sexy thoughts about Lanni even though she really is a nice stack of eye candy. I was about to see and touch a part of her that almost every guy I knew wanted to see and touch. My Incest story tumblr flexed and began to firm up. She turned to face me while I filled the bathroom sink with warm water.

I reached under her skirt and pinched the sides of her panties then pulled them off her hips. When they were at her ankles she stepped out of them, her face was beet red. My cock lunged against the barrier of my zipper. Lanni stepped back and sat on the closed toilet lid and spread her legs wide, the skirt covered her so I lifted it high until she was exposed to me. My heart was slamming wildly, I felt my face burning as I knelt down and looked at her body. The dark hair over and around her crack was just a shadow but long enough to be itchy.

I filled my left hand with her shave gel then with shaky hesitation I daubed a bit on her pubis, just over the top of her pussy. With two finger tips I gingerly smoothed the creme over the triangle patch of stubble. I put the blades of her razor against her skin and lightly stroked away the hair on her lower belly.

Her pussy was so far open I could see the hole into her body. My balls were aching. I smeared shave gel over my hand again then pressed it to her pussy. Lanni jerked away from the first touch but rolled her butt forward again while I rubbed the stuff over and to the sides of her slit. I noticed the insides of her right Incest story tumblr vibrate briefly.

I sp creme on her body then went at the rest of the hair. I cleaned her lips and thighs on one side then tapped on her foot. She changed feet on the stool giving me access to the other side of her cunt. My cock and balls were begging for mercy. When I was done doing the most intimate act I could ever think of with my sister I was emboldened enough to feel the entire area that I had shaved, feeling for any missed stubble.

I rubbed and felt her body slowly, on purpose because I knew I might never have this chance again. Lanni let me play around her slit for a few seconds then stepped back. I soaked a hand cloth with warm water then went back under her skirt. I wiped the shaving residue off my sisters stomach then I pressed the warm cloth over her pussy and slowly massaged her clean. Lanni grunted and I saw her legs shake again.

I knew without a doubt I would be hacking my meat as soon as I got away from her. I was also beginning to form the story I would tell my friends about how I manhandled my sister. Lanni looked down at herself then faced the mirror. You did okay, thank you. My cock and balls were pulsing in sync with my heart beat. Lanni stepped back to get a straight on view then moved to my side to check the length of it. My stiff cock was thumping, a long string of goo dripping from the end.

My sister moved back in front of me then dropped to her knees and put her lips over the end of my cock. She licked the head of it then slipped her mouth over me until I felt the back of her throat. She started bobbing back and forth on my erection and I could only stand there feeling shock and awe. I could hear her slurping and slobbering on my cock and my nuts began to dance. My stomach contracted, my cock cramped and I shot stream after stream of hot cum onto my sisters clean shaven body. I held her skirt until the final spurt, let it drop then plopped to my ass on the toilet lid. Lanni was smiling like she had just gotten a new toy.

She threw a leg over my lap then squatted down until my still rock solid bone split her cunt. I held her hips and we got busy Incest story tumblr each other. I never said a word to no one. Introduction: A story about Nick, who gets sexually attracted to his pregnant 15 year old sister. This is my Incest story tumblr erotic story I have written.

My name is Nick, I am 17 and this is the story of how my life went from being completely normal to really messed up—in a good way. As am I sitting here, recalling all this, I am naked in bed, with a gorgeous naked woman, who happens to be my younger 15 year old, pregnant little sister. She is lying next to me trying to catch her breath and my dick is still oozing cum. But we will get to that a bit later, let me tell you how this all started, because when I say I had a normal life, I mean it. Incest story tumblr the first 17 years of my life, I never once thought of banging my little sister.

She probably never thought she would get pregnant at 15 either. But life happens right? It all started a few days ago when I was sitting on the couch watching some show on TV. My parents were out at work as it was the middle of the day. The reason I was home was because its March break right now so me and my sister are out of school for the next week. As I asked that though, I kind of already knew what she was going to say. Maybe I should back track a bit more and tell you about how my innocent little sister Allie, got herself pregnant at 15 years of age.

Incest story tumblr mom was the first person she told and my mom was not happy hearing it but she was still supportive. The story goes like this. She was only 14 at the time and he was They started getting really close at the start of the school year grade 9 for her, grade 11 for him and a few weeks later, they were a couple. A bit later, one of her sex-crazed friends hooked her up with a nice big dildo.

She kept herself busy. I would know because our rooms were right next to each other and she was bad at staying quiet if you know what I mean. I actually caught her masturbating completely accidental using her dildo one day. Her thong was next to her and it was soaked in what I figured was her pussy cream, her eyes were closed and her head back against the bed. She almost jumped ten feet into the air when she saw me and I quickly ran out of the room slamming the door behind me. Now that I think back though, her pussy looked so fucking pretty, nice and clean shaven, all soaked in her cum, and stretched around that big dildo.

Anyways, back to her getting knocked up. A few weeks after they started dating, she brought Josh over to the house. She said she wanted everyone to meet him. I took one look at the kid and knew that he was going to be a problem. He was tall but really skinny and it looked like you could poke him and he would fall over. My dad hated him right away and when Allies and his back were turned; my dad would flip him off. It always made me laugh. Months passed and these two were inseparable.

One night, he got her really drunk at some party and when they went back to his house, he started telling her how beautiful she was and all that crap guys say to make girls panties hit the wall across the room. Allie was in love with him and she thought Josh was in love with her too he always told her he was so when he put his hand in her pants, Allie just humped back. The dildo did his best but she wanted cock. So Josh put his tiny dick into her wet accepting pussy and two minutes later, she had his sperm all in her tummy.

A few weeks later, she knew she was pregnant. Since then, Josh had promised to take care of the kid, but that only really lasted a month or so. When her stomach got bigger, he started realizing she was actually pregnant and started freaking out. He must have fucked at least 4 girls since getting her pregnant but poor Allie had no idea. She thought him kissing that girl was the first time he ever did any cheating. That girl probably gave him a hand job earlier in the bathroom and the kiss was a thank you. Anyways now back to me and Allie on the couch. But he is an asshole, you deserve someone way better.

Someone that will hold you when you need it and not kiss whores behind the portables. She started to calm down a bit after a few more minutes and then said. I said sure, and got up and put on one of my sisters movies she likes and sat back down beside her.

This time, she had her head on my chest and I had my arm around her. She was wearing a t-shirt and some really cute booty shorts. It was an extremely hot day out. So the movie went on and my peeks got more frequent. I then started noticing how sexy her long legs looked in those booty shorts. She was sort of curled up with her legs on the couch so I could see her ass as well just barely covered by the shorts.

It was the perfect combination.

Incest story tumblr

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