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And the Queen is enjoying her powers as she returns to the spotlight at last. And she's taken superstar Jennifer Lopez as her new paramour. After a long hiatus, Jennifer Lopez has decided to return to the Note- Any resemblance to actual events are complete coincidence. This is entire fiction. Finally enjoying some much needed vacation time of her own, the wealthy and beautiful actress Jennifer Lopez was on top of the world. She was engaged to Ben Affleck, had a hit movie coming out in a couple of weeks and was as popular as ever. With "Gigli" ready to hit the screen, the talk shows were lining up to get an interview with Jennifer.

Everything was absolutely perfect for J. Rihanna sat upon her gothic throne and took a long, deep drag on her cigarette and looked as disturbing and dominating as fuck. Her dungeon was lit only by two rows of fiery torches on opposing walls and the effect was incredible, creating threatening shadows around the large, stone room. She was clad in an amazingly skin tight outfit that hugged every inch Usually, you have to wait about two weeks between really big jobs, because they try and get all of the recommended drivers a few big jobs a Jennifer lopez sex story, but it was just two days later and I had already received a call for another big job.

This time it was Jennifer Lopez.

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She had just done a concert in LA and my job was to pick her up and take her all the way to La The dark, stretch limousine cruised silently through the cold, deserted streets of Los Angeles, snaking through the streets inexorably towards its destination. It was late at night, just past midnight and in this business area of town on a Saturday night you rarely saw anyone around. The long car wound around one last corner and gently slowed to a stop in fr The D Club.

A balmy August Saturday night. Everyone who was anyone in the celebrity Dominatrix scene seemed to be there. There was an excited chatter rarely seen in the club. An expectation buzzed through the air, this would be an exciting, rarely seen before night.

The lights went right down. Plunging the large main hall into complete darkness for some mo Some kind of secret project was being worked on at AU. All I'd been told was to be at the airport early in the morning, I was to fly to New York with Chuck Tyler, my boss, and Jeff Murphy, his second in command.

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Usually any trip to corporate headquarters in New York involved the big bosses at the company, and I was never a part of those trips. I just knew to OK, first things first. This is a continuation of my story.

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Secondly, the title of all my stories will be UK Celebs but some well known Americans are featured. Enjoy: Christina who was sitting with Britney giggling about how good my fucking was walked over to the door, completely naked. I watched her little frame and her firm ass cheeks as she walk SmutMD Log in.

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Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think!

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Jennifer lopez sex story

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