Long hair play stories

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Hi friends, I would like to share one of my personal true incidents with you.

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This story is all about my love for long hair. Act ually, I am crazy and have a fetish for long hair. Long hair is a big turn-on for me. I just cannot stop myself when I see any mature lady with a long hair bun. Especially, when I see any mature lady with long hair tied into a tight bun with hairy nape, I feel it is so erotic.

Let us come to the incident.

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This is an incident about one of my office colleagues who is around years old. She is a long hair sex queen really. Her long hair bun is very big and so sexy. Friends, I swear that even if you see her you cannot control yourself without touching her long hair. Her name is Lata and she is my office colleague. Every days, she comes to my desk for different official work and for taking my help.

Every day I get a glimpse of her bun. I tried to get closer and friendlier with her by cracking many jokes and trying to make her laugh. I also speak about family topics with her. One day, I told her you can come to me any time you need me and my help. In this way some days passed and I became friendly with her. One day, my long haired colleague came to my desk for some work and after the work was finished she just sat near me for more than minutes. We were just gossiping and passing our time when she started asking me about my personal life.

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I told her everything about me. In between, I was making some jokes to make her comfortable and also eyeing her long hair bun.

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You like my hair? My colleague then thanked me again. Here in the office, it is quite impossible. Then I asked her that when there is no one around except you and me, will you allow me to touch your hair? It was around 1 pm which was our lunchtime.

There was nobody in the office except the two of us. She then showed me her bun and asked me how is it? Then I touched her hairy neck and put my finger in her hair and started caressing. After minutes, I pressed her bun but she told me not to press as it will get loose and will open up.

I then released her bun. During lunchtime I told her long hair is a big turn-on for me. Please give me a chance. The time was also the same at about 1 pm and so no one was around us. Then I immediately went behind her without wasting a single moment and took her bun with my right hand and started smelling it. What a sexy smell it was coming out from her bun.

My colleague was standing in front of me.

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I put my nose under her long hair bun and took a deep breath. Then I again started smelling her neck area and holding her bun with my right hand as I lifted her bun. Nobody can see us. Once again, I started smelling and kissing her neck and long hair bun. Slowly, I moved closer to her body from her backside and pressed my erected penis to the midpoint of her buttocks.

I gave a little push to her buttocks. Lata silently stood there for some moments. Somebody will see us. Please leave me for today. This is an office, you can satisfy yourself at some other place. Her long hair bun was about to open up and fall after I released her. We are already late. Some other day you can make my bun.

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Long hair play stories

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