Lipstick discipline story

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Crystal's StorySite storysite. Janet L. Stickney JanetLynn17 Hotmail. Taking my first step did nothing but make me miserable, yet once my parents heard my footsteps, I couldn't stop; they wouldn't tolerate it, and I didn't want to get smacked again.

I walked down the stairs and into the familyroom, not only my skirt, but also my hair, flouncing with every step. I wasn't expecting to see anyone but my parents, but there was a whole group of ladies there!

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Grabbing the hem of the skirt with each hand, I pulled it out and curtsied, keeping my eyes locked on mom like she told me. It was humiliating to stand there in front of all of the women in our family dressed that way, but not one of them seemed the slightest bit concerned. In fact, there were several comments on things they thought could be done a bit better, or could make me more feminine. In any case, they were all talking about my becoming a girl, and how much they all looked forward to it.

I stood there silently, almost to the point of tears, only the threat of a more severe punishment making me hold back the tears. I wore a shiny plum colored satin dress trimmed in white lace, the skirt held out with several layers of petticoats. Shiny white socks that went to my knees and white Maryjanes on my feet were nothing compared to the rest. My hair, long and dark brown, had been done in pigtails with ribbons to match the dress, my face was completely made up including lipstick, I wore perfume, had pierced ears and a small gold necklace.

The soft brown teddy bear I was holding merely the exclamation point on an already miserable day. I was allowed to sit down, careful to smooth out my skirt like my mother showed me, listening as my mother told everyone in great detail what my punishment was, how long it would last, then told me directly that I would attend all of the functions all of the other girls in the family attended, then emphasized once again how I would dress.

I was a sorry sight, and not at all the rambunctious boy that I was just a few days earlier. When it came time, I was taken to the front door and had to curtsy to each woman as she left, thanking her for listening. When they all Lipstick discipline story I finally broke down, crying, sobbing really, unable to hold back my frustrations any longer.

My mother merely stood there waiting for me to stop, then took me by the hand and led me back to my new room. After wiping my face clean. Whatever made you Lipstick discipline story that it was a good idea to do something so stupid?

You could have said no at any time, but you ignored all that good sense you have, and now look at you! Do you have any idea just how ridiculous you look? As it is, Billy is in jail, which is where he'll likely stay for a few years, and you're going to be wearing a dress for the same length of time! You're very lucky that Mrs. Collins did not insist on it, or you would be in even worse trouble.

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As it is now, and you heard it from the judge, you will become the epitome of feminine charm and grace, and wear nothing but clothes a girl your age would wear. We made you wear this outfit today to impress on you the gravity of your situation, but I want to remind you once again that any infraction of the judges ruling or any of my rules, and I'll have you back in this kind of dress every day, including at school. Am I making myself clear? Now that we understand each other, why don't we get you out of those clothes and into something a little less frilly?

That something else was a navy skirt with a white blouse and black shoes. My hair was taken out of the pigtails and brushed to look more normal, for a girl. When she was done helping me change, she sat on the chair and took each of my hands in her own.

We have been told by the school that they support the judges decision, and while it will be hard on you, they have told us that they will see to it that you are not harmed in any way, and will see that you are ased to the proper classes. Now, you may go outside and play, but do not leave the yard. As if I would leave the yard! I went outside, still afraid to make her mad, and sat on the lone swing wondering how I could have been so stupid!

When Billy told me about it, it sounded like a great prank, and I eagerly went along with him, watching as he used the lighter fluid to soak the small stage. His plan was to set it off during the show, just to scare everyone. What happened was that the lighter fluid set the backstage props on fire, which led to the total destruction of not only the props, but the clothes the models were supposed to wear as well, and ruined a good portion of the stage flooring. And that Lipstick discipline story include two broken arms and a bunch of scrapes caused by the models and others running out the back door.

The minute I saw the first flames I knew that we were in big trouble, I just didn't know how big. Fortunately, Billy's dad was very rich, and he paid for the damages, under court order of course, but Lipstick discipline story money did not keep Billy out of jail for arson.

