Magic gender swap stories

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So I've been scouring the web and archives for some actually decent stories. I've found a couple and am willing to share if you all can reciprocate. Enjoy I know I did! Swishy fucks up royally on their gender theory but if you ignore their ignorance then the story is actually quite good. Also note that Kate Draffen gets a bit dirty at times. Most anything Bailey Summers and Elsbeth write are good stuff. Anyone know of any other good transgender oriented stories?

I remember reading "For a Girl" years ago.

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I devoured it. Then I spent many a sleepless night wishing that this could happen to me. What a bittersweet memory. I'm 8 chapters into For a Girl right now.

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Does anyone have a link for a story called Alex Divided? It's sex heavy but it's the best Gender Blender story I've ever read. It was taken down from Nifty and I'm dying to read it again The "Bigcloset" links are broken, clicking them brings me to a "Nothing Found". When the servers are working those links should be working, lol siento.

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I'm a little late to the party here but I would highly recommend the Tuck saga. Its a little long and can drag at times, but as far as portraying a realistic transition, its come the closest. I love Kate Draffen and For a Girl too! Devoured those a couple of years ago.

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Found the internet! Actually decent Gender Bender stories Posted by 8 years ago.

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Magic gender swap stories

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Actually decent Gender Bender stories ONLINE!