Latex doll story

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I wake up in a cloudy haze after I have been knocked out for God knows how long. The room I am in is very small with a bed, table, chair, and a toilet. The motif of this prison is just like everywhere else at Femco: black and pink. I start to get up and after I pull the latex sheets off of me I realize a horrible discovery. All of my clothes have been removed and my cock is placed in a tiny chastity cage. I try to take it off but I get a horrifying shock that knocks the wind out of me. We cooked you up some lunch to show our appreciation that you have decided to our company.

We are so very excited to see where you will end up! The intercom went silent and I walked over to the table where my lunch was apparently waiting for me. There was a burger, fries, and what looks like a shake or some sort of creamy substance. Upon further inspection I found out that the shake was actually a small container of cum.

Do you seriously expect me to drink this shit? You have exactly 9 minutes and 24 seconds Latex doll story orientation begins. I would suggest that you drink up and move out. I must remind you that missing orientation will be a huge no-no. If you think you are in pain now you have Latex doll story idea what is in store for you. I swallow my pride and the cum along with it. It was a fairly salty, a little sweet, and very warm like it was fresh from a guy moments before getting put in my room. I wanted to throw up but I was too afraid to find out what will happen to me.

Somehow I managed to keep the disgusting semen in my stomach. After all the cum was gone the door swung open and the cage stopped shocking me. Against my better judgment I followed the lighted path to orientation. Inside this auditorium is 9 other men who are also naked except for a chastity device on their cocks.

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I can tell that they are just as afraid as I am. If I was a rich man I would love this set up in my own theater room.

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We are very glad that all of you could us today for orientation. Before we begin we want you to introduce yourself to your fellow co-workers. If you could tell us your name, place of residence, college you attended, course of study, and why you are excited to work for Femco that would be appreciative. The person who Latex doll story shocked will be the person that introduces themselves. Keep in mind that we do have all of your private and personal information on hand so I advice you not to lie or suffer the consequences.

I got an from Femco a few weeks ago about a technical writer opening and I flew up to Minneapolis for an interview. His cage stopped shocking him and he just crawls into a ball and sobs from the pain. He can barely speak without crying or passing out from the pain. I got an about an entry level position that would have enough to pay for all of the expenses for having a baby and then some. He was 28, 6'6" 10" cock, lbs, black hair, and brown eyes.

One after another each guy had to introduce themselves while being shocked.

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There was Bryan Gibbons from Kentucky. Bryan was very repulsive and his parting hair did not do him any favors. In all honesty he might be the ugliest man to every walk the earth or at least Femco. Alex Phillips was a 20 year old rich kid from Orange County. Alex was 5'4" and weighed lbs. His demeanor is very snobbish and his mom was always too busy at work to pay him any attention. His handmaiden Elizabeth practically raised Alex.

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He had an androgynous look about him and his wardrobe used to look very gender neutral. Pedro Hernandez was a 23 year old who was 6'1", lbs, and had a great physique to him. He was a sprinter who was hoping to an Olympic team for track. He missed the deadline because his mom is terminally ill and found out about Femco.

He is hoping that the insurance that Femco offers could Latex doll story keep her alive or some of the treatments that the facility provides could cure his mom. Akira Kano is a Japanese exchange student here for an internship. He is 19, 5'2", and lbs. He is originally from Tokyo, but is studying business at the University of Washington. His father owns one of the largest manufacturing companies for electronics in Japan. After Akira graduates from college he is supposed to learn the family trade.

Flynn and Cooper Walker are identical twins from Sydney, Australia. They are 22, 5'5", lbs, and have identical blonde hair and brown eyes. They may look the same, but their personalities are polar opposites. Flynn is an extrovert that studied Communications and Cooper is an introvert that took up Chemistry.

An entry level position in Human Resources and lab tech assistant opened up. They both decided to leave Australia for a chance to make a name for themselves at Femco. After all the other guys introduced themselves I received another painful shock to my balls. I am from St. I hope to move up the ranks and run a Femco institution when they branch out in a few years. Latex doll story that we got the introductions out of the way it is time for the slideshow! We will be going over the foundation of Femco Genetic Institutions, its importance to our society, and what roles you may have to help better our organization.

If everyone could please sit down in the comfy chairs we can begin the presentation.

