Injection in buttocks stories

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Mary had never taken an injection in the butt since she was She had an strange attraction for shots in the botton, but didn't use to practice it. One beautiful day Mary needed a shot, a tetanus shot. It was in a hospital.

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The nurse started to prepare the injection, the doctor was near there, so Mary whispered to the nurse: "Can i have it in the butt?. In the arm it is so painful. Then, when they were alone in the nursery, the nurse said gently: "You can turnaround now". So Mary pull down her pants and took the shot in the butt. Thank you. You very good in giving shots. Congratulations", said Mary to the nurse. So Mary a few months later had to take the second tetanus shot.

It was in another place. Her turn came after a 15 minutes in the queue. Mary didn't take off her shirt or rolled it up. She prefered to wait the "verdict". As Mary did not move, the nurse said: "It's given in the arm". Scared, Mary asked. It hurts me.

Do it in the butt". So Mary uncovered a bit of her pants and the nurse agreed do give it in the botton. Mary was so happy. It was like winning in the lottery! For the third shot, Mary went to the same place she had taken her second one. This time the nurse didn't agree do give in the butt. Mary insisted: "My doctor recommended do take it in the buttocks". Mary prefered to go to another place.

Her turn had come and she whispered to the nurse: "Shots in the arm hurts me too much. Can Injection in buttocks stories give it to me in the bottom? Follow me. They went to reserved place, Mary pull down her pants and took the shot and thanked the nurse: "It didn't hurt at all". Much, much happier than ever, she went home and the following day decided do take another injection, that time a flu vaccine. Always in the butt. Of course. I asked why because I was not sick or had I been sick for awhile.

She told me I needed a shot and that was it. I really did not think to much about it. We got to the doctor's office and the office was a house that was made into a doctor's office. We walked in and my mother informed the receptionist that we were just here for a shot and she instructed us to go downstairs in the basement. They have a lab down there and a room off the side, which I had never been in and another room where they gave shots in the arms from a chair and did the gag throat swabs etc. I sat in a the waiting area chairs with the others waiting to be called.

My mother and I waited for awhile Injection in buttocks stories finally a nurse came down from upstairs and called my name. That was weird usually the nurse in the lab takes care of things. I got up and followed her and instead of going back into the lab we went in a room that I had never really even noticed before.

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She opened the door and we went in. There was just examing table in the room and a sink and cabinet. She instructed me to "just lay on my stomach on the examing table". I climbed up the examing table and laid down on my stomach as instructed. I was thinking to myself which arm would she give me the shot and in fact I think I may have had one sleeve kind of rolled up.

Then the next thing she said was, "I need you to pull you pants and underwear down and then lay on your stomach". I climbed off the table and pulled everything down as instructed and climbed back on to the table. I laid there for a minute or two thinking to myself I wonder how this is going to feel. I didn't recall getting one in the bottom before. I just looked forward and waited, they must have given shots in the bottom in that room because there was a picture of a clown looking right at me as I looked forward.

The nurse finally came up on my left side and told me to hold still and I don't recall the alcohol going on but I do remember the shot. It stung alot but was not earth shattering. When the nurse was done she told me I could get dress and wait for 20 minutes to make sure I did not have a reaction to the injection. My mother asked if I was ok and if the shot went in my bottom and I said yes to both questions. To this day I still don't know what the shot was, I asked my mother years later and she did not recall.

Ever since that experience I have always enjoyed shots in the bottom. I was aware that my mother had booked this appointment for me to receive updates on my shots but was unsure how many injections that this would require or where I would be receiving them. When I arrived at the reception area, I was told to have a seat and that a nurse would be with me shortly.

I sat down and looked around. Everywhere I looked there was a poster with graphic pictures and messages about the importance of immunizations. I could hear the children crying and see the people coming out of the exam rooms rubbing their sore spots. I was getting more and more nervous as the time went by and was just considering leaving when a large nurse came out and called my name. I guess I had no choice now but to follow her and she led me to a tiny cubicle with nothing but a curtain for a door. She pulled it closed and told Injection in buttocks stories that since I was older, my mother had agreed to let a student nurse be in the room and perhaps even administer some of the shots.

Then I noticed the slim, young red head in the corner of the room The older, larger nurse was explaining that I would be receiving a total of 6 inoculations today and that since they could leave the muscles feeling really sore that they would be administering one in each arm with the other 4 in my buttocks. I began to wimper and beg them to only give me a couple today and promising that I would Injection in buttocks stories back for the rest, but the nurse shook her head and explained that my mother had made specific arrangements for it to be done this way.

When I had gotten dressed this morning I had forgotten about my appointment that day and had worn long, tight sleeved shirt. The older nurse told me that since I would have trouble rolling them up and that they would need access to Injection in buttocks stories butt shortly that I may as well strip down to my bra and panties for the shots. I was so embarassed but had no choice here so I did as I was told.

Then the young nurse came over and brought the tray with the 6 syringes on it. I could see them. They were various sizes and were lined up from smallest to largest on the tray. I was told to sit in the chair and the older nurse swabbed my left arm with alcohol. Then she grabbed the smallest syringe, took the cover off of it and turned it towards my arm like a dart, all the while talking to the student nurse. Swiftly she jabbed it into my arm and I flinched slightly.

She told me to hold still and relax my arm as it would hurt less in the long run. It didn't take long and she was done. Then the student nurse went to my right side and swabbed my right arm. She jabbed the needle in and I moaned softly as I flinched. This time the medicine stung slightly as it was being injected.

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It took longer than the first one but was still over quickly. Then I had to stand up and grab the back of the chair so I was slightly bent over. I could see that the cubicle curtain wasn't entirely closed and that some of the patients in the hallway passing by could see my bum. I got even more embarassed when the nurse grabbed the waist band of my panties and reefed them down to my knees.

The nurses alternated giving me the remaining shots in my creamy white buttocks. The older nurse went first by swabbing my left cheek, telling me to relax and start counting to I got to 3 and felt an incredible sting in my left buttock. I stifled a cry and she told me to keep counting.

By the time I reached 10 the shot was over and the student nurse was swabbing my right side. Each shot was more painful than the one before and by the last one I was shaking and had tears running down my face. I was begging them to stop but they would not. For the last shot, the Injection in buttocks stories nurse had to literally hold me down while the student had the privelage of stabbing me for the last time.

I flinched so much when she poked me the last time that the needle came out. They called a male nurse in to help them to refrain me while I received my last shot. He grabbed me and laid me over his lap, holding my back and the back of my legs still while the older nurse held my feet so I couldn't kick. I felt the nurse reswab my buttocks and then swiftly jab the shot in. I couldn't move but I cried out in pain. The student nurse then seemed to take pleasure in taking her time injecting the thick, medicine into my ass. I was crying and carrying on so much that I could see a small audience had assembled outside the curtain to see what was going on.

The needle was then pulled out and the other nurses let me go so I could stand up.

Injection in buttocks stories

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