Lesbian catfight stories

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Not many other writers will have goblins wrestling, prehistoric war-priestesses dueling alongside their giant Lesbian catfight stories, or lesbian sumo wrestlers becoming rivals and lovers simultaneously. What can I say? The right person can be beat down and a righteous champ can be dethroned to keep up the drama and make people angry but excited. Fighters are forcefully being into submission holds, showing off their bodies in ways they would never do in sex or modeling.

Whether a smaller woman beats a bigger one with dirty tricks Lesbian catfight stories raw skill always remains to be seen, able to be turned around with one theatrical twist at the perfect moment. Sadism and masochism get involved and the shock those entail, except that most of the stories will have each fighter being both roles at one time or another as the tide turns again and again.

They fight. They settle. That little pudding gut of yours done in already? Thought you took at least TWO punches last time. Steph was hurled back as her body limply staggered into the corner by the weighted blow. Steph only stayed up by holding the ropes, making her easy prey for Martina.

Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart work out all kind of bad blood in front of the club patrons and in a ring perfect for they two. Our two history-rich starlets decide to have a spar to prepare for an upcoming move. And though their boxing match starts friendly, it ends anything but. Carmen had left her bathtub full from when Trish rang her doorbell, and the steam had built up so that the mirrors were fogged over.

Trish started to move in on her when Carmen grabbed one of the towels that had landed halfway in the tub. She hastily whipped it at Trish, getting the half-naked wrestler to shout as it cracked against her thigh. She jumped and recoiled, convincing Carmen too twist it up again and give her another lash to the belly. Vic finally relented and pulled back up on the chair, letting Trish grab at her throat and roll over, coughing and gasping for air as her pretty face went through a few of the uglier colors it had in its palette. She rolled over to face upward again, just for Victoria to toss the chair down at her.

It hit with a quick and startling but harmless clatter over her head, just for Vicky to jump up deliver a leg drop on top of it, smashing the metal into her face.

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Trish flopped underneath it, laying motionless under the chair. After a supermarket buggy bump, two women of different races meet and let their wild sides take control. When the animosity of an Indian and Pakistani pair of rivals explode, they brawl hard. Curse worse. And give you all the racial hate you might desire. In Victorian Britain, two young ladies fell in love with the same officer.

Not willing to leave the good man to their rival, they send each other letters with insults first and finally the demand for a duel. This fight is fought with the weapons of a woman, knitting needles. Special Thanks : This story has been provided by its commissioner: DerMonarch.

Sounds like more fake news to me! The heated words flew back and forth like gunfire, heating the lounge into a frenzy. One taunt added to the last and stuck to the following one in turn, snowballing out of control of even their mistresses, and they knew it. With Lesbian catfight stories much momentum, it was going to turn the brothel into a battlefield. Their first battle was brutal, exhausting, and terrible.

But where most women would wilt and wail at the thought of a second engagement, these office rivals dive in, head-first. Two rival yoga instructors, a mat, and a camera is all this story needs to get your Downward Facing Dog or Triangles excited. Here two sexy vampire ladies meet in the streets at night. Two aristocratic Roman ladies have a heated argument. At some point, both are so angry that they want to solve the dispute by force and two slaves have to fight to bring the decision.

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Her hands went right down the soft and smooth legs before Tips just grabbed her by the crotch, burying two fingers into her wet pussy and another into her ass. Milk gave a startled shriek as Tips squeezed her holes like a bowling ball until she let go and bounced back.

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The cute face let out a pained shout, doubling up and her grip weakening a bit. Becky repeated the underhanded move twice more, Sammie weakening a bit more each time before falling to her knees. Sammie shrieked and hopped up a bit, holding her eye as it watered and Bedlam giggled eagerly.

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It is the oldest rivalry most of us can remember. Betty and Veronica. Until this battle has ended, and the right to take him has been earned. Alone in a castle for a week, Jasmine and Ariel talk each other into a titfight and then a sexfight to decide who controls within the walls while their men are away. When Ariel finds a perfect pair of purple breast-covers she moves to take them.

But before she can seize her new attire, she must first titbox another young mermaid for the right. But when Crystal refuses to leave, a battle for membership ensues. One you absolutely cannot miss. At that, Tigra let out a feral screech and threw herself at Cheetah. She let out her primal instincts mixed with her personal anger as she slammed into the cat burglar, grabbing her wrists and slamming her into the far wall. Cheetah beat her fists across her back to make her let go, but the tigress held on and turned her flexible back over to suplex her foe into the hard tile floor.

Her face was a panicked Lesbian catfight stories of pain and horror, PG singlehandedly holding her out in front of her with a confident smile on her face. The blonde tugged on her handful of her costume, making the captive heroine bounce painfully in her power wedgie. Harley let out another childish squeak as she backed off holding her aching head and ringing ears. Diana rose once again, one arm cradling her sore and bright-red breasts. Her other hand was free to punch the disoriented Harley right in the face, sending her stumbling back into the ropes.

Who gets Peter? Who truly deserves him? Read and find out! Marvel by the hair. Her head whipped to one side, stunning her so that Rogue could give her a second knee to the face. Diana shrieked as the tough leather boots crushed her chest once again, sending her toppling over the ropes.

The crowd cheered at the powerful blow that left Diana laying face first in the sand of the arena, groaning and just slowly pushing herself back up. She had hardly lifted herself up when she heard the audience cheering and clapping ominously. Diana lifted her head, looking around in a daze while Hippolyta nimbly climbed to the top turnbuckle and leapt after her daughter. Well have a closer look. Giganta squeezed them together with her hands on either side, crushing and squashing her from both directions.

Diana grunted and shouted the whole time, trying to swim her way through all the soft flesh that swallowed her from all sides. Outside of the top, Giganta licked her lips and played it up for the camera as if she were performing some colossal tit fuck rather than crushing her hated foe.

Greer and Rahne met up again in secret at one of the several Avenger safehouses. It was a cozy and practical setup, a large two-story Lesbian catfight stories modified to include a med bay, a minimal arsenal, and most importantly, a padded training room. They came with a small gym bag each, and as Tigra set eyes on the Scottish woman she smirked and pulled a studded black dog collar out of her bag, making sure that she saw it.

Daenerys may have her sun and stars, but in the eyes of one of the Lesbian catfight stories People, she is still an outsider — an unworthy one at that. That is until she who believes as much tests the white-haired Targaryen in front of Khal Drogo and the tribe. With the threat of the Sons of the Harpies everywhere, Daenerys sees possible treachery even in loyal allies.

Lesbian catfight stories

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Lesbian Catfight Stories