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Collected by laceymariestarr. Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Her plans were anything but benevolent. Comment: Human Toilet Abduction : by Mitzi Forbes Synopsis: Walking home at night I was suddenly abducted by four men who then imprisoned me to use as their fuck pig and in time as their human toilet as well. I soon craved these men to use me this way. Comment: Unexpected circumstances. Comment: My Daughter Slave : by Oak Synopsis: Charlene is Lesbian human toilet stories very temperamental teenager, who forces her petite and meek mother to become her slave.

Can they contain their orgasms to win the prize or will they be sentenced to a potentially endless punishment? Comment: What happened to Mary? It starts after the story "Cindy's lessons". Cindy used Mary and tries to make up for it but Mary wants revenge. Comment: My Final Resting Place : by Bpyro Synopsis: A story of finality and the moments, care and love leading up to the compleation of a life long dream Angel islater rewarded with some depravity of her own that she has learned to crave.

Comment: Madame President : by Hemo Synopsis: Two political rivals settle it the old fashioned way Comment: Kaminari : by 2ndMeere Synopsis: The subtexts, undercurrents, and myriad happenings at an all-girls school in Japan. Jenny was angry and hurt. Her friend, Cindy had tricked and influenced her to blackmailing her mother into becoming their slave. They humiliated and tortured her for Cindy and her friend's amusement. After Sarah broke free of her slavery. Jenny and Sarah were determined to teach Cindy a lesson.

Jenny wanted more than anything to show Cindy what it felt like for Sarah. Sarah wanted to teach Cindy a lesson but Jenny wanted take her revenge out on Cindy. Comment: A New Guinea Pig : by DarkPoet Synopsis: Jill had absolutely no clue what working as a sales agent for medical tools might entail - needless to say, she was rather hesitant to the fun.

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Not that she was left much choice, her devious female boss had seen to that - and now that she's in, pain and humiliation seem to wait around every corner. Comment: Little Miss Piggy : by Dirty Dreamer Synopsis: Claire is busty 17 year old is hypnotised by her two best friends and her mind is modified in turn to remove her free will and give her a foot fetish along with many other new attributes.

Comment: Baby Business : by margot Synopsis: Girl is kidnapped to have babies which will be sold to adoption agencies. Discovery can be hell. Comment: My Daughter Becomes My Mistress : by Lockedup57 Synopsis: I was into self-bondage but this desire would soon get much more complicated when my children found out.

I never knew how strong my daughter could be.

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She became my mistress and I became her servant. She instantly knew her life would get better and much more pleasurable knowing her mother would serve her every whim. Is this what I wanted??? Comment: Changes : by Ninja Turtle Synopsis: A guy has his girlfriend submit to changes in her body, the changes start of mild but end up extreeme Comment: Vae Damnati : by C. Aelius Synopsis: Violence, sadism and love in a world secretly inhabited by an immortal race of Vampires.

Spans the entire scope of BDSM from romantic scenes by lovers, all the way to sadistic domination of unwilling slaves. Comment: Sis and I : by Rabbit1 Synopsis: His sister breaks up with her live in boyfriend --and he goes to confort her. Now, for the first time in ten years, she finally acknowledges the dirty games they used to play, and reveals to Nick he's not the only one who remains deeply kinky. Comment: Daughter Seduced and Degraded : by Jellyman Synopsis: A father manipulates his daughter to seduce him, and then continues sex with her despite her reluctance. She then has sex with her boyfriend, but after she breaks up with him, he arranges and participants in a revenge rape.

The girl is also blackmailed and dgraded by others, including 2 of her rapists after the initial rape. Comment: Chloe - Dominated and Degraded : by Lex Ludite Synopsis: Domination and degradation in the extreme as Chloe Starkers, a young FBI agent on the fast track, is forced to exchange her freedom and dignity in exchange for her supervisor's silence about certain elements of her personal life.

Chloe endures a variety of fiendish torments as well as rape as she is slowly transformed into his mindless slave. Dean Synopsis: For many years, James had thought of Debbie as the near perfect woman. After making her his own he le her down the path to becoming his perfect love toy. Unfortunately, he discovers that even perfection has its flaws.