He got years, maybe five years in jail if he behaved himself. I got to wear a dress because I'm two years younger than he is. I'm 14, not old enough to be charged as an adult, while he had just turned 16 and was fully liable, as an adult. I was in court when I heard the sentence that Billy got, and my heart sunk to a new low level because I fully expected to get the same treatment. But I was tried separately, in a closed courtroom because of my age, and had to sit there while the details of my crime were laid out for the judge.

She didn't say much during the trial, except when I was questioned by my lawyer, the Prosecutor, and herself. Since I had admitted my participation there wasn't any doubt that I was involved, only the level of my help was in question. However, you are guilty, you admit that much, so my only job is to determine punishment, something that will impress upon you the gravity of your situation and maybe make you think twice before you embark on another adventure like this one.

What was that all about?! We didn't! When we were all in her office, she read out loud all of the punishments that I could get. I could be sent to a reform school and serve the same time as Billy, being transferring to the same adult facility when I turned 16, or I could be held in the reform school until I was 25! In either case I Lipstick discipline story do the same time Billy got.

There was obviously another option, which the judge said she was reluctant to voice, but finally did. A close friend of mine chose this option for her son when he became unruly and constantly in trouble, and it was she that suggested it. Your lawyer and you parents are aware of this option, however we have all agreed that since it falls outside of the normal scope and guidelines of the law and this court, I will not order it unless you yourself agree to it.

If you decline, then I will sentence you according to the existing laws. Is that clear? What that means is that if you accept, within one week you will be wearing nothing but girls clothes. You will conduct yourself in a ladylike manner, and attend school as a girl.

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The terms of this agreement, if you accept it, will be that you serve your sentence as a girl full time, with the same sentence length as your friend Billy. If you have any questions at all, now is the time to ask them. I did understand. Life as I knew it was about to end one way or another, the only question was how? I didn't want to go to jail, not even a reform school, not after what I had heard about those places, which left only one way out.

I looked at Lipstick discipline story mother who sat there stoically grim faced and positively angry. Will you accept this offer, or shall I send you to jail? I hated it. I was repulsed by the very idea that I would have to wear dresses, and just knew that I would be the laughing stock of anyone that saw me, but the thought of going to jail was worse, so I hung my head and said one word.

Twenty minutes later when I received my punishment, the principal of another school I was told, was in the room as well as our lawyer, my parents, the judge and me.

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That's when I first heard what was going to happen to me in any detail. Then, the principal told me that she would expect me to participate in all of the functions the girls did, including ballet classes and gym as well as home economics. She said she would make sure that I could shower alone, but other than that, I would be treated just like the rest of the girls.

I had no idea who she was or what she was talking about, but looking over, I could see my dad sitting there silently as mom told me the finer details, including how I would dress at all times. Then mom added that the very first thing she was going to do was get my hair set in a perm to make it easier for me to take care of! I listened to it all with a sinking heart, because I knew, since the judge had just told me, that I would graduate from school and start college before the end of the 5 year minimum, and that's only if Billy minded himself!

If he screwed up, I could be dressing as a girl until I was 26, and that was the courts order, not my parents, and turning 21 wouldn't change the courts order! I left the courtroom wondering if jail might not have been better. I didn't want to become a stupid girl, and couldn't see how they could make me into one! That night I was subjected to the most rigorous scrubbing I ever got, and every inch of my body was checked for hair, which was removed quickly and painfully with either tweezers or wax, leaving me sore but hairless from the eyebrows down, even in my groin.

Then I had to stand there in that silly dress and let the ladies of our family critique how I looked, as if I were some kind of doll they were playing with. As bad as Lipstick discipline story that was, there wasn't any doubt in my mind that very worst was going to be when I stepped into the school dressed as a girl. They had promised me I would not be hurt, but I knew that the other kids would find out, and virtually shun me, leaving Lipstick discipline story to myself to take the taunts alone, becoming an outcast whether the principal liked it or not.

I was ready to kill myself rather than face it, because the next two and a half years of high school were definitely not going to be a fun time for me.

Lipstick discipline story

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