Jennifer love hewitt sex stories

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A Welcoming Community of Writers and Readers. Moderator: leader. Dec 03, 1 T Dec 07, 2 T Dec 07, 3 T Dec 08, 4 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. Celebrity Story Library. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Research. Switch to Print View - 4 posts. I've gotten to the point I feel like I'm using the same celebs over and over so since I'm using Jennifer in my Hollywood Hypnosneak I let this story go. Jennifer Love Hewitt Researches For "The Client List" Jennifer Love Hewitt bent low to dig through the bottom drawer of her small filing cabinet, her round ass thrust high in the air and her large breasts tightly contained in her brown blouse.

Grabbing the file she wanted she stood up and smoothed down her skirt before walking across her home office to her desk. She sat down and opened the file, sorting through her notes and double checking them. She stared intently down letting nothing distract her as she studied her acting notes.

Jennifer had been an actress for most of her life and she took her craft seriously, investigating her role thoroughly and taking meticulous notes. She gathered up her papers, checking them one last time before calling her manager and making a business appointment for that afternoon and then heading to her car. Intro Jennifer meets with her manager to tell him about her new part in "The Client List" and he gets upset. He reminds her of her "research" and the trouble she got into: For "I Know What You Did Last Summer" she talked to a psychopath who escaped his institution, tracked her down and spent several days raping her.

For "The Ghost Whisperer" she talked to a voodoo doctor who turned her into a sex zombie and spent Mardi Grais pimping her out. For "Heartbreakers" she talked to a con man who kept tricking her into sex and stole a million dollars from her. But she insists and he can't really stop her but he puts her insurance company and private detective on Jennifer love hewitt sex stories. Start of story Jennifer contacts one of her many ex-boyfriends and he hooks her up for a meeting with the madam of a brothel he used to go to.

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The madam is shocked it's Jennifer Love Hewitt but answers her questions. Jennifer feels like she's not getting what she needs and the madam says the only other way would be for Jennifer to be a prostitute and is shocked when she agrees. Rise of story Amazed at the opportunity the madam agrees but Jennifer syas thy she insists she wear a wig.

The madam gives her a wig that looks just like her normal hair and insists it will hide her and Jennifer agrees. She takes Jennifer to a room with costumes and tells her to wait. The madam then calls all of her high-paying customers to get over there as soon as possible. Climax With no real imagination, Jennifer dresses like a sexy French maid and her first customer comes in.

She gives him a hand-job and just as he leaves her second customer comes in.

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Just before she finishes with her second customer the third comes in and she starts with him just as the second finishes and a forth comes in. The fifth comes in before she's done and waits. The third finishes just as the sixth comes in and she starts the fifth. A seventh comes in and starts fondling her and she supposes that it's okay for the part.

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She starts getting fondled and her top gets pulled down. She starts getting titty fucked and then face-fucked and her panties get yanked down. Then she starts getting gang-banges. Epilogue There's a line stretching out of Jennifer's room filled with millionaires and her ex-boyfriends while the madam tries to find more customers, calling her manager who shouts "God Dammit!

I enjoyed it, thanks. Glad you liked the outline. I hope somebody picks it up one day.

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Cool beans. I'll have to look it up.

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I'm so far behind my reading right now. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK .

Jennifer love hewitt sex stories

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Sex Stories