Lesbian boob stories

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for Free! Score 4. Famous Story. Published 9 years ago. I so much appreciate the great feedback I got for my first story.

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I am excited to write Lesbian boob stories on. This is also based on a true story but it did not happen to me but to a girlfriend of mine. She told me about this experience so I am writing it from her perspective. It is so hot I just had to write about it. I was on a business trip. I had took my seat in first class and had been sitting there for minutes. First class passengers are allowed to board first so I was waiting for some time to everyone to board and take off.

I was in the aisle seat and the seat next to me was empty which was fine by me. A nice flight by myself I thought. I got interested in a magazine and wasn't paying much attention to the people filing by. Then I hear an "excuse me" and before I could even slightly look up I saw a big set of tits right in front of my face! Not naked tits but a lot of cleavage. She was moving to the seat next to me and had to bend over a little and that put her tits right in front of my face. For a second I was a little annoyed that my private space had been broken but after I noticed the awesome globes of flesh I no longer minded.

She sat down next to me. We greeted each other and began a little small talk. We had similar builds but she was slightly bigger but had a very athletic body. In fact she was a personal trainer. My tits are 36C so I am not too shabby myself. But her tits dwarfed mine. And they looked oh so good! Hey, I love a nice set of tits as much as guys.

As we talked I couldn't help from looking down and getting of glimpse of those awesome mounds. I was trying to be sneaky but I wasn't doing a good job of it. I just couldn't help myself. I was a little embarrased. So we began talking about boobs. Now hers were enhanced which is ok. Some people don't like that but I am ok with it.

Nice tits are nice tits! Her shirt was low cut and Lesbian boob stories pulled it down so that her nipples almost popped out. Fuck her tits were so amazing!

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I just kept staring and staring. I just could not help myelf. I was mesmorized by those fucking tits! After a while in the air and much conversation she said she needed to use the restroom. As she got up she faced me to scoot on by to get to the aisle. She had no choice but to pur her ample boobs near my face once again. Of course I had no problem with this.

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As she got right in front of me she moved back and buried my face in her tits! Oh fucking wow!! She moved her in a circular motion and rubbed those fuckers all over my face. After doing this for a few seconds she went on to the restroom. I sat in my chair with my eyes closed remembering the awesome sight and awesome sensations I had just experienced. Then suddenly I felt the same feelings again. On her way back she once again pressed her tits into my face. This time she was a little more forceful and held there for a few more seconds. She sat down and we both smiled at each other.

I so much wanted to see all of Lesbian boob stories tits and feel so much more of them. The plane landed and we both had connecting flights to different places. I was a little sad wishing this would continue. But guess what. Both of our flights were delayed by an hour. I then told her that I couldn't help myself.

I wanted to see all of her gorgeous tits. She had no problem with that and he found the nearest women's restroom. Luckily it wasn't very crowded and we both crammed in a stall together. I was ready to pull down her shirt, admire those amazing tits and give them a tongue lashing.

But before I could act she did. We both were wearing loose fitting shirts that could easily be pulled down and expose our boobs. She pulled mine down and started to massage my tits and began sucking them like mad. Lesbian boob stories soon pulled her shirt down and wow wow did her tits look so amazing. These were the best tits I had ever seen. She shoved my face in them and I sucked them so hard. I just couldn't get enough.

After several minutes of sucking and foddling each others tits we stopped for a few seconds to catch our breath. Then she asked me, "Have you ever had a boob blowjob?

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As she sucked it she started to take a little more of my left boob in her mouth. She was literally sucking my boob into her mouth. She kept sucking as the flesh of my boob as her mouth made suck noises. She was sucking very hard. Her mouth as opening more and I could feel more and more of my boob go slowly into her mouth. She got a little more than half of it in her mouth I would say and it felt so amazing.

Then she slowly pushed my boob out of her mouth and when she was back to the nipple she started sucking it back in. She slowly sucked it back in and then slowly out again. Holy shit!! I was getting a boob blowjob! If felt so amazing. I could only imagine how getting both of my tits sucked at the same time like this would feel.

She finally got to good sucking pace and she "blowed" me for several minutes. She then let me do one of her tits. Her tits here so huge I could not get much into my mouth but I had fun trying! And she enjoyed it to. We eventually went our separate ways Lesbian boob stories we still keep in touch. So there you go. Give it a try guys and girls. Try a boob blowjob. Thanks for reading this and let me know what you think!! Lesbian lesbian big tits.

Lesbian boob stories

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