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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Note- This is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental. The very tall man hurried into the lobby and looked around quickly at the bank of elevators to his left. He just managed to hold open the twin doors of the elevator before Karen gillan sex stories closed and breathed a sigh of relief as he pressed the fifteen on the floor indicator.

Aware of another person with him, Sean looked around to set eyes on one of the tallest and most stylish ladies he had ever encountered. He gulped in air and stood straight backed as he smiled at the other guest who was leaning against the rear wall. Sean looked back to the doors as they closed with a 'ding' and the lift lurched in an upward direction. The company he worked for had financially backed one of the nominated movies at the National Board of Review Gala and he had been chosen to attend.

The shaven headed six foot six man was big and muscular and had smooth black skin. He had splashed out on a Giorgio Armani solid wool single breasted suit for the occasion and stood proud as the lift rose. He gave the lady a furtive glance and got a good view of her cleavage. The only sound was the low hum of the motor of the standard size elevator. Eighty inches by forty it looked larger with either wall being totally mirrored. At an impressive six feet in her Louboutin stiletto heeled pumps the flame haired young woman cried out in surprise. In an exclusive Gucci silk chiffon dress in cornflower blue she stumbled slightly at the sudden stop.

Her sexy left leg went forward and peeped out of the thigh high slit as she tried to maintain balance. After the initial hard bump the elevator stopped Karen gillan sex stories the sixth and seventh floors. The lights were out and Sean felt a hand grip his left bicep. Neither said a word in the pitch darkness until an emergency light flickered then lit up the small interior. He turned to the redhead who pouted with her fuchsia lips and glared with her hazel eyes under a smoky grey eye shadow. Definitely Scottish, thought the black man as he focused on her pretty face. Her bosom heaved in the single strap dress and she trembled slightly as she stood wide eyed.

He eyed her long lean legs, slim waist and what looked like a perfectly formed ass under the dress. Her porcelain clear complexion looked most appealing under the solitary yellow light. The girl nodded and swept a wave of copper curls over her bare left shoulder and tried an uneasy smile.

He held out his big mitt of a hand and took her petite fist in his. The touch lasted a mere second but the subtle brush of hands sent a small thrill through the movie actress. Darkly handsome with an infectious smile he oozed confidence. She looked at herself in the mirror and fiddled with her long wavy locks that hung freely over her shoulders. Sean looked, rather longer than usually permitted, at her perky breasts that were barely contained in the revealing dress.

Sean slipped his jacket off and Karen could not help but notice his well developed frame under his crisp white shirt. In the tiny interior it was impossible to enjoy any personal space and the pair of them would inevitably stand barely an inch apart from each other. The scent of her perfume was overpowering in the small lift, and as they gazed into each others eyes the passion simmered as they stood close.

The tension was noticeably quite palpable as the heat in the elevator rose higher. They sat opposite each other and Sean smiled softly at the attractive woman who smiled back. He thought he saw a hint of her panty less vagina under the raised hem of her dress and shifted his legs uncomfortably. The lift creaked and a loud crunching noise could be heard. Then a female voice crackled through the grill of the loudspeaker next to the floor indicators. We are doing all we can to get power restored. You are in no danger, Karen gillan sex stories you may have to be patient a bit longer.

Maybe a couple of hours. Hold tight folks! His big hands touched her forearms and then drew her to him and the redhead took a soft intake of breath. As his strong grip on her felt like iron she felt a flash of heat down below and her nipples became noticeably hard. Karen felt decidedly relaxed in his arms as the light occasionally flicked off and then back on. She leaned in tighter and raised her head and looked directly into his dark brooding eyes.

Transfixed, her hands came up around the back of his neck and she went up to kiss his full lips gently. Sean responded and pinned her slim frame to the rear wall and kissed her hard on the mouth, the tip of his tongue darting out tentatively.

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His erect cock stood to attention in his dress pants and the Scottish lass felt the iron bar press at her loins. Both his hands were now behind her and slid around to her ass beneath the chiffon as he continued to search for her tongue in her hot mouth. In turn, Karen moved her slender fingers all over his broad back and tight butt as she pushed back at him, intoxicated by his slobbering kisses. Again the tall hunk took the slim figure in his substantial embrace and backed Karen to the wall and handrail.

Sean showered kisses on her elegant neck and bared left collarbone which elicited gentle moans from the aroused female. Her heart beat in her chest as he nibbled her right earlobe, followed by the left, and grasped her by the waist. Karen arched her snow white neck and felt his fulsome lips attach with heavy licks, and a wave of heat rippled through her.

Gradually he lifted her dress upwards and his left hand found her moist pussy, exposed and puffy. She shivered in delight as his fingertips touched her inner thighs with a teasing brush that avoided her most sensitive mound by a tantalising inch. Then he spun her away from him and made her face the rear wall, crushing her slender frame with his bulk. Karen grabbed the rail in both hands as she felt her dress lifted up to her shoulders.

She raised her arms in order that he could remove it completely. Sean pressed at her back and examined her naked form with roving hands. His pelvis pushed at her rear and the redhead could make out his rigid pole against her pert buttocks. His right hand came around her front and finally met with her wet muff, easing Karen gillan sex stories middle finger into her fluttering honey pot.

Karen began to gyrate her hips in order to savour his intimate probing, the like of which she hadn't experienced in a while. A shiver ran down her spine as he nuzzled the back of her exquisite neck and her legs parted wide as she moaned to his touch. The ebony male toyed and tickled her fine downy hair on her fleshy labia as she twisted and grabbed on the rail until her knuckles turned white. The Karen gillan sex stories Scottish lass squirmed and turned to face the smouldering man as he backed up slightly against the lift door.

She noticed the huge tent his stiff wood made and pouted in sympathy. Sean looked on agape at the sight of the dream girl fully naked in her high heels alone. Her long sensual legs seemed to go on for a mile and at the apex of her creamy thighs was the ginger vertical line that just hid her point of entry. The perky B cup tits stood firm with pointed rosy tips which screamed out to be nibbled and sucked. Karen looked him in the eye and at the same time groped his rod of steel in the front of his pants.

With a rhythmic caress she rubbed him through the wool and made him grimace with the delicious groping. She giggled flirtatiously as she tugged down the zip of his fly and drew his trousers and underwear to his knees.

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Sean unbuttoned his shirt and flung it to the floor, every muscle in his body tensed. Karen nodded with approval at the fine specimen of a man. His athletic torso was rock solid and his dark skin seemed to glisten in the single light.

A tattoo of a python ran down his right side to the upper thigh and around the back of his calf. It seemed to her as if his shanks had been carved from tree trunks as he stood in silence before her. Then she took hold of his massive coal black member and hissed at the heat and size. The mans enormous erection stood out like a small club as she rolled it in both palms with a measured deliberation.

It looked so dark in her lily white hands as she felt his pulse throb through the chocolate hued organ. Karen went onto her knees and brushed her red lips across the purple tip and Karen gillan sex stories little butterfly kisses on the spongy flesh which drove him nuts. Then she blew air on all over the head and Sean exhaled at the delightful sensation. Her right hand moved to cup his prodigious pair of balls that hung under his upright stalk. He winced as her long nails dug into his skin.

She looked up with an adorable wicked grin on her face as she squeezed his throbbing prick just below the swollen head. A bead of sweat trickled down his right temple as Karen slid her mouth down his shaft, inch by inch until she had devoured half of his enormous nine incher. Apart from the heavy breathing of the ebony stud the only other sound was the lewd and obscene sucking noises that emanated from the Scottish girl. Her head bobbed back and forth on him and her copper curls flew about her head.

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