Kidnap fantasy stories

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Would she be able to go through with the plan to kidnap her and become his victim?

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Then one night while logged on with Cliff I let him know that one of my fantasies was to be kidnapped by a truck driver and kept in bondage for a trip across country. As fate would have it, it turned out that Cliff was an interstate truck driver and would be on the road next week. He told me that this trip would be a six day round trip, my heart leapt into my mouth as he asked if I would like to fulfil my fantasy and him on the trip. All the next day at work my mind drifted off into my fantasy, how I would be tied up and used by my fantasy truck driver.

That night I logged into the chatroom and chatted some more with Cliff and a couple of others, then Cliff asked for a private chat to continue our discussion from the night before. In fact I was now getting hot between my legs just thinking about that time and my thoughts now focused on releasing some of my pent up frustrations. Whether because it was late or the fact that I was now very turned on, I agreed Kidnap fantasy stories we should meet, not only that I would consider going with him as planned on his trip interstate as his prisoner.

But just now I had something that needed my urgent attention and I closed down my computer and went to bed with my vibrator. The next evening I logged on again with Cliff and he went into some ground rules and more details of the trip, he asked me again if I was willing to do this? We chatted some more and Cliff reassured me that all would be safe and I would return at the end of the trip and that a couple of members we both knew very well in the chatroom Kidnap fantasy stories be informed of our decision both for my safety and his.

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Cliff agreed and went on to give me the details of where we would meet, what time etc. He was going to kidnap me, tie me up and have sex with me for the next six days supposedly against my will, well that was the fantasy. My body began to react to these thoughts my tummy began to have butterflies and I could feel my sex tingle and become wet, my breasts felt tender and I had hot flushes through my body.

I could feel my cheeks become red and burn as my thoughts drifted off into my fantasy. Kidnap fantasy stories then my boss walked passed me and asked if I felt okay? When I got home that night I retreated to my bedroom, took off my clothes and decided to relieve myself of all my frustrations that had built up during the day. Later after a short nap and two earth shattering orgasms I wandered over to my computer and logged on to see if Cliff was about.

He came across with some ideas but I said that I would either get arrested for wearing that or pick up some clients thinking I was a hooker! Then he asked me if I had something that made me look like a schoolgirl, I said that I could probably manage that with a skirt and blouse and would he like my hair in pigtails? He said no to the hair but would love to see me dressed as a schoolgirl and that this would work into my fantasy, truth be known was that Kidnap fantasy stories began having this fantasy whilst still at school and had gotten myself off some nights dressed as a schoolgirl, kidnapped and tied up with my pants around my ankles and used by some hairy truck driver for his pleasure and mine.

The next day I awoke, showered and had some breakfast.

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I dug out a white bodice, it had laces up the front to fasten me tightly inside, suspenders hung down waiting for stockings to attach to, my breasts nicely presented and held together. Next I chose some white nylon stockings that went with the outfit, I loved the feel as they slid up over my smooth skin covering my legs in their grasp, and it always turns me on the way they feel as they glide over my flesh. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, the image displayed was of a Kidnap fantasy stories woman dressed in white, her hourglass figure enhanced by the bodice as it held her waist and pushed up her breasts, her stocking clad legs seemed very long and shapely, what man could resist her.

I picked out a matching set of panties and covered my now moist sex. Putting on the blouse and skirt I admired myself in the mirror, what would he think of me. The skirt just covered the tops of my stockings, if I bent down this would rise and reveal the tops of my thighs and would present a nice picture for any one to see. I moved into the bathroom and began to apply my makeup, and then I selected my shoes and had a final check in the mirror. Satisfied with the way I looked I switched on my answer phone and left a note for my flatmate that I would be away for a few days.

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I jumped into my car and began driving to my appointment with fate. I arrived at the town and drove to the centre, I was twenty minutes early and quickly found the place Cliff had told me to meet him, he said that there would be a bus stop with a bench outside of a motel, I was to park my car Kidnap fantasy stories the motel car park and wait for him on the bench. My fantasy was that I was a schoolgirl awaiting the bus when I was grabbed by this truck driver and bundled away in his truck.

As I waited for him to arrive I was still in two minds whether to jump back in my car and run off or to stay. Just then a truck pulled up in front of me and the driver stepped down and walked over. I did confess that I had my doubts and very nearly turned back.

As I stood up I let Cliff glimpse the tops of my stockings under Kidnap fantasy stories skirt, he asked me to turn around and show myself off, I did a little twirl and wiggled my bottom as I did so. Cliff then asked me if I was sure that I wanted to go through with this and I could back out now without embarrassment? I quickly thought about this and before I let my doubts creep up inside me again I looked into his eyes and said that I wanted to be his. There were a couple of steps to climb and I felt his hands on my behind as he pushed me inside.

