Interacial romance stories

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He was tall, dark, handsome, and very romantic. Before I was really aware of it, I had him as Latino. Those dark, dark Latin eyes.

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Lucas never said too much, but his eyes did. Devotees of romance fiction, predominantly female, are demanding that their favorite category be ethnically as diverse as the real world. One of the newest branches of the popular genre is interracial romance, which just a few decades ago would have been too hot to handle.

After all, the first African-American romance imprint came on the scene less than 20 years ago.

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Publishers are taking heed, as well they might: readers vote with their wallets. The covers are also a social barometer. In the s, some U. The latter are now showing up with more frequency, though they are still considered too edgy by a few retailers. So why are these writers so attuned to love that crosses ethnic barriers?

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The latest Census figures bear her out. One of every 10 married couples in the US identified themselves as mixed race or multi-ethnic. More than four in 10 Americans say that that is a change for the better, according to a Pew Research Center study last year. This change in social acceptance has come at blinding speed; it was only in that the Supreme Court found laws prohibiting interracial marriages unconstitutional. There are people who are still not anxious to hear this message.

As recently as last winter, a Super Bowl TV ad for Cheerios that featured a family with a black father and a white mother evoked an ugly response from some viewers, followed by a supportive public counter response. But the company doubled down this year with an ad showing the same family; this time, the mother was pregnant.

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No one knows more about how times have changed than bestselling romance author Kimberly Kaye Terry. Pick a race, any race, but make them the same. at letters time.

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Love, after all, is love: heartwarming stories of interracial romance