Kidnapped and tortured stories

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The following will be deeply disturbing and potentially distressing as it follows the unfortunate tale of a year-old girl being brutally kidnapped, raped and tortured in extremely inhumane ways till her last breath. It is generally accepted we live in a very safe time with police working around the clock to ensure the safety of everyone.

However, in the mids Japan, this was not the case as the following article will demonstrate. The internet gives two dates of birth for Junko Furuta, 18th of January or the 22nd of November The actual birthday is slightly debated however the year is consistent. She was born in and raised in Misato, Japan just north of Tokyo. In she was 17 years old and attended high school while working on the side to make some extra money.

She was an apt pupil, very punctual and carrying a very strong work ethic. In accordance to the very strict scholar standards of Asiatic culture, she paid very close attention to her grades and worked extremely well in school knowing if she put the work in now she would get into her dream university and eventually land her dream job.

Her behaviour was a contrast to her peers who at this point were entering an age of rebellion and exploration of themselves. She was calm and reserved trying to make her parents proud. In order to further support her parents, she would cycle to and from work every day. After Kidnapped and tortured stories her shift at work Junko, got on her bicycle and proceeded towards her home as she had done a hundred times prior however, this time would be different. She was cycling along the pavement on a calm Kidnapped and tortured stories surrounded by houses with tall hedges when suddenly a young man jumped out from behind one of these hedges.

He then proceeded to kick Junko in her side with enough force to send her flying off her bicycle and onto the pavement. Following the assault, the young man proceeded to run away leaving Junko bruised on the ground. While the experience was very uncomfortable it was unfortunately very common in that area to find young hooligans bored and trying to get a cheap laugh out of sick jokes such as this. Knowing this Junko got up and tried to get on her bike. Unfortunately once she got up it became very apparent she injured her leg in the fall and would be unable to keep riding.

So slowly she started walking towards her home using the bike as support.

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After a short while another young man approached her, she recognised the man as a boy from the year above in her school, his name was Miyano Hiroshi. He claimed to have seen the whole incident from the other side of the street and offered to help her get home safely.

She Kidnapped and tortured stories the offer as she knew him and to her knowledge, he couldn't possibly have any bad intentions. While at first they talked and walked towards her home they slowly started veering off track, something which Junko assumed was Miyano trying to drag out the walk-in order to talk to her some more. After a while it became apparent they weren't actually walking aimlessly in circles but Miyano was actually walking towards a final destination.

After walking for a while they made it to the entrance of an abandoned warehouse. Upon leaving eyesight and hearing distance Miyano became very aggressive towards Junko and forced her into the warehouse where he proceeded to rape her. He claimed to be part of the Yakuza, the infamous crime syndicate originating from Japan, and if she didn't do as he pleased he would have her killed. He had been spreading this information around their school boasting his ties to the criminal underworld and this made most in their school fear him.

Scared and confused as to why a person who she knew and trusted was doing this to her the girl complied. She recalled the time a few years prior when he admitted to her how he was found himself attracted to Junko and asked her out for a date, she declined the request at the time. Miyano was very popular and respected in their school and Junko was potentially the first girl who had ever rejected him.

Junko came to the conclusion all of this was a form of revenge for that rejection. What Junko didn't realise at the time was that this was merely the beginning of her suffering. The following becomes only more gruesome and terrible but to understand what Junko went through only some of these crimes will be mentioned as full lists are available online: List. When they left the warehouse the teenager dragged the scared and confused Junko to a nearby hotel where he raped her again.

It rapidly became apparent Miyano didn't plan very far ahead as his plan only involved kidnapping and hurting the girl as revenge for the rejection. It was obvious however if he simply let her go she would run to the nearest police station with his full name and address. In desperation, Miyano decided to consult with his friends as to what to do with the girl.

Unfortunately, it turns out they were also similarly morally corrupt and as fascinated with violence as Miyano himself. Upon hearing of the girl they didn't become scared or concerned, instead, they became excited with the possibilities this brought. They all insisted Miyano keep the girl captive and not let her go at least for the time being. Miyano took Junko to meet three of his friends. During this meeting, Junko recognised one of these boys as being the one who kicked her off her bike the day before.

This proved to her that the kicking and rape had all been part of a predetermined plan and it wasn't merely an accident Miyano had been walking down that street when she was attacked. It was decided to take Junko to the house Kidnapped and tortured stories Miyano was sharing with his parents' in Adachi, Tokyo.

She was constantly being threatened by the boys who kept claiming that if she wasn't subservient, members of the Yakuza would be sent to kill her family. They could only perform these threats as they found her address through the documents she carried in her wallet, the threat worked in scaring the girl.

Under threat, Junko pretended to be one of Miyano's friends' girlfriend when entering the house. The girl would remain in the house for another month and a half and yet the parents never reported the girls' presence to the police. The parents later admitted they were terribly scared of their own son and his friends in the mafia. Meanwhile at home Junkos parents started worrying about their daughter, the girl had never caused any issues and now she failed to return from work and was missing all night. After 24 hours of Junko being missing her parents reported it to the police and the search began.

