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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The Man produced two more cuffs hanging at the foot end of the table, where the drain was located, and cuffed his legs spread apart as wide as the table would allow.

Stretched as he was Zach's belly was now sucked in, while his ribcage protruded prominently. His lower back was arched away from the cold steel tabletop. Minutes passed, and Zach lay shivering on the He tested his bonds, flexing his muscles, knowing they would not break, but liking the feel of the soft leather on his skin.

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Eventually the Man returned wearing surgical scrubs. Jesus, Zach thought, maybe he really is going to kill me. He heard about snuff movies. Could he had delivered himself into the hands of a snuff film maker? His body trembled even more with nervous anticipation. The Man said nothing to Zach.

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Instead he turned to look into one of the several cameras that the boy now accepted were in every room of this large, mysterious cellar. Subject is an 18 year old male, in superb physical condition. Height 5ft 8ins, weight lbs, very low body fat, and as you can see, at his sexual prime.

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The Man intended his narrative to dehumanize the boy. To make him feel like an animal about to be experimented upon, and it was working. Zach felt so weird being talked about like this. His nakedness was fully exposed to the cameras and although he felt embarrassed he also felt turned on knowing that at some point hundreds, maybe thousands of men would be masturbating as they watched. To them he was just an object to be used to get their dirty, cheap thrills.

The nerves tightened their cold grip on his guts. His taut belly fluttered with each anxious breathbut still his penis lay stiffly erect on his belly, coating the smooth skin below his belly button with his slick juices. At present the subject remains an anal virgin, although he has allowed himself to be masturbated by another male, and has ingested sperm produced by both himself and another male.

For the purposes of these procedures however we will continue to consider the subject to be predominantly heterosexual. Anal virgin??? Did the Man intend to rape him? Would he make the Zach suck his cock? Those were the things he wanted at the forefront of the boy's turbulent mind. Commenting about the kid's penis size would embarrass, and humiliate him, although Male snuff stories truth the boy was in no way lacking in that department.

Zach lay still, listening to the Man's monologue. The words "anal virgin" shocked him. The possibility that he might be fucked had been thrust firmly to the back of his mind, even though he knew there was every reason to expect it. It was even more likely that before he left this basement he would have been turned into a cocksucker. Now that the Man had brought the idea out into the open Zach shuddered at the prospect, and yet his cock remained rock hard.

The only explanation was that he was indeed a born submissive, and this was "the natural order of things". The Man now wheeled one of the mysterious devices away from the wall and over to the foot of the autopsy table. It was an innocuous looking white box with switches and dials on the front. Unhooking Zach's ankle cuffs from the chains at the foot of the table the Man attached them instead to two chains hanging from the ceiling so that the boys legs were now raised off the table and stretched wide apart.

His ass was now exposed to the view of the man and the cameras. Pipes ran from the machine over to the wall where it had stood, and into a drain in the floor, and another emerged from the front of the apparatus ending in an unpleasant looking foot long metal nozzle.

The machine was intended to be used for colonic irrigation. The Man was planning to clean the boy out internally, while at the same time putting him through some unpleasant discomfort. He was pretty sure the boy had never had his ass played with by anyone, possibly not even himself. This would be a horribly humiliating experience for him, to be exposed and treated this way for the cameras.

Slowly, and deliberately, the man squeezed lube on two of his fingers. The boy raised his head from the table trying to see what was about to happen to him. As the Man brought his fingers, and the cool lube to the boys virgin pucker, he almost leaped off the table, but for the wrist restraints he surely would have I've never had anything up my ass before. But this is to be expected considering his inexperience in this area. Ignoring Zach's pleading the Man used his free hand to squeeze lube onto the boy's still throbbing penis. Then setting the lube aside he began to masturbate the boy.

In a few minutes Zach had begun to moan and writhe on the table. All thought of the fingers at his hole forgotten. Expertly the Man slid his slick hand over the boy's tumescent member. As he pumped Zach's dick the kid's stomach muscles flexed Male snuff stories relaxed, and he began to move his hips, his groans becoming more lustful. Taking his eyes off the hard prick the Man looked along the boys heaving torso, and locked gazes with Zach, whose head was raised, as he watched the Man jerk him off, a dazed look of arousal in his eyes.

Bringing him close to the edge of an orgasm, the boy's body began to stiffen, but before he could cum the man thrust his finger forward, forcing his way past the boys twitching entrance, and making him cry out, more in shock than in pain. Zach was going crazy with the feeling of the hand on his prick.

The idea of being made to cum by the Man in front of these cameras and the men watching made him feel kind of dirty, but also incredibly horny. When he felt the finger penetrate his most private place, he yelped. There was pain, it was true, but it was more the alien feeling of something sliding into him that shocked the startled cry out of him.