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When everyone was seated in the chairs straps came up and restrained the new employees. In the headrest two clamps forced themselves around the eyes to prevent people from blinking and pipettes started to put liquid in our eyes.

Shortly afterwards a giant hose that looked like a penis gag was forcefully inserted into our mouths. The muffled screams from our mouths would do us nothing. Jeanette Baxley and her late husband Adam started the company in Femco was deed to turn men into sluts or worse. Over the years Femco has overemployees and counting. We are one of the largest corporations in America and our job is to make sure everyone is taken care of. Our research in diseases and pharmaceuticals have already saved the lives of thousands and prolonged the lives of countless other people. All of you will be examined, evaluated, and subjugated to one of the 10 roles that we have for men at Femco.

When you are ased a position you will have that job for life similar to a caste. Your responsibilities and how people will accept you will be determined by your role. Their responsibilities are mainly to please the women employees sexually and our female clientele. You will be given plenty of enhancements to ensure that you can have sex for hours on end, never tire, and cum at least a gallon a day. I hope one of you becomes one because I love breaking in the new boys! His enormous cock is locked up in a cage that could fit my 5" cock comfortably.

You are given the best surgeries and supplements to look as sexy as possible. You are Latex doll story given some of the most exquisite wardrobes money could buy. Your job is similar to the Stud except you are to please our male clientele. Most Escorts get a sex change operation, but on occasion we will let you Latex doll story your tiny clit. It all depends on what will give us the bigger sale. Sometimes we will sell an escort for the right price and they end up being trophy wives or a mistress to a wealthy man. She has been hard at work for the past 10 years and she absolutely loves her job.

She mostly spends her time getting banged in office rooms by clients who need a little convincing. As a secretary you need to always be ready to take some notes, take a cock up your ass, give a BJ, or all of the above. They clean the building, cook all the meals, and are personal servants to the executive staff. It is not an easy job being the maid, but it does not go unnoticed either.

You get to wear a wonderful outfit and all the men ogle over you. If you are lucky you might be able to help a client Latex doll story his pipes if you know what I mean! At Femco we offer a wide variety of packages to our clients.

We are a genetic institution and we have the capabilities to alter people in ways like you cannot imagine. If you become a schoolgirl you will physically look like a barely legal girl. We will break your mind either through hypnosis, or through shear will to turn your into a bimbo flunky.

If your grades plummet you will be punished by your teacher until you learn properly. We rearrange your brain so you relive your first 3 years of your life. Once you are 4 your mind resets and you become an infant again. Some of our clients enjoy taking care of babies and we decided to cater to their needs. These positions are insane and I am regretting to find out what the other ones are.

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You get transformed into a pony for the most part. We put you under the knife and when you wake up your physical appearance is breathtaking. We remove your vocal cord and your only form of communication is through neighing. We take pride in training our Ponygirls and I for one own a few and I am looking to add a couple more to my stable.

Your job is to produce milk and give birth to our children. We artificially inseminate you and after 9 months you pop out a beautiful baby. We do give you a small vacation after every time you give birth. You get a solid 24 hours before the cycle starts up again! My daughter Beth was born last year and I am so thankful for the Breeder who brought her into this world for me.

I was starting to get pretty sick to my stomach after seeing the last three jobs. Who the fuck created this company and turn a bunch of men into freaks. I wanted to run Latex doll story but the gag, restraints, and the cage prevented me from leaving. You get to go through a rigorous training schedule that includes: pain tolerance, submission, gangbangintro to bondage, and many other horrifying courses.

When you finish a lesson you get the option of getting a piercing, tattoo, or a branding to prove you passed the class. Adam Baxley was a brilliant man who had a fetish for latex.

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It was the reason why he fell in love with Jeanette in the first place. He adored the fact that it felt like a second skin, but he was fixated on the idea of turning someone into a living rubberdoll. If you survive this horrendous endeavor you will make Femco billions as well as Latex doll story one of the sexiest things on the planet.

It sounded like she was getting really turn on about someone becoming a rubberdoll or that she could become one. At least a quart was being pumped into all of us. While we are guzzling cum the auditorium started to fill up with gas. You need to save your strength for the examinations! I think to myself that I really fucking hated that bitch before I passed out. She sat the box down on the counter and looked herself over in the mirror, her hair was so black that it shined. It looked perfect, just how she had wanted, and the dye had been cheap too.

Latex doll story

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