Comment: The Family Vlad : by Lex Ludite Synopsis: Can Chief Vlad, a brutal, uncaring policeman handle the pressures caused by his nympho wife, Vicky, their sexually precocious children, and his arch rival, Candi Kurtz, a well connected police woman with obvious feelings for his wife and the potential to become Vlad's sex slave. Only time will tell as the story of the Vlad family slowly unfolds.

This is not one for the squeamish or politically correct among us. In Part 2, her submission deepens, and she recruits another girl to help serve her master. Comment: On the Table : by Benfan Synopsis: A young woman wakes up in a strange clinic, where she learns she is to be converted into a living sex toy.

Inspired by the art of Simon Benson. Comment: Daddy Kidnaps Daughters : by Jellyman Synopsis: A father lusts for his teen daughters, and arranges for them to be kidnapped and broken sexually Comment: English Wife : by Citizen X Synopsis: Newly-blossomed sadist Marisa deals her philandering husband a long overdue lesson in obedience.

Story is verbally told to also submissive friends and documented. Publishing here permitted by Diane. Comment: Second Thoughts : by J Battier Synopsis: A chance encounter with a married couple on an online alternative dating service le to a weekend fantasy experiment that may prove to be a lot more real than Mike had ever intended. Comment: A day out : by Lady Kate Synopsis: Sarah meets a woman that she has talked to on the Internet and get more than she bargained for. She is to become live stock Holly this little brat will soon get what's coming to her However, if she was in jeopardy of sexual abuse, rape and death if she failed then it might be more stimulating Comment: Remote Control Love Slave : by Depr ved Synopsis: A well to do man sends his step daughter off to a clinic for some extreme modifications, turning her into a remote control sex slave.

Her mother is led to believe she was sent to a girls school to learn manners and dicipline Comment: Feeding the dogs : by Depr ved Synopsis: This is a sick twisted little Lesbian human toilet stories that someone requested I write. A man captures a young girl who is first sodomized by a group of dogs, feed slowly to another group of dogs while she struggles, then brutally killed.

What should she do Lesbian human toilet stories it?

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Comment: Iniquity : by Cobalic Synopsis: Kate and Jessica planned, and executed, a plan to make them richer then they ever dreamed possible. This story will be updated as it is Lesbian human toilet stories Comment: Friends : by The Outsider Synopsis: Three helpless women are kidnapped and given new lives. Smith Synopsis: Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. The Gatherers whoever they might be have decided humans make a tasty staple for their diet. Blue, a beautiful young female human,is scheduled to be included in their next harvest. Comment: Pleasure In Control : by julie julia Synopsis: Julia lands a dream job with a top fashion lingerie house that le her into a life of beautiful women and daring sexual exploits.

In this autobiographical story, Julia explores her sexuality and her body as well as her new contacts. Gradually she pushed the boundaries of her experiences and enters a secret world of lesbian passion, sex and more. Comment: Mom's Mistake : by Jethro Jodhpur Synopsis: His mom's unquenchable need for sex and pain is getting in the way of progress so her teenage son and his girlfriend solve the problem by renting mom's body to the local sex maniacs and sadists; a win-win for all concerned provided mom can keep up with the customer demand for her unique services.

She decides to visit her husband after hours only to find her dreams come true. To this end she is put aboard a cruise ship. Comment: The Ex-daughter in Law : by Pallidan Synopsis: Ex-daughter in law returns to the home that kicked her out to enact her revenge on the family. The torturer is the woman's own lesbian lover who simply loves going to town on her sub. Comment: She's My Bitch Now : by Pallidan Synopsis: Boss's Ex-wife and daughter shows up at work one day to make his secretary and him into their personal bitches.

It turns out they have their own reasons and agenda. It works out well for almost all concerned as he enjoys the sexual favors of a wide spectrum of kinky bed partners and is kept abreast of his cheating wife's travails. She is used and abused, big time, by an army of off the wall swingers, outraged wives, sadistic lawmen, religious fanatics and downright strange folk that people this lengthy tale. This is not for the faint hearted.

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