Lois griffin sex story

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Some what worried she quickly walked over to his half open door and looked in on him. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw her son lying on his bed stark naked rapidly stroking his massive thick cock. Explain this to me! Chris looked up at his mom still casually stroking his massive cock. Chris admired his mothers breasts which jutted out above him. He had intentionally left his door open hoping she would catch him stroking his massive dick.

Ever since his night with his older sister meg he could not stop thinking about sex. More and more his thoughts had turned to his sexy mother. It feels good to touch my dick so i do. Before Lois could compose herself Chris sat up p and taking his hand from his cock grabbed her wrist. It was massive at least 12 inches long and about six inches around their must have been at least a half inch gap between her finger tips this surely was one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen in here life.

What had come over her? Meg and i did lots Lois griffin sex story fun stuff together. I fantasize about you mom. Lois looked down at her son her pussy getting moist as she thought about the fact that her son pictured her when he masturbated. Her hair spread out around her tickling Chris where it touched his stomach and legs.

Chris moaned loudly as his mother ran her tongue along his 12 inch shaft as she sucked him. Her hands where fondling his balls as her mouth moved up and down on his thick long shaft. She loved rubbing her nose against his stomach as she took all of him into her mouth the smoothness of his balls and pubic area excited her. She caressed his stomach his chest, his legs then she slid her hands underneath him cupping his butt cheeks squeezing them. Oh yeah that feels so good.

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Let me taste your cum Chris. She sucked hard on his long cock working him with her wet tight lips and tongue. Lois held it all in her mouth until Chris was done spurting then she let his massive cock slip out from between her wet lips and started swirling his cum around in her mouth. Smiling wide but keeping her mouth tightly shut Lois moved up to the head of the bed moving her face close to her son. Chris was in heaven as his mother had just given him the greatest blowjob of his life!

He smiled and kissed her then he felt her mouth open against his and suddenly a thick, tangy liquid was sliding out of her mouth and into his. It was his own cum! Then Lois broke the kiss and they both swallowed the cum in their mouths. Lois smiled down at her son.

Do you and dad do that? I tried to get him to try it once but he refused.

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She unbuttoned her slacks then stopped smiling down at Chris. Tentatively he reached up and grabbed the waist band of her slacks and slowly started pulling them over her hips and down her legs. Lois stepped out of them and Chris tossed them across the room. He then started to slid his hands up her long smooth legs caressing her smooth skin. He was about to pull down her white cotton panties when she stopped him. She slowly slipped it off her firm breasts and let it fall to the floor.

Her dark bush was neatly trimmed her pink lips already wet with her juices. Lois gasped and jerked when Chris rubbed his fat thumb along her wet clit.

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He ran his tongue up and down her tight wet cunt from bottom to top then pushed it in deeply. Then he put his lips to her wet pussy kissing her nether lips. He worked his tongue in and out some more then Chris focused on her clit sucking it and teasing it with his tongue. OH YES!! Chris stood up then leaned down over his mother. He kissed her passionately on the lips forcing his tongue into her mouth. Lois loved the taste of her own pussy juice. It was times like Lois griffin sex story that she wished she was flexible enough to go down on herself so that she could get her juices directly from the source.

Lois and Chris kissed again then broke off with both of them breathing heavily. Chris looked down at his mother lying on his bed with her legs hanging off the side at that moment Chris considered her to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Chris smiled brightly as he fucked his mother with the pleasurable feeling of her slippery wet cunt around his thick cock.

It felt even better than he had imagined it would. Chris thrust a few more times with much more energy slamming his mothers tight cunt hard with each thrust of his thick cock then he suddenly pulled his long thick cock out wrapping his hand around the thick shaft and pumping rapidly on his monster cock. His prick was still half way hard and he knew it would take no time at all to get it all the way hard again. She sucked hard on his long cock working him with her wet tight lips and tongue until it was again stiff and ready to fuck her hard.

Taking his long dick in her hand she lowered herself down on to his monster cock. Chris moaned as she ran the head of his thick long cock along her wet pussy lips before sinking down all the way onto it taking it deep into to her tight wet cunt. She could feel her pulse racing as she came closer and closer to orgasm. Chris could feel himself getting closer to climax and rammed his mother harder and faster the closer he got.

Then Lois sat up straight placing her hands on Chris chest and squatting over him Lois griffin sex story she bounced up and down on his long cock. Lois moaned slamming herself hard against her son. Lois collapsed against Chris who was also breathing heavily as she snuggled against his chest. She kissed her son lightly on the cheek.

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Lois griffin sex story

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