Insect impregnation stories

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Note: This story contains gratuitous amounts of ejaculate and forced sex. If that bothers you, please do not read further. Any similarities to other super-heroines are purely accidental, no foul harm was intended. If you have any feedback, please send it to altos gmail. Glory Babe 9 — Insect Invasion. By Altos. Chapter 1. It had been seven months since Glory Babe was kidnapped by the nefarious Dr. He spent the time with her genetically altering her body to be better suited for sex, and he succeeded greatly.

All of her orifices could suck, she was skinnier with larger breasts and a more shapely ass, she became weak when she came in contact with cum, etc. Unfortunately for the doctor, he was apprehended in the middle of his experiments.

His fuckable guinea pig at the time was currently being ravaged by a hive of his giant mutant insects, deep underground. Nobody knew where she was, and Dr. Mad told nobody as the days went by in prison. It was his solace, the little thing that made him smile every morning, knowing she was being brutalized over and over again.

He was planning on using those insects to eventually launch an assault on Cockscity, and little did he know that it was going to happen with or without him. Deep underground in the mountains off the outskirts of Cockscity, behind a large steel door, hundreds upon hundreds of insects buzzed throughout a hive. They initially only filled one room, but as they grew they burrowed into the Insect impregnation stories, expanding their territory with spongy tunnels.

And at the center of the hive, was a set of chambers, of which the super-heroine Glory Babe was trapped in. Glory Babe screamed as the last massive egg of around one-hundred popped from her stretched pussy-lips. She heaved in pain as the worker insects gathered it up, but only for a moment.

She was trapped in the walls of the hive, her head sticking into one chamber, her breasts into another, and her lower half into the third. Initially there was just one type of insect. But as they impregnated her and drank her super-milk, she gave birth to several variants. A feeding insect scuttled up to her head, which was immobilized in goo, her mouth the only visible part. The feeding insect looked like a giant caterpillar with a dripping cock on the front.

Most of its body was a basin of nutritious cum, at least a couple hundred gallons worth. It aimed its oozing member over her ruby-red lips, then plunged deep into her throat. She gagged as it Insect impregnation stories down into her stomach, then immediately began filling it with hot insect cream. As she was injected she felt something mount her sore boobs in the chamber next door.

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One of her giant jugs was used for feeding the hive, and a harvesting insect grabbed her right tit. The harvesting bug also looked like a Insect impregnation stories, except it had several probes sticking out of its body. As it drank Glory Babe's bountiful milk supply, it mixed with other nutrients inside its body, and the hive could then drink from its probes. It allowed for faster feeding, and freed her other breast up for other things. Originally both enormous fuck-pillows were encased in goo, but the hive had released her right one, as they now used it for pleasure.

It was inflated almost twice the size of the left from the amount of cum that was pumped inside it via her nipple. A warrior insect mounted her left tit. The warrior insect was the bread and butter of the hive. They looked like giant flies equipped with pincers. The insect aimed his enormous cock over the swollen stretched nipple, and pressed against it. The nipple inverted, and the dick plunged inside her mammary.

The warrior squeaked with pleasure, then began fucking the cum-stuffed boob, causing it to jiggle and flop wildly. Glory Babe groaned around the ejaculating cock lodged in her throat as she felt her poor girls being molested. She then felt a breeding insect ram into her ravaged cunt. The breeding insect look similar to a warrior, but had a large sac of eggs on its thorax. Instead of insects taking turns to fill her up, the breeding insect could fully impregnate Glory Babe with one injection.

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It wriggled the egg layer up into her womb, and it began pulsing as eggs flowed through it. Her vagina strained as it expanded quickly with over one-hundred insect babies. The feeding insect dumped the last of three-hundred gallons inside her stomach, which along with the batch of eggs inside her, had swollen her belly to the size of a bathtub.

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Her huge belly had its own side-chamber, where smaller monitoring insects huddled against the stretched skin to read her vitals, making sure that Glory Babe was still able to produce viable offspring. The feeding insect popped out of her throat, and cum surged up out of her mouth. Her vomiting was cut off as a worker insect plugged her with its penis and began humping furiously.

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In-between the main feedings whichever insects happened to be in her feeding chamber raped her throat mercilessly. She then felt a cold, rubbery tongue Insect impregnation stories into her butthole. A cleaning insect had mounted her jiggling ass. The cleaning insect looked like a basketball-sized beetle, with an exceptionally long tongue. He coursed the slimy tendril through her intestines, rubbing against her warm wet walls as he wiped them down.

The tongue entered her bloated stomach, and wriggled through the cum up her throat. It slipped into her lungs, to make sure no semen had accidentally entered them, then retracted and wriggled into her nasal cavity. It poked around for a couple of seconds, much to Glory Babe's dismay, then popped out of her left nostril. Once the cleaning insect finished the process, he quickly retracted it throughout her entire body, a feeling she never got used to.

Once her puckered asshole was shiny clean, a warrior crammed his thick log deep inside. Our doomed fuck-toy sobbed as every inch of her body was man-handled and penetrated. She wondered if she would ever escape from this hell, and she despaired as the insect fucking Insect impregnation stories throat dumped several gallons of semen down into her stomach, while the one up her ass sprayed cum into her guts.

She felt the eggs growing inside her womb, and fell unconscious. Glory Babe had been a factory for the swarm for almost five months, and the hive grew larger with each passing day. Back in Cockscity, in a standard suburban house, lived a young blonde lady with blue eyes. Her name was Claire Buttoms, and at a spry nineteen years old she was extremely well endowed.

She sported a full 38DD rack, a twenty-five inch waist, and a mountainous ass that rivaled Glory Babe's. Glory Babe also happened to be her greatest idol, both physically and ideologically. As such she was overjoyed when she heard that she had been rescued from the sewers. She had been trying to get Glory Babe's attention for awhile, just to talk to her, just to have that moment. When she heard she had gone missing again, she was distraught, but she decided that she would to everything in her power to find her and bring her back.

Claire sighed.

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She rubbed her eyes and poured over the notes at her desk. Her wall was lined with pictures and news articles of Glory Babe. She had a map of Cockscity put up, with pins and red string going every-which-way.

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She was no closer to finding her idol, yet she did not want to give up. She yawned, stretching her arms above her head which caused her titties to jiggle. She was naked save for a pink g-string, which did nothing to cover her shapely buttocks.

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She stared at her map, and noticed something new. Many of her red strings intersected at one point. She typed the coordinates into her laptop, and the address of Professor Dren's laboratory popped up. She got dressed in a pink tank top and black yoga pants, forgetting to put a bra on as she raced out the door. Twenty minutes later she locked her bike up at a lamppost in front of Prof Dren's lab.

Insect impregnation stories

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