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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 11th of April Report. Introduction: Dylan brings his neighbours in on the fun. He shot up in bed, realising he was still naked under the covers, and his eyes darted to his laptop, which was still on his bedside table. I got tired so I got back in bed. As soon as his father was gone, Dylan reached for his laptop, and mashed the on button. Dylan panicked, and he hoped desperately that the battery was just flat.

He put his laptop down, and jumped out of bed, at which point he realised his cock was still huge, and still hard as nails. Dylan grabbed the charger and plugged it into the wall and his laptop, flicking the switch on the socket before hopping back into bed, his naked body wanting the comfort even in the late summer. Dylan breathed a sigh of relief when his laptop powered on.

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It mentioned having to turn off suddenly due to power loss, but everything seemed fine. Dylan double clicked on the Master PC icon, and the program loaded up with the familiar logo. I then commanded Gwen Jones to return home and her ordinary life. Can you just shut down the computer?

Satisfied, Dylan grabbed his towel and headed to the bathroom. He turned the shower on, and climbed in. As he washed himself, Dylan thought back to everything that had happened today. Said computer program had then given him genitals worthy of a Greek god, and made a hot girl from school come over and fuck him.

Oh God, everything about it had felt absolutely incredible. His balls were similarly large, dangling impressively from his groin. Dylan grabbed hold of his cock, and stroked it. He whimpered, feeling just how sensitive it was now, so that even this felt absolutely incredible. Dylan continued stroking his cock, and with his new sensitivity, he found himself cumming quickly.

Dylan was taken by surprise by the intensity however. His knees went weak, and he struggled to stand up and his cock shout out copious amounts of semen. Dylan eventually stood back up, and finished showering. He got dressed, and headed downstairs, where his father was waiting. Master pc sex stories woke up at about 9am on Friday the 1st of September, and rolled out of bed.

He put on some jog pants and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I was just thinking, would it be possible to maybe…bring her back to life? Public users may only alter living humans. Lock you at a permanent state of bliss. Dylan gasped, as he felt her tongue lick the tip off his cock. This extends to generating sensations without any physical stimulus. Would you like me to keep going? She made a kissing Master pc sex stories with her lips, and Dylan felt the kiss on the tip of his penis. He moaned, and felt the UI take his entire cock in her mouth.

Dylan looked down at his crotch, and he saw nothing, just his penis moving about in time with the licking and sucking he felt on it. He looked back at the screen, to find that the UI had zoomed out, giving Dylan a full view of her body. She was sat with her legs spread, using one hand to play with her pussy, and the other to play with her boobs. Her head was still bobbing back and forth as she fellated him, and she looked him right in the eyes with a face full of desire. Dylan just continued moaning, having still not quite come to terms with the fact that he was getting a blowjob from a computer program.

Not that he cared, it felt fucking fantastic either way. Dylan looked down at his cock, and was surprised that his semen seemed to disappear almost as soon as it left his cock, as the UI took it inside of her. Dylan came for nearly 2 minutes, the UI never ceasing her oral assault the entire time. He looked down at his cock, and saw that it was completely dry, with no of the blowjob, aside from his softening erection.

His cock may have born no of his blowjob, but the rest of his body was sweaty from his orgasm and the September sun. Dylan ran the water over his body, and for the second day in a row he considered the possibilities of this magical computer program. Anyone and anything could be his with a few simple voice commands. Dylan stepped out of the shower, and opened the bathroom window to let the steam out.

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He looked outside, and saw his identical twin neighbours, Rebecca and Olivia, laid outside in their bikinis, sunbathing. The girls were two years older than Dylan. Their families had been friends for years, and as such Dylan had known them for most of his life. And had jerked off to thoughts of them for most of his life. Dylan dried himself off, and headed back downstairs, sitting down at his laptop. The UI minimised herself into the corner, and brought up two profiles side by side.

Gwen had just been a meaningless fuck to him, but he was much less keen to just force the twins to fuck him. I mean, like, romantically.

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And sexually. Sexual attraction is only 1. Hey…can I tell the girls about you? Maybe telling them about you would be a good idea. They knocked on the door, and were greeted by Dylan, dressed again in his tracksuit bottoms and a loose t-shirt. The girls sat down on the sofa, while Dylan sat down on the armchair. His laptop was on the living room table, closed.

So what, you know how to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Or, well, my laptop can. Dylan leaned forwards, and opened his laptop, facing the screen towards the girls. The UI was up, smiling. It can do anything to anyone. UI, turn me black!

In mind and body. Make them do anything? Like…UI, make Becky and Olivia kiss. Hey Dylan, wait! But then, she looked at her sister, who looked back at her. The two girls grabbed hold of each-other, and kissed passionately for several seconds. But I just like, really really wanted to make out with her! You two are my friends, and I wanted to share this power with you! He went into the kitchen to pour a glass of lemonade, still a little dehydrated after his electronic blowjob earlier. Dylan Master pc sex stories on the sofa for a few minutes, wondering what the girls were getting up to.

Master pc sex stories

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