Incubus sex stories

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Hello Readers. Many of you might find it awkward but to me, it was very much real and unbelievable at the same time. I have been posting my sex stories for a good amount of time by now. And because of good and huge followers of Indian Sex Stories, even I got many fans and followers for my stories.

And I do chat with a few of them who I found interesting and unique. A few days back I met a guy named Jatin. He was kind of decent one and at first, complimented me for my writing and asked me for my area of interest. And I said mine and asked for his. Well, he was a creative person and had many good concepts and interests for stories. He was interested in wife sharing, incest, sex at work, doctor and patient and many more. It was totally a new phrase for me and I was interested to know about it. I asked Jatin, the details about it, so he gently asked me to Google about it.

And Google answered: Incubus is a male demon, who lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity. I was very excited about the answer. I started imagining how it will be when you get fucked by an invisible thing and enjoy the pleasure.

I had a mixed feeling of both excitement and scariness. I asked Jatin if all these myths are real or fiction. Keep one paper properly folded at the nearest window of my bed with a teaspoon of salt on it and keep the other paper beneath my pillow. I found it very strange and never believed this kind of myth. But the whole of the day I kept thinking about an incubus.

I was imagining that if I follow the guidelines of Jatin, will the incubus come in reality? If yes, how bad that devil will be for me and my family. I was all alone that day at home. Even my husband was out of town for a week. Something inside me told me to go for it. Even if it turns out to be true, I might end up fucking someone, which is what I was desperate about. By the evening I was all prepared to follow the instructions. I thought he will forget about it. It will be better for me as well. The whole thing was quite scary in imagination, and I was still alone at home.

I just went inside my room, changed the dress from nighty to a yellow-colored saree. I took two papers and followed the instructions stated by Jatin. After doing so, I waited for another 10 minutes thinking whether I should Incubus sex stories or not. But due to the feeling of scariness and excitement, Incubus sex stories was getting very much uneasy. My pussy was dancing like a fish brought out of the water. With your both toes touching each other, and your hands above your head such that they touch the top end of your bed.

And repeat this mantra ten times. I kind of become a slave of Jatin.

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I was following his instructions. I held my toes hard to each other, with my hands exactly in the position stated by Jatin. I felt so much exposed in that position that if any person would have seen me there, he would have tied me and fucked me right there itself. I did not keep the count. I paused for 5 minutes before messaging to Jatin. I maintained my same position on the bed.

I felt so humiliated yet so hot that my panty was dripping waters by now.

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One could see the wetness over my saree as both my saree and petticoat were kind of thin. And my boobs were ready to pop out of my blouse and petticoat. I relaxed after 5 minutes and messaged Jatin for the next step. As I know that by know your pussy must be very wet. I understood the meaning of the chant and even I was shocked that how Jatin knew that I am wet already.

Incubus sex stories my mind was more on incubus, so I sat on the bed with legs folded and came in prayer kind of position and started chanting. I did that for 10 times and this time my voice was louder than the prior one. The chant itself was so hot that I came in between that. That night there came no incubus in my room. But even the feeling was so strong that I already had my charamsukh without even fingering and without even anybody touching me. So I was sure that all this incubus was just a myth.

But Jatin made it look like a reality. It made me his fan and bid him a lovely good night and again fingered myself thinking about what all I have done. The sleep that night was amazing, I was kind of addicted to the concept of Incubus. Whenever I think about it I get a feeling that someone just tapped my cunt and a shiver runs through my spine. The next morning my mind was filled with the same kind of thoughts. It was around pm. I finished my lunch and all the other household stuff. So I thought of again doing the same Incubus thing and finger myself. I was wearing a pista colored printed saree with a black colored blouse and light green color petticoat.

I started the stuff the same as yesterday with two pieces of paper. Placing one near the window and other below the pillow. I laid down on my bed straight, with my toes touching each other and hands at the top end of my bed. I did everything like yesterday night.

Just the difference was, yesterday in between I was talking to Jatin. But today it was just me and incubus rituals. Suddenly I felt a tap on my foot. I thought it might be just a feeling of my body shiver due to my compromising position. So I overlooked it. I was shocked by what was happening. Before I could realize what was happening, I was pulled down on the floor along with the bedsheet.

I stood in the middle of the room wondering what all it is. Before any other reaction, the Incubus got hold of my saree and started stripping it. Within just seconds, I was stripped down to blouse and petticoat, standing in between of room trying to cover my cleavage. Some kind of ghost now placed his hand on my navel. Now I have to abide by it, otherwise, there might be some kind of consequences. Incubus then started moving his hand upwards. My hands automatically came to either side of my waist. His hand reached till my neck. I Incubus sex stories going through sensational tickling and scary kind of feeling.

By the touch of his hand, I could make out that he was a kind of muscular monster. I could feel a heavy hand on my chest. He rolled his hand for a few seconds on my chest and neck. Then in one go, he tore off both my blouse and bra. I become topless within a second. He fingered my belly button, came at the Incubus sex stories of me. He held me from back, his one hand playing with my belly button, other with my boobs. His body had a tight grip of me. He was fondling my boobs so hard and stretching my nipples to the maximum.

I was damn wet at down and my petticoat started revealing it. He then moved a little lower with his hand and pulled away the knot of the petticoat. It came down to the floor with one go out of my milky and buttery thighs. So he just tore them as well. I was now completely nude into the arms of a ghost called an Incubus. Because the way he was rubbing it on my back, I could feel it was the biggest I had to date. He then held me tighter in his grip and his hand started fingering me.

I lost all my senses and started enjoying the fingering. He was so good at it that he made me cum within 30 seconds of fingering. I could sense that he was happy with my delicious body as his dick was getting harder.

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He then came in front of me, lifted me in his arms and threw me on the bed. I knew what he wanted so I spread my legs. I was waiting for his move and he came and held my legs wider and tighter. He placed his dick top exactly at my cunt opening. With that, I could imagine his size, and I was scared of the feeling of how much I am going to get drilled.

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He came over me and pushed his dick into my lubricated vagina. I was in no sense to feel what was going on. As a ghost was fucking me. He then started stroking me. I was in so much pain and pleasure at that which I never felt in my whole life. He stroke me well for around 5 minutes, and I might have had orgasms by that time. He came all over my belly.

Incubus sex stories

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Incubus Stories