After a few days, the search became very public with numerous news outlets reporting on the Kidnapped and tortured stories. Following this Junkos parent received the phone call they had been desperately awaiting, their daughter called. Junko called and told her parents she was perfectly well however she had made the decision to run away with a friend of hers and permanently move out.

After receiving this information the police suspended searching and the media buzz about the case quickly disappeared.

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Noone suspected the girl had been forced to make that call by her kidnappers. After the police interest died down the kidnappers felt much safer. With this newfound sense of invulnerability, the boys started torturing the girl. She was constantly beaten and was raped an approximate times during this nightmare.

The boys turned out to be some of the sickest humans I've ever had the chance to research. Here is a brief list of sick tortures these four Kidnapped and tortured stories employed on this poor year-old girl. She was:. Starved, fed cockroaches and urine. Beaten with fists, metal bars, golf clubs. Forced to masturbate for the group. Burned with cigarette lighters. Fireworks set off in her ears, mouth and vagina. Hands tied to the ceiling and used as punching bag till she spat blood.

Doused in flamable fluids and burned. Forced to sleep outside in December in minus temperatures. Hot wax dripped onto eyes and eyelids burned by a cigarette lighter blinding her. Left nipple cut and destroyed with pliers. Stabbed with sewing needles in the chest. Barbels dropped onto her from a large height breaking ribs. The tremendous pain both physically as well as psychologically she went through is impossible to imagine.

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She knew no one would be looking for her and her only hope was Miyanos parents whos will to report the atrocities happening in their own house was deteriorating with each day. The most startling thing is Kidnapped and tortured stories fact this nightmare lasted for 44 days. After around a week of this taking place, the boys started inviting some friends to in with the rape and torture.

One day they invited two friends who seemed to be perfectly happy to in however after all was done one of them seemed to cling onto a slice of dignity within himself and couldn't keep this crime to himself. Once the teen got home he told his brother, who then told their parents who would later report this to the police.

The police now had an address where the girl was being held. A pair of officers were sent to the address where they were greeted at the door by Miyanos parents. The parents looked perfectly respectable and were well dressed, seemingly not in line with the torturous monsters who would be capable of the crimes which the police had been told about.

The officers immediately started doubting the report but asked the parents whether a year old girl was being held against their will and being tortured in the house, unsurprisingly the parents denied this allegation.

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The parents proceeded to try and invite the officers inside to check, the officers found that be enough to prove their innocence and proceed to leave without ever entering, reporting to the station the report was clearly fake. After around 20 days Junko managed to get hold of a phone but was unfortunately caught before she could call the police.

Her punishment for disobedience was even more torture. Every day she begged her kidnappers to just kill her.

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After around a month of continuous torment, the boys started becoming bored with Junko. He whole body was covered in bruises, burns or cuts, the boys decided to try and attack a new victim. Very similarly to Junko, they attacked a young girl in the street. They then took her to a secluded area and raped however this time they let her go after.

They assumed the girl would be too traumatised and scared to go and report the incident to the police.

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This belief came from the fact a few days before Junkos kidnapping they did a similar thing to another girl who they kept for a few houses and them let go, she never went to the police. In conservative areas such as Asia especially around the s, it was unfortunately very common to place the fault on the victims.

This often led to victims often never reporting rapes or sexual assaults to police or even family members. Similarly to the 43 days of torture and rape, this day did not seem to differ from any days. However, on this day, the boys decided to play a game of Mahjong with Junko. Junko proceeded to Kidnapped and tortured stories at the game with them and this enraged them.

In response to this for a total of two hours, they beat her using a combination of fists, kicks, metal bars, golf clubs and bats. As a result of this beating on the 44th day of hell, Junko Furuta died. The boys assumed the girl had merely passed out during the beating as she had done on several occasions prior to this. It was only after 24 hours did the boys check and find out the girl had actually died. The boys knew they had to get rid of the body.

Junko was wrapped in a plastic bag, wrapped in blankets, placed in an oil drum and then covered in fresh cement. The teens had severely underestimated their most recent victim. The young girl who they had raped had actually gone to the police and the culprits were located and arrested. During interrogation, Miyano was asked about a murder, whether he was involved and whether he knew anything about it. Miyano knew his three friends had been interrogated before him and clearly they must Kidnapped and tortured stories admitted to their involvement with the killing.

He admitted to everything, from the kidnapping to the rape and murder of Junko on the spot. It later turned out the police were asking about a completely different case, a case which this group had nothing to do with. Thanks to his confession the murder saw the light of day, no one had been looking for Junko anymore and her body would most likely never had been found.

He told the police where to find the body which could only be identified thanks to her fingerprints as the body was in such a terrible state. All four of the boys were actually underage at therefore could not be trailed as adults. Legally their names were also not meant to be released however the names eventually leaked. The boys were tried in ; Miyano received 20 years and is currently a free man under a new last name, Jo Kamisaku got 5 to 10 years of prison which he only served 8, Watanabe Yasushi got 5 to 7 years and Minato Nobuharu 5 to 9 and is currently living under a new last name.

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Kidnapped and tortured stories

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