I was now his kidnap victim. Cliff climbed in behind me and pushed me down on the passenger seat, holding me in place as he reached behind and brought out some rope, he began to bind me to the seat, several ropes went around my body and tightened to hold me firmly to the seat. Next from the glovebox he produced a ballgag and inserted this into my mouth, he fastened the straps around my head that held the ball between my teeth and secured them with a small lock.

Satisfied with my bondage he moved over to his seat and started the trucks engine. I was bound securely to the seat and began to move around testing my bondage and getting to enjoy the feel of them, Cliff looked over and asked if I was okay? I nodded my head; I was fine in fact I was loving this. The truck then moved off and I began my adventure. He moved over to me and began running his hands over my bound body, moving them over my breasts feeling me through the fabric of my blouse.

He looked up and said that I was a very naughty girl and that maybe I should be punished for being so deliciously wicked. I let out a low moan from behind the gag and he began to untie me from the seat. He ran his hands over my body and felt the bodice I was wearing, his hands then drifted down to lift my skirt and reveal my stocking clad legs.

He quickly undressed himself, his body was tanned all over and also well toned, he had no hair on his body and as I looked down I could see his very erect member waving at me. He was also well built too. I gulped behind my gag, this was the moment of truth I was now his to use as he wished, he began removing my damp panties and exposing Kidnap fantasy stories bare sex to his gaze.

He ran his fingers over my flesh and probed into my pussy and found my honey pot, he removed his fingers and brought them up to his face and smelt my musky odour, then he ran his tongue over them to taste them.

Cliff then moved his body down and brought his face between my legs, he pushed my thighs apart with his hands and ran his tongue over my wet sex, pushing with his firm tongue against my clitoris.

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Delving deeper he pushed his tongue into my hole and sent shockwaves throughout my body as I cried out into my gag. He took his time playing with me bringing me close to orgasm with his mouth and then stopping before I could climax, then with a wicked smile he moved himself up my body and pushed himself deep within me.

Cliff lay on top of me for a while as we came back down to earth then he moved to one side and asked if I was okay, I weakly nodded and gulped behind my gag, he asked me if I still wished to continue with my fantasy? I shook my head to indicate yes I did wish to be used and abused by him.

Cliff seemed very happy with this, he said that the agreed safeword should be orange or that I should shake my head if gagged if I was not happy with anything that would happen. He then rolled me over in the bed so I was face down and began to re-tie me, working the rope around my ankles and cinching the rope tight he moved up my legs and bound around my knees. Next he Kidnap fantasy stories rope around and between my thighs and pulled this tight, he reached up and removed the handcuffs still holding my wrists, and he then bound my wrists together with rope.

More rope was placed around my chest, in between my breasts separating them as they cut in between them and the rope came back around to form a body harness. Next he grabbed my legs and brought them up to meet my wrists, rope then held them together holding me in a hog-tie position. A blindfold was placed over my eyes and the gag was retightened behind my head forcing the ball further in my mouth, the straps cutting into my flesh. I would remain bound in some form for the remainder of the trip and I was now his bondage slave to be used by him as he wished.

The words sent shivers of delight throughout my Kidnap fantasy stories body as I lay there wriggling against my bondage. My mind went into orgasm as he spoke of this, Cliff then climbed into the drivers seat and we continued our journey. Later that day I felt the truck stop, Cliff climbed out of the cab without so much as a word or look in my direction, I remained bound, gagged and blindfolded in the sleeper section of the truck.

A short time later I heard the door open and someone climb in the truck, they moved into the sleeper section and ran their cold hands over my bound body without saying a word. The rope that held me in the hog-tie was cut and my legs fell onto the bed, their hands continued to play with my stocking clad legs and move up to the cheeks of my rear. Next I felt movement on the bed as he moved himself down Kidnap fantasy stories bed towards my feet, he straddled my legs and lifted my hips up off the bed so that I rested on my knees with my bottom in the air.

I felt a cold finger probe my warm pussy; I heard his zipper open and steadied myself for what I thought was about to happen. He grunted as he moved himself within me, I was being taken from behind doggie style, still tightly bound and unable to resist, I was loving every minute.

Cliff then untied my hands from behind my back and re-tied them in front. I was to remain tied this way overnight as Cliff drifted off to sleep my fingers found their way to my pleasure centre and found my magic button. We awoke early the next morning and Cliff removed all the ropes binding me, plus the gag and the blindfold, he gave me a pair of overalls to wear and helped me out of the truck. When we returned to the truck I climbed inside followed by Cliff.

He told me to remove the overalls and lay on the mattress, he quickly re-tied me into a bodyharness with the rope, crossing over between my breasts as before. Then he continued around my waist and down through my crotch, pulling this tight against my tender flesh tying this off behind my back. He then cuffed my hands in front and bound my ankles together.

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I was now flat on my back lying in the rear cabin as Cliff unzipped himself and pulled his member out of his pants and presented it to my mouth, I opened my lips and kissed him lightly on the head. Then I ran my tongue over the top and down the side, moving my body to get closer to him.

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