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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. A Wild Night at the Stripclub Posted Fri 26th of December Report. I had very recently started dating a guy when I found out it was his birthday. I asked him what he was doing and he said him and all his friends were going to the strip club to celebrate. I really do. I think being naked is nothing to be ashamed of and if these women can make money doing it, why not? I declined politely and told him I barely knew him we had only been dating two weeks and that he could go out and just have a good time with the guys.

He put the guilt Lesbian stripper sex stories on me so I finally accepted his invitation. The night of his Lesbian stripper sex stories I had to meet them at the strip club because I was working until about midnight. I had been to a few strip clubs before when I was teenager and had never been to this specific strip t. I arrived at about quarter to one in the morning and damn, I looked good.

I was wearing a vintage mini dress with a belt with brown boots. I was wearing pantyhouse underneath the dress because it was a November night and unseasonably chilly. I paid the cover charge at the door and made my way into the darkened, main area. There were 4 stages, all lit up with neon lights on the ceiling. I saw Matt wave to me from across the room and I made my way over. Over the next few hours, I had a great time. That was something that Matt had no idea about. In fact, no one did. I had only had a few lesbian experiences prior and had told no one about them.

I believe that every girl is entitled to have a few naughty secrets. They always came to me first before they went to any of the guys sitting around me. I was definitely turned on but not overly so…until I saw her. None of the girls really tickled my fantasy no pun intended except one.

She was either very light skinned black or biracial. She was very skinny, small tits but had a great little bubble butt. She came into the stage in a neon yellow bikini. I immediately put a few dollars right in front of me. As soon as she saw me do it, she came right over with more enthusiasm then any of the other strippers had. I smiled back.

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She untied her bikini top and put it around my neck. I have a big fetish for nipples. I motorboated her and she smelled so good. She then started to feel me up. The guys began hollering and clapping and I loved the attention. She actually dipped under the cup of my bra and pinched my nipple. I instantly clenched up. That was my weak spot. She untied her bikini bottoms and her spread her legs for Matt and I.

She had her clit pierced and had a big purple barbell going through it. If I had any doubts as to if Whisper liked girls, they were erased as soon as I saw that piercing. She continued her routine for a few more minutes and I watched her intently. I feel minutes later, as the next girl began her performance, I felt as though the chair I was sitting in was wet. I got up and looked down at the seat and then put my hand on it to feel it. He reached back and felt my ass.

I thought started to panic that I started my period.

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I told him I was going to find the bathroom. She said there was no bathrooms for females, just the bathroom in the back aka backstage. She said she had to go back there first and let them know a customer was going to be coming in.

She went in the back, a few seconds later came out, smiled, and said it was fine. I walked through the door labeled PRIVATE and was surprised to see it looked like a gym locker room…a very raunchy gym locker room, that is. There were about half a dozen strippers back there, some eating Chinese takeout, some doing their hair and makeup and I saw one on the house phone.

The strip club was a relatively nice place but the bathroom looked like it belonged in a crackhouse. My underwear, as well as the crotch part of the pantyhose were soaking wet. I had no idea I was that turned on and I knew it had to have been Whisper that got me that wet. I peed and just as I was wiping myself and my inner thighs that were also wet with my juicesthe doors swung open.

There she was. Whisper stood in the doorway and as soon as she turned around on the toilet, apologized profusely and turned her back. Do you mind if I just grab some baby wipes under the sink? God, she was gorgeous. She walked over to the sink as I struggled with my pantyhose. She bent down, opened the cabinet doors and took out a huge box of baby wipes. She started to untie her bikini bottoms. She laughed too. She thanked me and put her bikini bottoms on the sink. She propped one leg up and started wiping herself with the baby wipes.

I was stunned. She must have caught how badly I was trying to advert my eyes Lesbian stripper sex stories her tan shaven pussy as she wiped it with the moistened towelette. She then took her fingers and spread her pussy lips all the way open so I could see her pink little hole. She giggled and continued to wipe herself. You should ditch the guys and stay here with me. I had a million thoughts going through my head. How could I ditch Matt on his birthday? Am I ballsy enough to fuck a stripper?

Are they clean? Do they do this a lot? Where would we do this? She smiled and said goodbye and went back out to Matt and his friends. He asked me what took so long and I just lied and said I had to wait to use the bathroom because it was occupied. Around 4 in the morning the club started to empty out and Matt and his friends were blind drunk. I told them I think it was time we Lesbian stripper sex stories and Matt asked if I wanted him to come with me since I had driven there alone.

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I kissed Matt goodbye, got in my car and pretended to follow them. Just as I said, I pulled into the gas station, waited for them to be out of sight and then turned around and headed back to the stripclub.

Lesbian stripper sex stories

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