Soon a second finger ed the first, and he moaned as he felt them stretch him, opening his virgin hole ready for the colonic nozzle. After a few minutes of the Man enjoying this first fingering of his new boy, he brought the nozzle to the freshly lubed pucker. Before the boy knew what was happening he replaced his probing fingers with the cold metal head of the nozzle, and pushed it up inside the kid's tight chute. The Man wasn't interested in being gentle. The boy was going to have to get used to larger objects than this being shoved up his hot little ass soon enough.

He pushed about 6 inches of the tube up inside the boy, then hit a button on the machine which inflated a balloon around the neck of the tube, locking it in position and sealing the kids hole ready for the water. As the tube slid up inside him Zach felt it hit something up there that made his dick twitch. Then he felt the tube inflate and grunted as it began to fill his rectum. Before he could get used to this new feeling, he heard the machine whir into life, and began to feel cool water flow into his guts.

The Man could easily have used warm water, but he wanted the boy to really feel the sensation of the water filling him up, and there was no doubt that he could. The boy's eyes were wide, as he wriggled his hips, perhaps trying to dislodge the tube. However there was nothing he Male snuff stories do Male snuff stories stop the flow of water up inside him, and slowly the chill liquid swirl and seep deeper and deeper into his bowels.

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Watching the process eagerly, the Man thought he could begin to see the kid's flat stomach begin to distend. The boy was so slim it would not take long for the water to fill him and start to push outward. Now there was a distinct bulge in the kid's stomach and grunts of discomfort had begun to escape his throat. He was wriggling on the steel table, trying to find a comfortable position, but was unable to do so.

The Man watched with pleasure as the boy's belly grew, and his writhing, grunting body began to sweat, as if the water inside was escaping through the pores of his skin.

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Still the Man let the machine pump the water into the boy's guts, until he almost looked pregnant, and was begging the Man to stop. At last he hit a red button on the front of the device, and the flow ceased, but he did not start the pump on the exit tube just yet. Instead he watched as the distressed boy, stomach swollen and cramping began to flail around on the table whimpering, and begging for release. Just to raise the mental torture another notch, he turned his back on the boy and walked out of the room.

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Leaving him to wail and sob into the watching cameras, hoping that the Man would return and save him from his torment. Zach was in terrible discomfort. He had never felt anything like it before. Looking down his stretched sweating, torso, he could see his horribly distended belly, looking like a malnourished child's.

He prayed for help, for some release from the awful stomach cramps, and finally his prayers were answered as the Man came back into the room. Rubbing his hand down the swollen belly the Man enjoyed the moan of pain this elicited, but at last he started the exit pump, sucking out the water and any waste with it, and the boys belly began to slowly deflate.

As he did so he confirmed that the boys penis had remained hard during the whole process. He knew it was most likely a result of the drug he had administered earlier, but the boy did not. He smiled to himself. The muscles of his stomach ached as they finally were allowed to relax again.

His chest and stomach heaved as he panted in near exhaustion. Stage 2 will begin in 20 minutes, allowing the subject a short time to recover. Nest he released Zach's ankles from the overhead chains and reattached them to those at the foot of the table. Then once again Male snuff stories withdrew from the room.

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Left once again to his own devices Zach took Male snuff stories of his situation. He remained apprehensive about what was to happen to him next, but he could not deny that the thought also aroused him. There remained a heat and pressure in his loins which seemed to amplify the pounding heartbeat that surged in his blood vessels and intensify the pulsing throb of his dick. In addition his head swam with a warm and wanton wooziness while periodically an intense rush would fill his body from his toes up through his core and on to the tips of his fingers, and top of his head.

Had he not been recently shaved he was sure his hair would be standing on end. It was an extraordinary feeling, and each time he felt it swell inside of him every muscle in his body tensed as he basked in the subtly salacious sensation Of course Zach wasn't the only one becoming increasingly aroused by his situation.

Although he did not know it, he had developed a growing online following, and as the cameras recorded Zach's predicament, many many pairs of lecherous eyes ogled the sight on their computer screens with a prurient intensity. As Zach reveled in the feelings washing over him, the tightening tendons, and straining sinews accentuated the fine muscular vitality of the boys lovely lean and tantalizingly toned body.

For those online subscribers the next 20 minutes could not pass quickly enough. He is willing to suffer the pain and pleasure to be watched for other men to be excited - his free will has led him to the cold table. Feels like I know Zach. He is about to embrace the inner faggot he Male snuff stories always wanted to be. I feel like Zach. It is tremendously erotic. Could there be a competition in Zach's future with another controlled and dominated jock as both seek the attention and approval of the man? If so how far would Zach go.

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Male snuff stories

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