Lesbian slumber party stories

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Slumber Party Girls slumber party ends with lesbian sex and incest and squirt sharing. The 3 girls all around 12 or 13 would go to bed right after a bath. Mom kissed them goodnight and than it was lights out. They chatted a little and than one talked about having sex.

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The other girls were very curious hearing what girls and boys can do to each other and wanted to know more. The girl went on talking about making out and as the other girls got even more curious one asked how to do it. Here, let me show you, with that she embraced the other girl and put her lips on hers. She licked her lips across the other girls lips but when the girl would not open her mouth she stopped. Did I do something wrong? Yes, you are suppose to open your lips and put your tongue in my mouth.

They tried again and as both girls opened their lips and explored each others mouth and flicked tongues soon they were making out passionately. The girl watching got impatient, I want to try to she cried. The 2 girls stopped making out and Lesbian slumber party stories one teaching turned to the new girl. They pressed their lips together and soon they too made out very passionately. They stopped after a few minutes to get some breath. That was sooooo much fun, I could do that all night long the girls exclaimed. The girl teaching explained that there is so much more.

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She lowered herself and started licking and sucking on those still under developed but perky tits. Oooooh, that feels good cried the girl. The other girl ed in and licked and sucked the other nipple. They kept sucking each others little tittis for a while when one of the girls noticed she was getting wet between her legs. It tingles she said. She knelt on the bed and had the other girls laying next to each side.

Now if you were with boys she said, they would do this. With that she started rubbing her fingers over the girls pussys. The girls started moaning softly and soon she inserted a finger and than two while rubbing their clits. The girls got louder in their moaning and soon one said it feels like I have to pee soon.

The teaching girl assured her that she does not but is about to have a climax and assured her to just let it happen. Sure enough, very soon after that both girls came about the same time. That was fun exclaimed the girls, can we do that again? The teaching girl said I have more to teach you. She got down between one of the girls and started licking her pussy.

The girl moved and buckled. Than she stopped and went down on the other girl. Again, the girl started to buckle too. After a while she stopped and suggested a better way for all of us to have fun at the same time. The girls formed a triangle and licked each other. The teaching girl soon started sucking on the clit Lesbian slumber party stories than asked the girls to do the same to everybody.

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The party got hotter and the mourning loud. They all got pretty close to climax when…. Home Incest stories Girls slumber party.

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Slumber Party Girls slumber party ends with lesbian sex and incest and squirt sharing The 3 girls all around 12 or 13 would go to bed right after a bath. Spread the love.

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Lesbian slumber party stories

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