Interactive diaper story

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. By ShadowPhantomAugust 23, in Interactive stories. Welcome Everyone to my third active interactive.

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If you are new to my content, you can check out my other 2 interactive stories. I put them below. Right off the bat I would like to credit Faust for inspiring me to start this one.

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His interactive called "Faust's fateful occurrences" gave me Interactive diaper story similar idea. In this interactive, you will get targets, and you will have to make them pee themselves. You control each target to some degree as a subconscious.

Most targets will be used to using a toilet, and would never wet in public. If they need to go, try to sway them somehow away from a bathroom. Likewise, you have levels of subconscious influence. Influence drops when you fail, and goes up when you succeed. These points can be used to buy permanent upgrades, or power ups. Movement, pushing the bladder, or tickling has no effect. Your influence level stars at 3, and can go up all the way to The stronger it gets, the more convincing your subconscious becomes.

Lastly, targets can have the omorashi fetish. If they have the fetish, then making them wet themselves is thousands times easier. Player Info:. Target description: Mary is 12 years old. She lives with her parents on the edge of a large. She has bladder problems ever since she was born, causing her to wet the bed often, and even have daytime accidents. She wears diapers to school and hides that she has them so only 2 of her close friends know of her secret. She just woke up, and needs to go pee a little bit, but not too much.

Her mom will drive her to school soon so she better get ready. Her bladder bugged her ever so slightly, but she ignored it for the moment. She was a very behaved girl, and always tried to be on point. To not be late, she stood up from bed without hesitation and headed for the bathroom. When someone replies with a choice that later le to success, they gain power when choosing. I randomize choices when I choose so someone who has a lot of choosing power from picking good choices will have a greater chance of being picked.

Pick wisely. ShadowPhantom posts. Tali'zorah 92 posts. BlueRaven 65 posts. BENAir01 60 posts. April 18, Do we have 25, 25? Going once, twice, sold! I think we've agreed, just fooling around. July 14, This one is gonna be fun to reply to lol, so much plotting Ill randomize any disagreements, so yeah, what Raven said. Hmm, well peeing doesn't take long anyways. She does recall needing to poop often when seeing a toilet, and pooping will take up time for sure. She still needs to brush her teeth however, so she runs into the bathroom, and grabs her brush and toothpaste.

Then she rushes downstairs to the kitchen sink to brush her teeth there. Her mom already made her some toast for breakfast so once she was done brushing her teeth, she dug into the delicious food. After she finished with that, 15 minutes was left. She still needed to put on clothes and her diaper as well. She ran upstairs back to her room, and searched the closet looking for something to wear. She tried to always wear pants that weren't tight, so the diaper won't be visible. No diaper just for today".

I can't risk wetting myself". She was a big girl right? She couldn't be stuck in these diapers like a baby forever. She wanted to look like a girl in school. Not like some dude who doesn't know how to dress properly. She picked out a pair of tight jeans, as well as a nice shirt to match. Then she went to the bed to change. She glanced at the mirror once she was done. Her jaw dropped.

She looked so much better than she usually does in sweat pants and a sweater. Now she was finally ready to go. She called out telling her mom she was prepared, and soon they were both out of the house. Mary felt her bladder fill a bit, and it was beginning to become uncomfortable. Interactive diaper story weak bladder muscles were at work holding the gates closed, but she knew that Interactive diaper story only hold for so long. She wasn't wearing a diaper, and regret creeped into her.

She didn't have a fail safe anymore, and an if an accident were to happen, it would be a problem.

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They arrived at school, and Mary did what she usually does: talked with her friends. Her and 2 of her friends sat under a tree outside in the schoolyard, waiting for the day to start. They had 15 minutes. Plenty of time. Both of these friends knew of her problem, and were quick to ask her why she wore these clothes. Mary just told them the truth. She wanted to be what a girl her age is supposed to be. The day soon begun, and Mary completely forgot about the bathroom.

Oh no. She didn't drink much this morning, but last night's liquids were coming through quick. She entered class and sat down. She considered going to the bathroom before class began, but she wasn't sure there would be time. There's certainly time.

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It's better than having an accident". The teacher will begin the lesson any second. I can't miss any of it! Since she is used to it, she may forget that she doesn't have one. The teacher walked in causing Mary to switch focus to class. Her subconscious took the opportunity to hide the "no diaper" thought, so Mary thinks she has one on. Mary was Interactive diaper story a Do-Now asment like usual while the teacher prepared her lesson. The liquids caused her bladder to ache once more, but Mary thought nothing of it.

Why care if she had a diaper on anyway. That was all the thinking she dedicated to that matter. She scribbled in a few answers, and sat back, instinctively sending a small spurt out into her jeans. She was used to doing that because no one would know anyways with a diaper on. This time she didn't have one. The pee soaked right through her panties and landed a tennis ball sized wet spot on her jeans.

Something was not right. The soft diaper wasn't there like usual. Mary felt the difference.

Interactive diaper story

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