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Celebrity Story Site. Money Author Jr. Story title: Comical Incest Story by: Money Celebs in story: Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner Story codes: MF, oral, anal, breast expansion Authors note: The bra sizes used in the story are intentional for a comedy angle realism was thrown out the window on this.

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Story summary: Author gets a bodyguard job with the family and finds out the girls are special for a reason. I had landed a new bodyguard gig with the Jenner clan to look after Kendall and Kylie during outings among fans and such. But mostly to find out what made them think they were special. Kendall Kendall jenner sex stories legs for days as an asset Kylie had the big rack so getting various amounts of attention was easy.

I was barely on the job for an hour when the girls started teasing me. They closed their eyes when I felt something warm in my lap my 18 inch cock ripped through my pants with my nuts looking like softballs and my shaft a good 10 inches thick. The next day I had woken up and the girls were gone my only clue was a note by the bed saying gym class then home I still reeked of mixed perfume and multiple sex odors as I made my way into the shower I was barely out when Kendall and Kylie got home.

The next week After some much needed down time I returned to the Jenner house. Kendall and Kylie were still gone who knows where so I checked around for s of a potential sister ambush. Kendall was rubbing her body on mine when we saw the decor the girls freaked out. When Kylie got the other one all bets were off as the sisters got out of control fast the pillows ripped open letting the soft feathers fly around.

Kendall kept rubbing my balls ever so gently the churning sperm was slowly building getting me frisky again.

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Kylie was taking the lionshare of sex so far while Kendall was mostly a spectator for some reason as I got Kylie in the doggiestyle position feeling up her huge tits and sliding my dick inside. Kylie was really frisky licking my shaft while trying to fit the over-sized tip in her mouth it barely went in bulging her cheeks along the way.

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With the weekend upon us and their parents somewhere in Las Vegas on vacation we relaxed by the pool. I could tell the girls were getting horny the bulge already drawing attention fishing my cock out stroking it.

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That wanted to catch them in crazy antics mostly naked that seemed to have worked as the girls slipped into the pool. I tried getting Kendall in on the fun but she opted for a giant dildo nearly half my current size while Kylie was more than happy to fit her now massive tits around my mammoth rod among other things I had planned. The following users thanked this post: CadeauxxxViripixidragonDexter Good story here Money, cheers for giving us more Jenners stories. Tags: money kylie jenner kendall jenner kardashian oral anal breast expansion.

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